Thursday, January 20, 2011

Help Save Lamebook

Did you hear that one of Austin's most-clever websites, Lamebook, is being sued by that douche (whom I suspect) has mild asperger's at F*c*book? Well, it's true. Apparently 'ole Zuck thinks he owns the rights to and doesn't appreciate their satire. If I were him, I would just buy the site and keep it as-is but I guess that's why he's the richest little d-bag in the country and I'm a waiter who blogs for no money. In any case, if you're a fan of Lamebook you can help increase their legal fund and possibly end up with a cameo in The Social Network II: The Jewfro Strikes Back all you have to do is attend their fun-ass party at Shangi-La tomorrow night. The venue is on the east-side, so you might want a mustache and/or leggings and/or an ornate scarf and/or skinny-jeans and/or an ironic t-shirt just so you don't stand out too much. Entry is technically free but that'd be kind of dick-ish considering this is a benefit event. You should also know that there will be gratis beer, while supplies last.

As far as entertainment goes, Austin's favorite yacht-rapper, Neiliyo will be dropping mad rhymes. I mean, presumably they'll be mad but that information hasn't been verified yet.

Neiliyo - Live at the Public School Rally video via YouTube

In addition to the musical-stylings of Neiliyo there will be theater in the form of the New Movement Theater Group who will be performing dramatic readings from Lamebook itself.

New Movement Theater - The Werewolf Dating Game video via YouTube

Also, the people that bring you the best of dance-music every Thursday night at Malverde will be doing their thing at Shangri-La as well. That's right the purveyors of party over at Learning Secrets will have your asses shaking to some serious party music throughout the night.

Speaking of our friends over at Learning Secrets they are celebrating their 7th birthday NEXT weekend and you should be there. All of the relevant info should be on that poster right thurrrr and if you're interested in check it out I'd suggest you RSVP to gain a discounted entry fee. Kisses will be on-hand and should not be missed.

Kisses - Bermuda video via YouTube

Oh, and if you mention this post you COULD get a warm handshake from a confused stranger both at the Learning Secrets party and the Lamebook party.

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Hip-Hop for Hipsters

You know how there are always those hip-hop artists, or family of hip-hop artists that, for whatever reason, hipsters glom onto? Oh, c'mon don't be coy, you know it happens if we all embrace it then it has to be ok right? Well, the Mohawk knows and it is for that reason that I draw your attention to Chicago's own, The Cool Kids who will be hitting the Mohawk's outdoor stage tonight. It's going to be a brisk eve so wear your sweater(s) and your shell-toe Adidas. I'm not really sure if the group is touring to promote a specific release or they just felt like kickin' it in Austin? As far as I know their latest musical release was the official mixtape, Tacklebox, which came out last May.

I have had the chance to catch The Cool Kids do a set or two during a SXSW or two in the past. The shows are always fun, however y'all know how I feel about sound at MOST hip-hop shows. As long as it doesn't sound like the emcees are trying to eat the microphones in between bursts of screaming and directives (put your hands up etc.) then I'll enjoy it. That's a lot of if's though. Nonetheless it is my number one recommendation for your Thursday night and as of the writing of this post tickets are still available for $18.

The Cool Kids - Black Mags video via YouTube

The Cool Kids - Freak City video via YouTube

If you are planning to check out The Cool Kids tonight our friends at ye old 'Hawk have been kind enough to post tonight's set times, which are scheduled (but not guaranteed) to be as follows:

Kydd - Where is the Love? video via YouTube

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