Thursday, March 18, 2010

SXSW 2010 Day 1 in 18 Videos

So, yesterday was the first official day of SXSW. I started my day trying to see Broken Bells inside a parking structure but alas I was stuck in line while they were performing. I did get to hear them from the outside though. Up next was Emo's for the Brooklyn Vegan party. After that I went to Beauty Bar followed by the evening at Malverde. All in all I was downtown from 1pm until 2:40am, needless to say I'm tired but it was worth it.

Now, I tried to capture a song on video from all of the artists I saw yesterday. Pre-apologies for the varying visual and sound quality of these videos. I did my best to stay steady and get a clear shot. For a lot of these artists I am not familiar enough with their music to know the song titles, so if you know them feel free to include them in the comments section. Also, I tried to keep this in the order I saw the artists.

Morning Benders - Excuses video via YouTube

Japandroids - (Song Clip) video via YouTube

Yes Giantess - Live at Beauty Bar video via YouTube

Bad Rabbit - Live at Beauty Bar video via YouTube

Ninjasonik - Live at Beauty Bar video via YouTube

Yelawolf - Live at Beauty Bar video via YouTube

Kid Sister - Live at Beauty Bar video via YouTube

Kid Sister - Live at Beauty Bar video via YouTube

We Are the World - Live at Malverde video via YouTube

We Are the World - Live at Malverde video via YouTube

Suckers - Live at Malverde video via YouTube

Suckers - Live at Malverde video via YouTube

Fools Gold - Live at Malverde video via YouTube

Men - Live at Malverde video via YouTube

JJ - My Life video via YouTube

jj - 2 songs Live at Malverde video via YouTube

Sleigh Bells - Live at Malverde video via YouTube

Sleigh Bells - Live at Malverde video via YouTube

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SXSW 2010 Preview (Locals Only): The White White Lights

From the first time I saw The White White Lights to the most recent they have graduated from kids exploring the idea of stage presence to borderline rock stars. Alright, maybe that's a bit of an exageration but any other Austin blog-freak can attest to how quickly the White White Lights have developed they seem to churn out passionate tunes at the drop of a hat. This year they don't have any official showcases for me to promote but I still wanted all of you out of towners who are reading this site for this week only to be aware of one of Austin's up-and-coming acts. Don't take my word for it, ask my brethren of the blog over at Ultra8201. It was a show they hosted where I was first introduced to the White White Lights. In fact the video you're about to digest is courtesy of the kind lads of Ultra8201, thanks y'all!

the White White Lights - Live at the Parish video via YouTube

Find out where you can catch the White White Lights at un-official events during SXSW after the jump...

These unofficial listings are courtesy of the blog-brigaders at Do512, ahoy!

Tue 03/16 @ Art Disaster Party *Free RSVP*
Sat 03/20 @ East Meets Fest at Uchi *Free*

That's it folks, you only get two chances to see the White White Lights but remember the name because I'm sure this won't be the last time it crosses your path. Those of us who live here will see the gang again real soon though, jealous? You should be.

This video is from another great local blog, Nites. Notice how none of us seem to know the names of the songs but we love them anyway. #AustinBlogMafia

the White White Lights - Live at Emo's video via YouTube

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SXSW 2010 Preview (Locals Only): Quiet Company

If you're looking for clever, indie-pop diddies whose melodies will get tattooed on brain, then Quiet Company is the Austin band for you. They have 2 albums kicking around their merch table but it's their latest one, Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon that has seen the band hone its sound, focusing more on piano and a little less on guitar. These tunes are radio-ready and with the help of a really talented producer I could see this band getting better with age. Did I mention they are the most social-media savvy band in town, I dare you to NOT find them on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Quiet Company - It's Better to Spend Money Like There's No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like There's No Money video via YouTube

Find when and where you can and should see Quiet Company at SXSW after the jump...

Party/show info has been re-posted from information I read over at Do512, thanks Do512.

Thu 03/18 @ Wave *Official Showcase*
Sat 03/20 @ East Side Yoga (no, seriously) *Free RSVP*
Sun 03/21 @ Six Stages Over Texas *$Charity Benefit$*

Quiet Company - On Modern Men video via YouTube

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Third Man Records Pop-Up Store

Alright y'all, this post is totally uncharacteristic since I don't usually pimp merchandise and I try to keep things local(ish) 'round here. However, being a fan of Third Man Records and also being a fan of exclusive shhh I wanted to post a press release that was sent to me about the Third Man Records Pop-Up Store. For the sake of visual consistency I'm going to hide the press release after the jump. Here's a little teaser of the sort of thing you might encounter down at Frank tomorrow.

Under Great White Northen Lights - Trailer video via YouTube

Press-Release with full details after the jump...

Third Man Records Announces SXSW Pop-Up Shop

Third Man Records at SXSW is located at:

Frank Restaurant and Grocery

407 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701

Over the past year Third Man Records have brought their pop-up retail shops to New York, Los Angeles and London - completely transforming temporary spaces into seemingly permanent locations that are not so much about commerce as they are about a collision of artistic expression, design and a personal one-of-a-kind experience for customers.

Up next, Third Man Records is excited to announce their most ambitious temporary store yet, set to pop-up at the South By Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas from March 17th through March 20th. Located at Frank Restaurant on 4th and Colorado, Third Man Records at SXSW will feature exclusive Third Man vinyl only available at TMR SXSW, debut releases, screenings of The White Stripes’ film Under Great White Northern Lights, food, drinks and much more.

Here are just some of the features of Third Man Records SXSW:

  • Limited Edition ‘Texas-Sized Vinyl TM’ releases of every Third Man Records 45 and select LPs. Only at TMR SXSW will fans be able to purchase 8” versions of all of our 45s and 13” versions of The White StripesDe Stijl,’ ‘White Blood Cells’ and The RaconteursBroken Boy Soldiers’.

  • In addition to the individual singles on sale, they are also making available 150 limited edition handmade wooden 45 boxes containing the complete Texas Sized Vinyl set of 45s.

  • First chance to purchase the debut of their re-issue series, Jon Wayne ‘Texas Funeral.’ This lost American classic has long been out of print and now available again on LP and iTunes via Third Man Records. The first opportunity to buy this will be at this SXSW shop, so pick it up there on limited edition pink and black split color vinyl.

  • Third Man Branding Station - You bring it down and they’ll brand it with the Third Man logo. Also, friends from The Busy Beaver Button company will be on hand to brand never before available wood buttons with the Third Man Logo.

  • Complete Box Sets of The White Stripes ‘Under Great White Northern Lights’ as well as the stand-alone components of the box set for sale: LPs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, and CDs of The White Stripes first-ever live album.

  • 4 very limited Rob Jones Under Great White Northern Lights screen prints, available only at the TMR SXSW shop. An event poster by Decoder Ring will also be available.

  • Special screenings of The White Stripes ‘Under Great White Northern Lights film at the TMR SXSW shop at Frank. Be one of the first to see this landmark documentary and concert film, have a hot dog, drinks some drinks.

  • Third Man hot dogs, Third Man cocktails and Pinball!

The Third Man Records SXSW shop will be open to the public from 12 - 8PM daily from Wednesday March 17th to Saturday March 20th, and you don’t need a SXSW pass to get in.

More surprises and features to be announced soon! Follow Third Man’s road trip from Nashville to Austin via,,,

Third Man Records at SXSW is located at:

Frank Restaurant and Grocery

407 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701

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Monday, March 15, 2010

SXSW 2010 Preview (Locals Only): Sunset

For those of you, who read this site with any frequency you already know I'm a big fan of Sunset but if you're from out of town and you've never read this site before you should close your computer and head to the Mohawk right now! That's right, you can catch Sunset at the ATX Emerge show tonight. They'll be hitting the inside stage after midnight. Bill Baird the man behind the name Sunset is like a living Smithsonian of music. He wears his influences proudly on his sleave, enticing you to dig deeper into all of the genres and sub-genres he references through his music. What this means to you, as a listener, is that with each album you could be getting a sound that is vastly different from the sound of the last album. I'm a fan of melodies however they come and Bill Baird's got those by the fistful check out their latest LP Gold Dissolves to Gray if you buy the 180 gram LP pressing it comes with a CD, the future is now.

Sunset - Fishtown video via YouTube
Find out when and where you can and will see Sunset during SXSW after the jump...

Here's the listings for when and where you can and should see Sunset thanks to Do512 for gathering all of this information that I simply re-post.

Tue 03/16 @ Ghost Room *official SXSWi*
Tue 03/16 @ Beauty Bar *Free RSVP*
Wed 03/17 @ 3714 Werner Ave *House Party*
Thu 03/18 @ Side Bar *Free*
Sat 03/20 @ Baby Blue Recording Studio *Free*

By the way, I bought my copy of Gold Dissolves to Gray over at End of an Ear and I'd encourage you to do the same. Remember neighborhood record shops? Yeah, we still have those in Austin. Jealous? You should be.

Sunset - I'm Not a Perfect Person (Looks Like I F*cked Up Again) video via YouTube

You might want to check out this YouTube channel cause Bill Baird makes almost as many videos as he makes songs. Not really, he makes TONS of songs and lots of videos. Here's just one more song to wet your appetites.

Sunset - Zombie video via YouTube

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SXSW 2010 Preview (Locals Only): Brazos

To be honest, I don't understand why Brazos isn't nationally successful yet. They've been churning out perfect indie-pop all over Austin for years and their album Phosphorescent Blues rules. It's for these reasons that I would like to call your attention to Austin's poorly-kept-secret, Brazos. You can actually catch them, along with many other great Austin bands, tonight! The Mohawk is hosting the ATX Emerge show, which is basically a showcase of the best Austin has to offer this year for all of our out of town guests. You can catch me down there but I'll probably have to leave in the middle of Sunset's set as I work at 6:30am tomorrow. Sorry, Sunset I <3 you but you know how it is when that alarm goes off round 5am.

Are we excited about SXSW now or what?!?!

Brazos - Day Glo video via YouTube

Find out when and where you may or may not see Brazos during SXSW this year after the jump...

Once again, I've pulled this show information from those independent bloginators over at Do512, thanks y'all!

Tue 03/16 @ Club de Ville *Free RSVP Daytime*
Thu 03/18 @ Music By the Slice *Free Daytime*
Thu 03/18 @ Emo's "annex" *Official Showcase*
Fri 03/19 @ Mess With Texas 4 *Free*
Sat 03/20 @ E. 6th St. Day Party *Free*

So, don't forget if none of the above shows fit into you're schedule but you are reading this in Austin in this moment, then you can actually see Brazos tonight! Hopefully, I'll get some good video of them performing tonight, the selection on YouTube leaves a lot to be desired at the moment. Although this is a pretty nice video.

Brazos - Tell video via YouTube

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SXSW 2010 Preview (Locals Only): Ume

The remainder of the SXSW 2010 Preview posts will be all about Austin bands that you out-of-towners should catch while you're here. The first band I want you to take note of already built some buzz at last year's festival but I think this will be their big break-out year. Ume has been touring in support of their Sunshowers EP all year and they've begun to road-test lots of new tunes live. I expect even the Austinites will get to hear new things from Ume at this year's fest. I'm a big fan of the Sunshowers EP but in all honesty it's not nearly as captivating as seeing the band locked into a groove in person.

Ume - East of Hercules video via YouTube

Find out all of the places you can catch Ume during this year's SXSW after the jump.

Party and showcase information culled from the glorious resources of Do512, thanks y'all. XOXO -Bloggy

Wed 03/17 @ Music Gym *Free Day Show*
Wed 03/17 @ Submergered *Official Showcase*
Thu 03/18 @ Eastbound & Found *Free Day Show*
Fri 03/19 @ South By South Mess *Free Day Show*
Sat 03/20 @ Encore *Free Day Show*

Basically if you're looking for music that's not cute or ironic but just downright rocks then Ume is the band for you. I expect after this festival we may even seem them at some of the bigger, summer festivals that occur throughout the country. Maybe that's just wishful thinking, but I can see Lauren flailing her hair for a festival audience.

Ume - Conductor video via YouTube

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