Friday, January 3, 2014

Free Week(end)

No, Austin Bloggy Limits didn't go under I'm just lazy. Free Week started Wednesday but I haven't said a peep about it. Consider this post my peep. I'm going to get real with you for a minute and admit that I am not prepared for this week in the least. If you have never participated in Free Week, this week is your week to shine. As the name implies, there are a bunch of venues in the Red River-region that are hosting live music events with NO COVER CHARGE. The idea behind this non-festival is to showcase Austin's local music talent and to get butts in bars buying beers. In previous years I have highlighted some artists you should check out but this year I'm taking a different approach. I want to discover artists at the venues this year so, I'm not going to tell you who to see where. Instead, I suggest you commit to one or two venues a night and check out all of the artists who are playing at said venue. Take note of your favorite and support the shit out of them.

Major Major Major - Scream Queen video via YouTube

As if I'm not going to tell you what venues to go to. Do you know what a control freak I am?

Tonight you better get your ass over to Holy Mountain and stay there. The line-up is killer with Mind Spiders Church Shoes playing the headlining slot. Not only that, but Zlam Dunk are reuniting! Honestly though, you could hit almost any Free Week venue tonight and have fun. OBN IIIs are headlining Beerland, Residual Kid is over at the Mohawk and you can catch Hundred Visions at Hotel Vegas.

For Saturday night my top recommendations include Ringo Deathstarr at the Belmont and Ghetto Ghouls with Spray Paint at Beerland.

Sunday night is all about Grape St. at Red 7 but if you're not into messy rock 'n roll you might prefer to catch The Bread at Holy Mountain. The free shows continue into next week but that's all I'm going to talk about for now. If I can get my shit together, I'll give you some more tips early next week. For now, I'm out!

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