Saturday, May 22, 2010

Autobus Records Showcase at Stubb's

Some of my favorite blogger-types have teamed up with one of my favorite local record labels to showcase some of Austin's most talented artists at Stubb's tonight. Obviously, this is going to be an inside show as I can't see these up and coming artists filling the amphitheater...YET. Autobus Records is home to two of Bloggy's favorite locals, Sunset and Brazos. Sunset won't be performing tonight but you can catch the beautiful songcraft of Brazos. Full details about tonight's Do512/Covert Curiosity event can be found here. In the meantime you should soak in this Brazos song.

Brazos - Tell video via YouTube

So, to be honest I am not YET familiar with most of the artists showcasing tonight, but I do know it will cost $7 to get in and that includes free Lone Star till it runs out. So, that's always nice, however as someone who also works in the service industry might I add that the tip is NOT included in your FREE drink. Make it rain people.

Mark David Ashford seems to be the 2nd tier headliner tonight so let's check out his sound shall we?

Mark David Ashford - The Dirt video via YouTube

Wow, I really liked that song. See people this is why you have to go tonight, Autobus has some amazing songwriters and performers and the intimate feel of Stubb's inside stage will be the perfect setting to hear what these artists are really talking about. Unless you get too distracted by the free beer and can't managed to STFU. But that's neither here nor there.

Weird Weeds - Atlas/We're Gonna Die video via YouTube

Are you feeling the vibe of this label yet? These videos on represent three of the artists who you'll get to experience this evening. Also, I haven't even mentioned the fact that Martin Crane from Brazos will be doing a solo set to lead in to the Brazos set, which should be pretty much amazing. Here's one more BloggyCam vid for the road.

Brazos - Day Glo video via YouTube

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Minus the Bear & Fang Island Videos

Well y'all, it seems a little less than timely to talk about a show I saw on Sunday but you know what? I'm going to talk about it anyway, so there. I saw Minus the Bear at La Zona Rosa Sunday night and was quite impressed. They played with tons of energy and the packed crowd was loving every minute or it and singing along to most of the tunes. I actually got to meet the band before the show and they are pleasant, down-to-earth human beings as well as being good musicians, which is always nice to learn. It was a pretty crazy experience for me actually because I have never had an "All-Access" pass to a club show it was cooky watching from side/backstage. I also got to chat with poet, Thax Douglas for a while before he read his Minus the Bear poem on stage. He was such an interesting person who really drew me in from the moment we made eye contact, we had great conversation and he brought me backstage to introduce me to the band. All in all a good time was had by all. Here's the video I shot of the song, "My Time" from Sunday night at La Zona.

Minus the Bear - My Time video via YouTube

In other exciting concert news, I saw Fang Island last night and the only thing disappointing about that show was the audience. The band was spot-on tearing through their syncopated riffs and giving me chills throughout their short set. They only played for about 30-40 minutes but you know what? Their entire album is 34 minutes long so I wasn't super-surprised. The audience wasn't as energetic as I had hoped they would be but it's not like everyone was talking or booing they were just politely listening in that Austin hipstery way that we do. Fang Island closed with a cover of a Mariah Carey song, which was very well-received considering the rock-show atmosphere.

Fang Island - Always Be My Baby video via YouTube

I've only included 2 of the 5 videos from these two bands that I've uploaded this week. So, if you want to see more from Minus the Bear and Fang Island you should start with the Bloggy YouTube but I have also added the song Daisy by Fang Island exclusively to the Bloggy Facebook page so "Like" it already won't you?

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