Friday, September 19, 2014

Should I Leave the House Tonight?

Well, here we are. I'm dusting some digital cobwebs off of Austin Bloggy Limits because there's a bunch of good shows happening this weekend and if I don't post about them, I'll forget everything I wanted to see. Places you may or may not see me this evening include: Beerland, Hotel Vegas, Cheer-Up Charlies or My Couch.

All of these venues offer an array of positive reasons to attend the festivities they are hosting this evening. Beerland has Jonly Bonly, Trustees, Party Girl and Borzoi tonight. These bands may not be household names to you but they all offer the sort of visceral, authentic rock 'n roll experience I desire and deserve on a dreary night like tonight. Also, I've really enjoyed what I've heard from Put Together, the new LP from Jonly Bonly and I want to see those songs performed live.

Hotel Vegas also has a killer line-up tonight, which also features local bands with brand new records. Spray Paint's new LP, Clean Blood, Regular Acid, won't be released until next week but you can stream it right now via Stereogum and I have a feeling it MIGHT be available for purchase at tonight's gig. The Rebel is performing tonight in support of their new LP, K Rot, which you purchase online or in person right now. Tonight's Hotel Vegas gig isn't listed as an LP release show for John Wesley Coleman because he already did that but his latest, The Love That You Own is also a new release. Damn y'all! What's with all the new releases in September? All this talk of new releases made me lose track of the line-up, which also includes Ghetto Ghouls and Marriage. If you're accustom to very sterile, controlled concert experiences you should come to this show just so you can see how rock is supposed to be experienced.

Tonight's show at Cheer-Up Charlies ALSO features lots of great Austin bands with recent music releases. This show explores the more pop-music leaning side of Austin's rock music scene, which I'm also a big fan of. If my suggestions up to this point have seemed a bit "noisy" to your delicate aesthetic, then this venue might be a more appropriate choice for you this evening. There are THIRTEEN bands on the line-up for this event but at this point several of them have already performed. If I end up here tonight, I'll want to be there by 9:30 to catch Growl but the line-up is solid from top to bottom.

The fourth option I presented was My Couch, which features the ability to sit around in my underwear watching pre-recorded television, movies, access to pre-purchased beverages and snacks including alcohol. It does not require me to ride the bus, find a parking spot, deal with rain, make awkward conversation or walk. So, as you can see there are lots of excellent ways for me to spend my evening. What are you up to tonight? Should we do shots? Did you notice I started this post with the idea of highlighting stuff happening all weekend but then I only made it through tonight? You're welcome.

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