Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Shmeaster

It's Easter weekend, which means Jelly Beans, Chocolate Rabbits and something about Mel Gibson sugar tits jews? IDK much about religion because I worship indie-rock and my spirituality is based on that show Sliders with Jerry O'Connell. I can tell you that if you want to hit the town and listen to some live music there are several good options. Shivery Shakes are playing a SXSW Cares benefit with Big Bill and Templo X at Spiderhouse Ballroom tonight. Not only are those bands kick ass, it's a benefit show so you can enjoy some music while negotiating your white-liberal guilt complex. You can also just donate to the cause if you wish.

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, which means I won't be sleeping in because I'll be getting in line three hours before the record stores open like the rest of the nerds. Some of the shops are doing "events" but the shopping is event enough for me. I'm not going to get into all of the details but I'll tell you that End of an Ear has my heart and Waterloo Records is going to have the biggest selection. If you're good at shotgunning beer you should bring some over to Trailer Space Records and demonstrate your skills for a discount. Speaking of Trailer Space they have some kick ass bands playing pretty much every day and tomorrow is no exception.

For your Saturday evening there are lots of good choices but not all of them are available at the moment. Canadian smoke-monster, Trust is performing a sold-out set on Red 7's inside stage. I saw that motherfucker at SXSW and the set was pretty bonkers. RIYL: 80's Night at Elysium.

If you didn't get tickets for Trust but you're still in the mood for a touring act, The Sounds will be at Emo's on Saturday night. They have Ghost Beach and Blondfire with them so arrive early to get more for your money. Tickets are still available and it wouldn't really surprise me if you could just buy them at the door tomorrow.

Did I mention Reggae Fest is this weekend? No? I wonder why I didn't mention that.

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