Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shhhhh B4L in August

Let's keep this on the low people, Bat For Lashes is playing the Parish Room in August and if you want to go, you better get your ticket now. Ironically, the show is sponsored by local "modern-rock" station 101X the irony being that 101X rarely, if ever, plays Bat for Lashes. Mainly because these days "modern rock" radio consists of mostly Candlebox, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and other 15-20 year old tracks mixed in there with some mall-punk for the tweens. I feel sad for radio these days, but they don't seem to be trying very hard to stay relevant. Do you ever listen to your local radio stations anymore?

Bat for Lashes - Pearl's Dream video via YouTube

I predict lots of googly-eyed indie-rockers at this show. The recent St. Vincent show at the Mohawk was full of love-stricken youngsters in American Apparel. There's something about Natasha Khan (B4L) that's so mesmerizing, I'm sure she will put everyone at the Parish into some sort of Stevie Nicks voodoo-trance. I'm excited about the trance.

Bat For Lashes - Daniel video via YouTube

Hopefully, you've already heard Daniel before, that's sort of the U.S. "breakout" "hit". However, the first Bat for Lashes album, Fur and Gold earned the performer a Mercury Prize nomination for best album.

Bat for Lashes - Horse and I video via YouTube

I have to link you to this last video because it's anti-embedding but I love it. It's sort of an homage, shall we say, to Donnie Darko.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spoon v. Deer Tick v. Balmorhea +

Tomorrow is the first of three nights, in which, Spoon will be performing at Stubb's. Each note has two different opening bands, one local, one touring. Thursday Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears will be representing the local opener and Quasi will be the touring act. Friday it's Dale Watson followed by Low. The third, and final show, on Saturday will feature the Strange Boys and Atlas Sound.

By the way I never knew this song had a video but I swear I've been to this furniture store I'm quite sure it's on Burnet near W. Anderson. Just sayin'

Spoon - The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine video via YouTube

Free Low Mp3's courtesy of SubPop Records, thanks.

Free Mp3 --->Low - California

Free Mp3 --->Low - Monkey

Free Mp3 --->Low - Breaker

Free Mp3 --->Low - Murderer

Don't worry, there's more than just Spoon-related content after the jump...

I love Spoon, don't get me wrong but I'm quite sure those shows are sold-out and this is Austin, which means Spoon ain't the only dog and pony show in town. For my money, I would love to catch Deer Tick at Emo's. They are probably the best thing to come out of Rhode Island since...since, whatever great thing has come from RI in the past? I don't know. I do know at the time of my writing this that you can still get yourself a ticket to hear Deer Tick in person. I love the singer's weathered, belching voice and hey, they even have a jug-band style song. Gotta love that right?

Deer Tick - Easy video via YouTube

If, you're a real Austin snob and you don't watch touring acts let's hang out and form a club. Maybe we could talk about it before and/or after Balmorhea performs at the Cactus Cafe tomorrow it's an early show (8:30) so maybe we can head over to Deer Tick after. Mmm kay?

Balmorhea - Night in the Draw video via YouTube

In a totally un-related note, have y'all heard anything from the new the Gossip record? It's produced by Rick Rubin, which I'm sure was great for the band but as a fan I'm not really sure how to put my finger on his "signature sound" to know in what ways he has influenced this new album. I do know that the first single is vicious, I love it and it pains me to post this video since it's sourced for blogger P. Hilton's YouTube channel :-(. Oh well, I guess the Gossip DOES appeal to mall-rats/tweens/vacant souls/etc.

the Gossip - Heavy Cross video via YouTube

I wonder how the Gossip and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs feel about each other? Are the competitors? Peers? Suckling from the same musical teets? I vote totally self-involved and unaware that there are other bands also making music.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll video via YouTube

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