Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Buju Banton at the Flamingo

I know I don't really write about Flamingo Cantina very often but it's not because I don't enjoy the place it's because I'm not very well-verse in writing about Reggae. However, I am aware of Buju Banton and if you're not then let's get familiar, shall we?

This is the part where I was going to get all biographical explaining to you everything I just learned from this AWESOME Wikipedia article I read. Wouldn't you have been impressed with all that stuff I "knew" about him? Instead, I'll just get down to business with some video embedding and hopefully some mp3 linking *fingers crossed*. Oh, and of course the most relevent info, the best way to get advanced tickets to tonight's show is to head on over to, my favorite little record shop, End Of An Ear and shell out $30. Otherwise you're going to be paying $35 at the door, which opens at 8:30.

Buju Banton - Magic City video via YouTube

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of experiencing a Flamingo Cantina show let me paint you a hazy picture. First of all when you walk in, you realize the front is basically a facade, the venue is a rectangular alley way with some aluminum roofing material here and there. My first time there the bartender was smoking a reggae cigarette, it was awesome...let's keep that on the low though, I don't want things to change. So there's some bleacher type seating on one side between the bar and the stage and you can go to a small upper deck type area behind the stage. Sometimes there's a unicorn that appears but you have to hang out for a really long time and smoke a lot of reggae cigarettes. Did I mention they also have Red Stripe in 16oz bottles there? Hooray Beer!

Buju Banton - Driver A video via YouTube

As a gay, male blogger I do have to mention that Buju Banton has come under fire for being homophobic and having hateful lyrics and the like. Obviously, that ain't cool yo! Why should I vote for you with my pink dollar mo fo? Well, to that I say...oh THAT'S what he was saying in that song! All I heard was biddy biddy bam ba, oh wait, no that was Selena. Anywho, dude's an artist, he has a point of view, I don't agree with it, but I may not agree with a lot of other artist's politics either. I just want to listen to some music y'all. Who knows maybe Daft Punk hate kittens and I love kittens but try NOT shaking your ass to that, I DARE you!

Daft Punk - Around the World (Clip) video via YouTube

Oh, also, I searched around for some officially embeddable mp3's with my fingers crossed on one hand only, cause two is bad luck, but I came up empty handed. Then I thought about an illegal link since he's homophobic but then I thought maybe he's afraid the gays will take all of his music and put it on the internet for free. You know, for our homosexual reggae sex-a-thons and the like, so I figured I won't give him the satisfaction. Unless he wants me to give him the satisfaction, which is probably the case right? With these homophobic types? They just need a good __________ in the ______ with a ________ or two.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Rodrigo y Gabriela Slay Stubb's Soon

How can you argue with two Mexicans who live in Ireland and tour the planet playing bad-ass, flamenco-influenced, guitar instrumentals? You can't. That's why you should just get your ass over to Stubb's tomorrow night and watch these future-legends blow your damn minds y'all! Tickets for Rodrigo y Gabriela will set you back $33 but that price gets you both Rodrigo AND Gabriela, so that's cool. Being a Stubb's show be prepared for $4.50 Lone Stars and lots of D-Bags who are there specifically to talk to each other and people on the phone. That's right, they shelled out money to talk through the WHOLE show. So, if you walk into the venue with that expectation you won't get SUPER pissed off when everyone around won't STFU!!

Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Diablo Rojo video via YouTube

Do you see what I mean? That was just them playing on the Late Show, which is usually pretty meh *shrug*. They killed that though, have you ever heard an audience clap along and cheer mid-song on the Late Show? You have? Whatever, it was awesome. Anyway, the latest releast from RyG is called 11:11 the title refers to 11 musicians who helped Rodrigo y Gabriela on their respective musical journeys to the present day. There are also 11 tracks, so that's fitting.

I do have to mention that I'm somewhat miffed that RyG have a deal with a Universal Music Group subsidiary in Australia. What does this have to do with me? Here? In Austin? Well, it means that I can't embed any official videos for promotional purposes so that's why you get these, somewhat, janky unofficials. Don't worry thought I don't feel venomous enough to post really bad YouTube cover versions. Although I am tempted to search now.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Hanuman video via YouTube

Oh snap, I found the band's own YouTube channel so I don't really need the "official" embed-able videos anyway. Here's another performance from TV but this one features a song from 11:11 the song above is also from their latest LP.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Buster Voodoo video via YouTube

Oh, and don't forget shows at Stubb's start/end pretty early so if you show up at 9ish it might be too late-ish. Plan accordingly...ish.

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