Thursday, March 7, 2013

SXSW 2013 Preview: Locals Only

There's this thing, for those of us who live in Austin, that we won't go out of our way to see local bands during SXSW. They know it. We know it. It's nothing personal and we love our local bands BUT we hung out with them during Free Week and we'll catch them before and after SXSW. We'll tip them when they're working at the coffee shop down the street, when we're all just being normal people who live in our neighborhoods. But during the festival, we're probably going to try to see some bands from out of town. Obviously, I don't speak for every person, blogger, band member, whatever BUT I know that I'm not the only person who feels this way either.

If you DON'T live here in Austin and you're just experiencing our city during SXSW let me assure you that it's not always like this here. We're normally a much cleaner, calmer environment at least our areas that aren't Dirty Sixth St. Our coolest places to eat always have lines but not lines like THIS. Our traffic always licks taint but it doesn't lick taint this nasty. Generally, our parking lots are for parking cars not constructing gigantic vending machines for money-hungry pop-rappers to perform atop. However, I should also add, Austin ain't so great and moving here is a REALLY bad idea. Have you been to Detroit? I hear it's getting really good. Maybe you'd like to move there instead? Or Pittsburgh, maybe? The Burgh? Check it out, you might like it. Thanks for visiting!

Seriously though, we have some great fucking bands and you shouldn't miss these ones in particular:
  • Dana Falconberry
    • Tuesday, March 12th - Cheer-Up Charlies - 5pm
    • Tuesday, March 12th - Valhalla - 10pm
    • Wednesday, March 13th - The Liberty - 2pm
    • Wednesday, March 13th - J. Blacks - 6pm
    • Friday, March 15th - Mugshots - 3:30pm
    • Friday, March 15th - Side Bar - 4:20pm
    • Saturday, March 16th - Brass House - 12am

    Dana Falconberry - Petoskey Stone video via YouTube
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  • Letting Up Despite Great Faults
    • Tuesday, March 12th - Cheer-Up Charlies - 10:30pm
    • Friday, March 15th - Side Bar - 3pm
    • Friday, March 15th - Maggie Mae's Gibson Room - 1am

    Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Teenage Tide video via YouTube
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  • Boy Friend
    • Saturday, March 16th - The Iron Bear - 8pm *FREE*

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  • The Calm Blue Sea
    • Wednesday, March 13th - Maggie Mae's - 11pm

    The Calm Blue Sea - Literal video via YouTube
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  • Feathers
    • Monday, March 11th - Elysium - 11pm
    • Wednesday, March 13th - Club Deville - 4:30pm
    • Wednesday, March 13th - Buffalo Billiards - 8pm

    Feathers - Soft video via YouTube
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  • Orthy
    • Sunday, March 10th - Mohawk - 10:30pm
    • Tuesday, March 12th - The North Door - 9:20pm
    • Friday, March 15th - StubHub Live @ Old School - 8:55pm

    Orthy - Sueños video via YouTube
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  • Mirror Travel
    • Wednesday, March 13th - Maggie Mae's - 8pm