Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Contest: Eagulls & Twin Peaks at Red 7 Saturday

English-band, Eagulls return to Austin this weekend and they've got Twin Peaks in tow. If you did your homework before SXSW this year, then chances are you're already familiar with Eagulls. For those of you seeing their name for the first time right now, they are a post-punk band from Leeds that glowers at the audience while playing kick-ass tunes. Advance tickets will only set you back $10 but you have two opportunities to see them for free as well.

Eagulls - Possessed video via YouTube

First of all, you can catch Eagulls performing in my favorite record shop, End of an Ear, at 4pm on Saturday. It's an intimate space and a great opportunity to catch a band outside their natural environment. Not mention, it's a record shop and hello that's awesome.

Your other chance to see Eagulls for free in Austin this weekend involves participating in a very simple contest. I have run contests on this site before and people barely even participate so if you e-mail contest@austinbloggylimits.com with Eagulls in the Subject line and your name and age in the body of the e-mail your chances of winning will be really good. For real, no one looks at this website except you and the people other than you that are reading this probably have ticket giveaways on their own sites for this as well. That's right, it's you and the other bloggers in town reading this right now (Hey y'all) so just enter the damn contest.

By the way, in addition to being a great TV show, Chicago-based Twin Peaks is a good band and it would be lame if you missed their set. They have a new record coming out in August and I bet they are playing a lot of new songs on this tour. #conjecture

Incidentally, Twin Peaks will be back in Austin in the fall for FunFunFun Fest. Passes for #FFFfest are on sale now and this year's line-up is one of the best yet.

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