Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't Miss the Opener: Giraffage

I'm sure there is some name for the specific sub-genre of electronic that Giraffage creates but I'm really bad at remembering all of those sub-genres of sub-genres of electronic music. To me the bones of the music is R&B but it's buried under woozy, wobbly synthesizers, scattershot beats and the vocals are processed until they're barely recognizable. My first introduction to Giraffage was through his collaboration with XXYYXX on the track, Even Though. There is also a Teen Daze remix of that track, if you throw Mister Lies in the mix you'd have four of my favorite electronic/electronic-adjacent contemporary artists.

Giraffage is in town both Saturday and Sunday night supporting Phantogram. Tickets for the Saturday night show are sold-out but you can still buy tickets for the Sunday night show.

Giraffage - Close 2 Me video via SoundCloud

I don't mean to diminish Phantogram by featuring Giraffage more heavily. The last time I saw Phantogram they were fucking phenomenal and I'm sure the same will be true on this visit to Austin. If you're a vinyl collector, like I am, you'll want to pick up the newest EP from Phantogram at the merch table. It's a limited pressing and will only be available on this tour.

Phantogram - Black Out Days video via SoundCloud

I mentioned XXYYXX above the break, you can catch a set from him at FunFunFun Fest in roughly two weeks. If you haven't bought a ticket for FFF yet, you really need to try and get on that shit. Fun Fest is not just a clever name, it is literally fun. Also, if you were thinking of buying your 3-Day Pass online you might want to consider heading to your favorite record shop for that pass instead. If you buy a 3-day pass at participating local record shops before then end of October, the fest will buy you a $20 record by a festival artist. So, while purchasing online may be handy, it won't get you a free record.

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