Thursday, February 18, 2010

Four Tet Four Tet Four

I've had my tickets for this Saturday's Four Tet show since circa Thanksgiving '09 so I almost forgot it's this weekend. I'm not really sure what the story is on this Nathan Fake character but I'm getting there early enough to see him. Mostly, cause I want a good spot to stand and I know there will be hipsters camped out in chairs at all the best spots on the upper and side decks. Hey Mohawk can I get on the roof of the out bar this weekend? Pretty please?

I found this non-video on YouTube. The song is from some mythical 12", black, label-less collaboration between Burial and Four Tet. Good luck finding it in your local record shop. Oh, and pre-apologies if the video gets pulled for copyright infringivitis.

Four Tet/Burial - Moth video via YouTube

There Is Love In You is the fourth, official, and latest full LP from Four Tet and its first single, Sing will be released circa SXSW 2010. I just wanted an excuse to mention SXSW for internet traffic purposes, you like how I did that? Here's that forthcoming single via another non-video, hope you're okay with that.

Four Tet - Sing video via YouTube

According to the intense research I just did reading Nathan Fake's Wiki article he's a progressive-house producer. I just hope he keeps his progressive-house, tea-party politics off the dance floor. Looks like his first album came out in '06 and his most recent, Hard Island came out last year. Let's see what I can find for video so we get an idea of what we will see/hear. Well, this non-video is 2 years old but I suppose it will be an adequate introduction for those of us who know nothing of this Nathan Fake.

Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink video via YouTube

I know this is totally unrelated but I really want to put something from Burial since I opened this post with that collaborative track.

Burial - Archangel video via YouTube

Did you know, Burial, Four Tet and at least one member of Hot Chip all went to school together? I bet the kids in that neighborhood have easy access to club drugs, glitchy synths and glow-sticks.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Transmography + La Snacks Videos

Last night's tour kick-off show at the Ghost Room was a smashing success. The room wasn't packed but it wasn't empty either, lots of good energy flowing around. It was my first time in the, former Gingerman, now Ghost Room and I must say I was quite impressed. The lay out is cozy, intimate, classy without being over the top. There are places to sit and watch the show as well as an area to stand and nod/dance/hipster-the-f*ck-out, not to mention surfaces for setting down drinks, jackets etc. The sound was also quite nice, it was loud without clipping or sounding unnecessarily noisy. As far as the performances I didn't see the very first band but both Transmography and La Snacks delivered solid performances. Don't take my word for it though, check out the video I captured:

La Snacks - Kristin Was a Meteorologist video via YouTube

Lead singer for La Snacks, Robert, must have drank 4-5 pints of beer while they performed their 45 minute set. His rants got more comical and venomous as the set progressed, unfortunately I decided to omit those clips from the Bloggy YouTube this time around. Don't be surprised if you witness a similar scenario when you catch La Snacks on tour though.

La Snacks - Christsakes & Milkshakes video via YouTube

Now, I'm kind of upset with myself that I didn't write down the name of this Transmography song I'm about to post but I didn't and those are the breaks. At some point in the future I'll remember/be told the name of the song and I will properly label it. In the meantime here's an Untitled track from Transmography:

Transmography - Live at the Ghost Room video via YouTube

I already knew the name of this next song, it's on their album Polydactyl. However, it doesn't feature that cool Zelda keyboard sound like the last song.

Transmography - IceCreamManFromJapan video via YouTube

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