Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Diana Return to Austin

I have been waiting for Canadian band, Diana to return to Austin since March. I caught a set from them on the first evening of SXSW 2013, all I knew of them was one song and they blew me away. I tried to see them again the following evening but alas the venue was full and I was trapped outside in line while they played their set. I did get to see lead-singer, Carmen outside the venue and chat with her for a minute but that was the last time I saw any member of Diana. Their debut LP, Perpetual Surrender was released a couple of weeks ago and for me it totally delivers on the promise of that first live performance. It's psychedelic, it's moody, it's sexy, the bass grooves are funky and the vocals are haunting. I love the record so much, I bought an import edition from Diana's Canadian label so I could get a signed, colored-vinyl copy. However, I also bought the domestic release of the LP on the day it was released because I wasn't patient enough to wait for my Canadian copy to arrive by mail. I already bought the colored-vinyl 12" of the first single Born Again and I'm on the lookout for the 12" of the title track, Perpetual Surrender.

If you want to become as obsessed with Diana as I am then I suggest you get yourself some tickets to see them perform at the Mohawk on Friday night.

Diana - Born Again video via YouTube

If you clicked that ticket link then you probably noticed that Austra is headlining Friday night's show. They just released a new record that has been getting some buzz. I have seen Austra perform before and they put on a great show. However, I really wanted to highlight Diana because I think they need the exposure and if I'm being honest their live show is much more impressive. Don't get me wrong, Austra has great songs and they are very powerful performers but when I saw Diana during SXSW it was the music blogger equivalent of Marvin calling Chuck Berry so he could hear Marty McFly play guitar. In other words, I'm really hoping that there are a lot of people in the crowd who have never seen or heard of Diana on Friday night and that they all become believers and worship at the church of Carmen. Only time will tell though.

Diana - Perpetual Surrender video via YouTube

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