Monday, February 17, 2014

Hospitality Play Red 7 Tonight

Brooklyn-based trio, Hospitality will perform at Red 7 this evening, a month in advance of their return to Austin for SXSW. The latest LP from Hospitality is the band's sophomore effort and it expounds upon the musical themes that were touched up with the band's first release. At the center of their compositions is singer, Amber Papini's child-like voice which sometimes whispers over a groovy bass-line and sometimes pleads over a staccato guitar-riff.

Tickets for tonight's Hospitality show at Red 7 will set you back $14 before fees. As of this moment the show has not sold-out yet but if you're hoping to just pay the cover at the door arrive before 10p. Chances are tickets will not be available all evening long.

Hospitality - Going Out video via YouTube

The latest LP from Hospitality is called Trouble, if you're planning to go to tonight's show you should pick it up at the merch booth. Otherwise it's available at your local record shop as well as through the typical online channels.

If you arrive early enough this evening you can catch sets from Air Waves and Modrag. Like Hospitality, Air Waves is a Brooklyn-based band that makes pleasant indie-pop music. Modrag is an Austin band whom I have yet to see but I have included their bandcamp profile below if you want to check them out.

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