Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Walkmen - In the New Year

The Walkmen - In the New Year video via Youtube

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The Walkmen's latest album, You & Me is a sleeper record that received a lot of critical acclaim but not a lot of purchase support. Like many listeners, I was a big fan of the Walkmen's earlier album, Bows + Arrows but hadn't really paid much attention to the band since. But You & Me has definitely grown on me since its release back in August. First of all it's really more of a winter album anyway, so if you didn't dig it in August, try again in December/January. Your mood to receive these songs may have been off in August. You can expect a lot Edge-style guitar work, lots of reverb, strained, pleading vocals. All the basic elements for some good heart-wrenching, indie-rock. But don't be mislead, this is a lot more dark and dramatic than, say, Death Cab for Cutie and it may even impress your wanky guitar buddies.

The Walkmen - Dónde Está la Playa video via YouTube

In case you couldn't tell, that was a fan-made video. Give me a break it had the best sound-quality, besides it's better than just a photo of the album cover right?

Here's one from Bows + Arrows that you definitely should have heard by now, but I'm not judging you:

The Walkmen - The Rat video via YouTube

If you're interested, the Walkmen have a few West-Coast dates scheduled for January then it's off to Europe. Incidentally they are touring with Beach House right now, who have also been receiving major buzz on the year-end lists for their album, Devotion.

Beach House - Gila video via YouTube

People in Portland, OR love to make quirky videos around town for haunted indie-rock tunes. That is what I have decided...evidenced 3 vids above and 1 vid below:

Beach House - D.A.R.L.I.N.G. video via YouTube

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

M83 - Kim and Jessie

M83 - Kim and Jessie video via YouTube

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Well I guess you should know that M83 are French...doesn't that video make much more sense now? They also put out one of the best records of the year. Saturdays = Youth is filled with beautiful melodies that emerge with and from within piles of reverb. I feel like all of their songs are from a John Cusak movie that is locked in John Hughes' vault. In my opinion that's a good thing.

M83 - Graveyard Girl video via YouTube

I had the pleasure of seeing M83 perform live at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston back when they were on tour for their album, Before the Dawn Heals Us. My lasting impressions were about some of the more technical aspects of the music. I was amazed that alot of the sounds I assumed were made by keyboards, computers, samplers, etc. were often done using guitars and effects trickery. I recall a screwdriver attached to some sort of spring loaded capo that they would bounce off the neck of the guitar and slide across the frets. Also, the drummer wore some serious noise-canceling headphones, which is smart considering some of the crazy precision drum work this guy has to pull off.

M83 - Don't Save Us From the Flames video via YouTube

Also, if you happen to be shelling out the dough to catch the Killers, here in Austin or elsewhere, you'll see M83 as the Killers opening act (tourmates more PC?). Should be one of the most transcendent yet pretentious shows of the season, I'm excited but not showing it.

This is the area where I had intended to embed the new Killers' video for Human in which Brandon Flowers wears this ridiculous shoulder pad jacket with feathers. But, ya know, they're on Universal Music Group (UMG) <----Not indie, hence embedding is disabled. So instead I'm going to give you some wonky A Capella group given it their all on Mr. Brightsides.

M.I.T. (wonky) A Capella Group - Mr. Brightsides video via YouTube

Don't get me wrong, I love me some wonky A Capella, those Carleton Knights kids keep it indie with their covers of MGMT, Sufjan Stevens, Vampire Weekend as well as 2008 indie darlings Fleet Foxes:

The (wonky) Carleton Knights - Ragged Wood video via YouTube

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Friday, December 5, 2008


As someone who enjoys music, I inherently enjoy lists. That's why music listeners/readers, such as I, love the end of the year. December/January we will see everyone's music opinions unleashed in handy to read lists. What were the break out songs? Best albums? Best live shows?

Usually what this REALLY means is time to one up each other with most obscure picks. What? You've never heard Laulu laakson kukista by Paavoharju? Well that's one of the best albums of the year son! Or at least according to some of these folks...

Find links list after the jump

Gorilla Vs. Bear's - Best Albums and Best Songs list.

Stereogum's Best Everything List...including Album

PASTE Magazines Top 50 Albums List

Blender Magazines Top Albums List

Q Magazines Top Albums of the Year List

Uncut Magazines Top Albums List

The NY Post, that bastion of excellent journalism, also does a Best Albums List

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vivian Girls' Drone-Harmony

Vivian Girls - Tell the World video via YouTube

It looks like Brooklyn is most-definitely the epi-center of the indie-rock universe at the moment. Vivian Girls sprang out of the loft movement, which refers to bands that play in lofts...instead of say, a music venue. Like 'em or hate 'em they're the next Vampire Weekend. Not that they are necessarily clever and twee, although they are both of those things, but rather that they are the next blog-hype, bubble band.

At first you may find their sound a bit drone-y and basic, but trust me, if you give it a chance it grows on you. I love me some disaffected vocals and it's even better when the disaffectedness is split up over three part harmonies. Besides, can you really resist the surf rock from Brooklyn? I didn't think so.

Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run To? video via YouTube

Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run To?
(Link Jacked from StereoGum)

You can also download the Vivian Girls' NPR session here

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Blitzen Trapper Bring the Folk

Blitzen Trapper is one of those bands that I had heard a lot about but I hadn't actually heard their music until I saw them live at SXSW. In person their music is very textured, energetic and folk-rocky. What can I say revivalist folk rock is the order of the day for indie-rock, which is a pleasant change from the dance-rock revival of the last couple of years. What's old is new again and I think everyone has been listening to their parent's copy of The Band's, Music from Big Pink and Mountain's, classic record, Climbing.

Blitzen Trapper's latest release is called, Furr and it's already appearing on a lot of year end lists. The new record sounds intimate, like you're sitting in the same room with the band. It also has a very vintage sound, as if this record was just unearthed from a time capsule, only the textural keyboard embellishments give it away as a contemporary LP.

Portland, Oregonians, Blitzen Trapper will be playing the Mohawk on Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve), with like-minded indie folkies, the Parson Red Heads.

Parson Red Heads are from L.A. and although their name is awkward their melodies will stick with you for days. You'll feel like you already know the songs even though it's the first time you're hearing them. If you don't believe me check out the track, Punctual as Usual below.

Blitzen Trapper - Furr
Blitzen Trapper - Gold for Bread

Parson Red Heads - Punctual as Usual
Parson Red Heads - Days of My Youth

Video after the jump...

Blitzen Trapper - Wild Mountain Nation video via YouTube

Blitzen Trapper - Furr video via YouTube

Parson Red Heads - Punctual as Usual video via YouTube

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Delta Spirit's Ode to Sunshine

Delta Spirit's latest release, Ode to Sunshine is one of the most instantly like-able albums I've heard this year. It will most definitely be a late entry into my top albums of the year list. Call it America's answer to the Kaiser Chiefs these guys do straight ahead rock-radio ready, blues-based tunes.

I might lump them in with the folk-revivalist scene with Iron & Wine and Fleet Foxes but think less drowsy. Not all of the songs are, what I would call, sunny but they certainly aren't intricate folk songs either.

They are currently on tour with Nada Surf, which is a great pairing both bands do 3-4 minute rock songs with understandable lyrics. They'll be playing at Emo's outside stage for a mere $15.

I first heard this song on KGSR but didn't realize it was Delta Spirit until I had Ode to Sunshine. If this song isn't on your local, rock radio should be.

Delta Spirit - Trashcan

Video after the jump...

Delta Spirit - Trashcan (Live Acoustic Performance) video via YouTube

Delta Spirit - Motivation video via YouTube

Delta Spirit - Parade (live in Austin) video via YouTube

Oh yeah, and you can also find a Delta Spirit Daytrotter Session, which is streamable or downloadable.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nigel Godrich + White Denim?

So half of you are so over White Denim it's ridiculous and the other half of you have no idea who I'm talking about. But, to be honest this post has more to do with Nigel Godrich. He's the super-genius producer behind Radiohead, Beck and many, many others. Well he films a webcast show called From the Basement and he features some Austin Bloggy Limits favorites. Including White Denim, Beck, Architecture in Helsinki, Jamie Lidell, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, Jose Gonzalez and many many others. All of the vids are done with HD cameras with Nigel Godrich mixing the live sound to perfection. So I recommend you head on over and scope out all the hot indie rock goodness before it goes mainstream and magically sucks.

Bonus Radiohead vids after the jump...

You may have heard of this band called Radiohead well they did a whole webcast From the Basement most of which is on YouTube and was rebroadcast on VH1 between Celebreality shows.

Radiohead - Weird Fishes/Arpeggi video via YouTube

Radiohead - House of Cards video via YouTube

Radiohead - Bodysnatchers video via YouTube

The White Stripes actually played From the Basement way back in 2005:

The White Stripes - Little Ghost video via YouTube


If you want to see Austin's own White Denim From the Basement you'll have to link.

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Future Clouds & Radar New Album + Shows

One of the best things about living in Austin, is getting to hear bands develop their sound. Local act, Future Clouds & Radar have been playing around town for the last year or two and I feel like they are just starting to gain momentum. Their songs are simple pop arrangements with lots of heart and layers. Sort of like Austin's answer to Death Cab for Cutie crossed with some solo John Lennon.

In any case their newest album came out on Election Day, but you can still pick it up in a local retailer, online or on iTunes. It's called, Peoria and to be honest I don't know what it's relationship is to Illinois, but there must be a story in there somewhere. If you want to catch Future Clouds & Radar they are playing for free right now at Waterloo and then tonight at the Mohawk. You can find more dates on their MySpace.

On a side note may I add that it seems like a few Austin bands have been listening to Love's classic Forever Changes. You can definitely hear the influence on Peoria not to mention White Denim's latest release, which features a song called IEIEI, that sounds like it might be a lost Love song.

Video after the jump...

Future Clouds & Radar - Holy Janet Comes on Waves video via YouTube

Future Clouds & Radar - Dr. No video via YouTube

Future Clouds & Radar - Green Mountain Clover (Live) video via YouTube

The sound quality on this video sucks, but I love this song and they are performing at Shady Grove, which is a cool restaurant on Barton Springs Rd.

Future Clouds & Radar - Back Seat Silver Jet Sighter video via YouTube

Ok, so this is one of those fake videos but I want you to hear what Love sounded like so you have a frame of reference.

Love - Alone Again, Or video via YouTube

And here's the White Denim song I referenced, which also sounds like a song by Love:

White Denim - IEIEI video via YouTube

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gang Gang Dance New Album + Shows

I feel like I've been a bit out of touch as of late. But even at a cursory glance/listen I can tell you there's a lot of buzz around the latest Gang Gang Dance album. The name of the new LP is Saint Dymphna and it is some of that genre-hopping unclassifiable stuff. The closest musical comparison I could make is probably Animal Collective so be prepared this stuff is from another planet.

There's some crazy skittering electronic noises layered with little-girl vocals and all sorts of textural guitar playing. The record certainly has some 80's pop music influences but it's pretty far from pop music. In any case you can sample a couple of tracks from the new album below.

Gang Gang Dance - Desert Storm
Gang Gang Dance - House Jam (XXXchange Remix)

Also you'll find some tour info and videos after the jump...

GGD will be here in Austin on November 21st and tickets are available today.

For other tour info, check GGD's MySpace

Gang Gang Dance - Retina Riddim Excerpt video via YouTube

Gang Gang Dance - House Jam (Live) video via YouTube

Just 'cause I mentioned them earlier here's a sample of Animal Collective in case you don't know what sort of mayhem they inspire:

Animal Collective - Peacebone video via YouTube

This is somewhat of a reach BUT Panda Bear is one of the 3 members of Animal Collective and I just wanted an excuse to post this song:

Panda Bear - Bros video via YouTube

Just for fun you should try to decipher the lyrics to that Panda Bear cheating!

You may, may, may find that you're alright

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Monday, November 3, 2008


Austin Bloggy Limits is headed to Maine for a week. It is not a fun trip, but rather a trip for a funeral. Thus, you will not see any new posts for about a week. Unless I can somehow find a way to use the internet whilst there. But, somehow, I don't really see that happening.

Video after the jump...

Band of Horses - The Funeral via YouTube

Band of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You video via YouTube

Sufjan Stevens - Casimir Pulaski Day video via YouTube

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Old Arcade Fire Videos

Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies) video via YouTube

More info and videos after the jump...

Whilst perusing videos for the Decemberists yesterday I stumbled across all of these old Arcade Fire videos. The one above the break was filmed in Maine on Mt Desert Island, a place I have spent a lot of time. The video was filmed on a VERY small budget using help from the students at the College of the Atlantic. The band played a free show for the students of this VERY small school as a thank you. Mind you, all of this took place before Arcade Fire popped off, before the release of Funeral. Crazy how far they went in such a short period of time.

This is a video for the opening track from Funeral. This is the song that made me fall in love with Arcade Fire even if the lyrics are still pretty confusing.

Arcade Fire - Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels) video via YouTube

It seems like more than half of the songs from Funeral received a video treatment:

Arcade Fire - Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out) video via YouTube

This clip is two of my favorite songs from Arcade Fire's most recent release, Neon Bible taken from a performance for BBC radio 2:

Arcade Fire - Intervention & (Anti-Christ Television Blues) video via YouTube

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

the Decemberists in Georgetown, TX?

I was surprised to hear that the Decemberists will be nearby soon. It's not so surprising that they will be in town, it's that they are going to be in Georgetown. For those of you outside of Austin, Georgetown is an upscale little town Northeast of Austin but 20--30 minutes. The Decemberists are actually playing at Southwestern University, which is located in Georgetown. Tickets have been on sale to the public since October 7th but the actual show is happening this Thursday, the 30th.

I heard the newest single from the Decemberists on the radio tonight, it's called Valerie Plame and it will appear on their upcoming album called Always the Bridesmaid Vol:1. All I can really tell you about the new song is it is pretty somber and you can check it out on the band's MySpace.

If you're, somehow, unfamiliar with the Decemberists I've collected a sort of greatest hits video collection after the jump.

These aren't necessarily in any sort of order but this first video is a 10-minute mini-movie. Check it out:

the Decemberists - O Valencia! video via YouTube

the Decemberists - 16 Military Wives video via YouTube

This is one of my favorite songs by the Decemberists and it was hard to find a video that captures it well. I consider this music for a winter day:

the Decemberists - Engine Driver video via YouTube

Can I just say there are a LOT of crappy homemade Decemberists videos on YouTube including like a thousand crappy cover versions with people on acoustic guitars. I thought this crappy homemade video, at least, fit the Decemberists general visual aesthetics:

the Decemberists - the Sporting Life video via YouTube

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Cold War Kids Tonight

You have two chances to catch the Cold War Kids here in Austin tonight. First they'll be playing an in-store at Waterloo Records around 5p. Then, sometime before last-call for alcohol, you can catch the Cold War Kids at Emo's.

I feel like they are one of those bands that either inspires confusion or passionate obsession. If you google them you will get about 50/50 lovers and haters. They have a nice jangly indie rock sound with Decemberist-esque lyricism. Their new album is out now on Downtown Records and it's called Loyalty to Loyalty.

Album widget and video after the jump...

Cold War Kids - Album Sampler widget

Cold War Kids - Something Is Not Right With Me - video via YouTube

Cold War Kids - Hospital Beds video via YouTube

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

White Denim Album + Show

Austin locals, White Denim have finally released a full-length LP here in the U.S. Currently it is only available online but it should be in stores next Tuesday. In celebration of the release of Exposion, White Denim will be playing a show at the Club DeVille this Wednesday night. Tickets for the show will only set you back $9 and country-fried blues-rockers, the Heartless Bastards will also be there.

You can still download/stream a few White Denim tracks from RCRD LBL

Video after the jump...

Heartless Bastards - All This Time video via YouTube

White Denim - Migration Wind video via YouTube

White Denim - Live @ Sister Ray in London video via YouTube

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cardinals Tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder that Ryan Adams and the Cardinals are at the Paramount Theater here in Austin, TX tomorrow night. If you don't have your tickets, then you're probably not getting in. Sorry but that's just the way it is. Of course you can always try selling your soul in exchange for a scalped one from craigslist. Or, you can try my favorite trick, which is to just show up and get a ticket on the street. In case you didn't know, those people with signs saying they are looking for tickets...they have tickets but you're going to pay extra. Unless, of course, you wait for the band to take stage at which point those scalped tickets get a lot cheaper.

I have heard mixed reviews from my New England friends, that Ryan Adams has been hitting the bottle, playing short sets and generally being a dick on stage. But as you should know by now when he's on, he's ON! For me, I just can't make it tomorrow night but lucky for us almost all of his shows appear online at the archive.

Find some media after the jump...

I'm not going to go crazy with media because I've posted a lot of media to promote this show already. But how can you not love this song? I'll tell you how, you're a soulless bastard! Grow a heart.

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Come Pick Me Up video via YouTube

In perusing Ryan Adams blog it looks like Adams & Co. are already in our fair city. What are you doing eating at Waffle House when we have so many awesome local eateries. Come on Ry Ry head to Kerbey Lane already. And dude you can't find ANYTHING vegetarian in Austin!?!?! Are you effing kidding me?

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Estelle, Your Music is Trapped in My Head

I was looking for some excuse to post the new single by Estelle and I found it in the Chronicle. Apparently the Roots, Gym Class Heroes and Estelle will all be at the Backyard on Sunday, October 12th. I'm not a big fan of Gym Class Heroes but the Roots are always a good show to catch. If you've never been to the Backyard you should go because this is the last season it will be open.

For those of you who don't know, there was a big shopping complex built around the Backyard and they have pretty much given the classic venue the squeeze. So don't park at Lowes, or whatever other box store is there they will tow your ass...jerk wads. The ironic thing about that is the Backyard was there first, and most of those stores are closed by the time the concerts are going on. But what're you gonna do? You can't fight city hall or whatever.

Check out the Estelle videos after the jump...

Estelle ft. Kanye West - American Boy video via YouTube

Estelle - Pretty Please video via YouTube

This one is one part Gossip Girl and one part Project the cameos.

Estelle - No Substitute Love video via YouTube

I was going to add a video by the Roots too, but they're on an imprint of Universal Music Group. So if you want to see some Roots videos you're going to have to go directly to the UMG YouTube channel, which I refuse to link. Man, I really hate UMG.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kings of Leon Rawk!

Kings of Leon - Use Somebody video via YouTube

Review after the jump...

I've been a fan of Kings of Leon ever since I first heard Molly's Chamber years ago. I even had the chance to see them at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston during their Aha Shake Heartbreak tour. Live, these guys are so tight that they managed to tear through their whole set, including encore, in less than an hour. Smoking about a pack of cigarettes a piece all the while.

Well the latest Kings of Leon record, Only By the Night is more great, straight-forward Rock n' Roll. These guys certainly aren't trying to re-invent the wheel they put passionate vocals over riffy guitar parts accentuated with a killer rhythm section. Most of the songs on the new disc already sound classic. The video from above the jump is a great example of this, and it's not even a single...yet. The Kings first single from the new record was the song Crawl, which was good but the latest single Sex on Fire is going to be huge on radio. In fact you may have already heard it if you listen to a decent radio if any of you listen to radio anymore. But I digress...

For those of you here in Austin, you can catch the Kings later this month at the Austin City Music Hall. If you're interested you better get tickets fast cause Austin LOVES these guys. When they played during SXSW last spring at Stubb's it was def the event of the week...which is saying a LOT. This time around, they are playing with We Are Scientists and the Stills. So all in all a great line-up and a great show to catch if you can.

These guys are VERY popular in the UK, which is why I have all of these live from UK TV vids. Also, because their label disables video embedding :-( But it certainly helps that they sound so good live, and that their records also have a live sound.

Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire video via YouTube

Kings of Leon - Crawl video via YouTube

Even though this song is fairly old now (3 yearsish) I'm posting it cause it's the most well-known song by We Are Scientists and it rocks!

We Are Scientists - Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt video via YouTube

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Department of Eagles, Next Big Thing

You know a band is going to be the next big thing, when their first performance as a full band is on the Conan O'Brien show. Well that performance was this passed Friday night and that band was Department of Eagles. Chances are you have never heard of these guys but trust me you will soon enough.

See before, Daniel Rossen became a member of Grizzly Bear he formed a band with his NYU roommate. The first Department of Eagles record came and went with little acclaim, then Grizzly Bear took off. Well, now you can finally purchase the second Department of Eagles record entitled, In Ear Farm. It has the same slow, haunting sound as Grizzly Bear with more focus on tighter composition and a little more electronic influence. But don't worry this isn't a dance record or anything. Here are a couple of tracks for you to sample:

Department of Eagles - In Ear Farm

Department of Eagles - No One Does It Like You

Find some video after the jump...

First of all this song is a cover of an awful pop song by Jo Jo and this track has been making its rounds on the internets for almost a year now. However, it has re-emerged as a B-Side to the first DOE single, No One Does It Like You.

Daniel Rossen - Too Little, Too Late video via YouTube

Department of Eagles - No One Does it Like You video via YouTube

Grizzly Bear - The Knife video via YouTube

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kooks Bring Brit-Pop to Antone's

Just a quick note, you can catch Brit-Poppers the Kooks at Antone's tonight. These guys put out a great record this year, that seems to have been lost in the shuffle. It's called Konk and I suspect it will have a revival once one of its songs hits Grey's Anatomy or some commercial.

According to the Kooks' website, tonight's show is sold out but I have a strong suspicion that if you're seriously interested in attending that you can probably get in if you show up tonight.

OK...well as I dig deeper into this story. If you bought tickets to the sold-out Kooks show tonight at Antone's you can get your money refunded. Apparently the show has been canceled due to a throat infection. But should check 'em out at some point.

the Kooks - See the Sun

Video after the jump...

the Kooks - Sway video via YouTube

the Kooks - She Moves in Her Own Way video via YouTube

the Kooks - Always Where I Need to Be video via YouTube

the Kooks - Shine On - video via YouTube

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Ghostland @ Stubb's

That's right kids, Ghostland Observatory is coming home and they're playing a gig at Stubb's. Tickets went on sale about 2 hours ago, so if you want to catch this show you better hit this ticket link fast. The show is going to be on Friday, November 14th and the only way to get tickets is online. So don't harass the folks at Waterloo they can't help you B.

While I'm on the topic of live dance music in Austin, I neglected to mention in my last post that Girl Talk is doing a show at Emo's on Monday, October 20th. Tickets for that one are NOT available online and may only be purchased at a physical outlet. I think your best bet here would be to go to End of an Ear or some other less popular ticket outlet, like Run Tex

Ghostland Observatory - Vibrate

More Ghostland media after the jump...

You can stream some Ghostland from their website. Also, you KNOW how much I HATE when YouTube video are not embedable but you really should see this performance of Sad, Sad, City from the Austin City Limits show here. It should also be noted that you can buy the entire performance on DVD.

There is actually a lot of video available of Ghostland on YouTube but most of it is of sub-par/cellphone quality. So, my apologies for some of the craptastic quality here.

Ghostland Observatory - Silver City video via YouTube

Ghostland Observatory w/UT Marching Band - The Band Marches On video via YouTube

This video looks so ghetto and you can tell it's before GLO hit their stride. You can tell by Aaron's lack of braids and Thomas' lack of cape.

Ghostland Observatory - Piano Man/Stranger Lover video via YouTube.

This song was the first (but not the last) Ghostland song that I dug:

Ghostland Observatory - Midnight Voyage "video" via YouTube

I'm re-posting a song from above because the sound on the other one sucked and the video on this one sucks. But I want you to hear the studio version of this track cause it rawks:

Ghostland Observatory - Silver City video via YouTube

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random Videos

You can blame Girl Talk for this video. His sample of the chorus from this song made me remember how Mary J. Blige is pretty much untouchable:

Mary J. Blige - Real Love video via YouTube

Find the Girl Talk composition after the jump...

The sample in question is at the 1:25 mark but peep how Girl Talk breaks it down in the info listed for this YouTube video:
* 0:00 Rihanna - Umbrella
* 0:01 Ying Yang Twins - Jigglin'
* 0:05 Swizz Beatz - It's Me Bitches
* 0:06 Eric B & Rakim - Eric B. Is President
* 0:20 Jay-Z - Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)...
* 0:21 Radiohead - Paranoid Android
* 1:25 Mary J. Blige - Real Love
* 1:26 The Guess Who - These Eyes
* 2:04 Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five - The Message
* 2:04 Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion
* 2:09 Ice Cube - Check Yo' Self
* 2:09 Young Gunz - Set It Off
* 2:35 DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat
* 2:36 Mistah F.A.B. with Turf Talk and E-40- Super Sic wit' It
* 2:38 The Spinners - Rubber Band Man
* 2:47 Bubba Sparxxx ft. Ying Yang Twins - Ms. New Booty
* 2:55 Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
* 3:33 Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood

Girl Talk - Set it Off video via YouTube

You can actually hear all of Feed the Animals by Girl Talk by going to his YouTube channel. Feel free to check the info so you keep score of all the samples while you listen.

Killer, bonus, throw-back video:

the Guess Who - These Eyes video via YouTube

Michael Cera - These Eyes video via YouTube

Last minute update. In a strange turn of non-randomness...apparently the Guess Who are actually playing two gigs in one night at the One World Theatre this Monday here in Austin, TX.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Late Wrap-Up

So this is a bit behind schedule but I wanted to let you know how a couple of shows were. First of all, I caught M. Ward, Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst at La Zona Rosa Sunday night. It was a pleasant change to be at La Zona after the previous couple of shows at Emo's. When I stepped inside the La Zona my first thought was brrr, it's chilly in here. My next thought was wow look at how much personal space I have. You can imagine after being jammed teet to teet inside Emo's sweatbox that being in a venue with working A/C that doesn't oversell tickets was very pleasant.

But that's enough venue bashing I suppose. Although I was marginally familiar with M. Ward I really didn't know any of his music very well. Let me tell you, he blew me away. Playing most of his set solo with an acoustic guitar that dude has some serious chops. At first it made me think of a sad/haunted Jack Johnson. His music really showed the power of restraint. He did end up switching to electric guitar but it still wasn't like a wanky show-off guitar playing.

More review after the jump...

After M. Ward came the lovely Jenny Lewis who played mostly from her latest album, Acid Toungue but also some cuts from her work with the Watson Twins, Rabbit Fur Coat. Ms. Lewis' sound is what I like to call California country with a hint of Boogie Woogie blues in there. In other words it sounded rootsy without sounding to trite or depressing. She did not play any Rilo Kiley tunes but did manage to slip a cover song in the set. Closing out here performance with...wait for it...Love Hurts by Nazareth...for reals.

Last but certainly not least was the jump boogie, country-fied indie rock of Mr. Conor Oberst. Even though his latest album is a solo disc, two of the songs he played he didn't even sing on. One of them was sung by the drummer, the other by one of the guitarists. Again, no Bright Eyes songs were played by Oberst but he did slip a cover of Paul Simon's Kodachrome. I must admit I left before the encore so I didn't get to hear the 3 artists play anything together but I suspect that they did. Give me a break I had to work at 9am the next morning.

Which, bring me to Monday. So I worked from 9-5 after getting roughly 4 hours sleep then headed to Emo's around 10:30ish for the last, in my marathon, of shows. I have been praising Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours all year long so obviously I had to catch their show at Emo's. I arrived around 11:00 and the venue was already packed to the gills with people dancing their asses off to the darker, more industrial sounds of The Presets. All of my work friends were much more excited about The Presets than they were about Cut Copy and after witnessing the crowd at this show I can see why. Those goes really brought the noise and had the whole floor jumping and their sound was so intense that when Cut Copy came out they really sounded very light and poppy.

Don't be mislead though both acts were really good, even if the Presets sequencer got unplugged during a peak in their performance virtually halting the party atmosphere. The crowd was very forgiving, clapping, jumping and singing along all without being directed to do so...can you tell I hate being directed at a concert? I know you're gonna think I'm lame but again, I left before Cut Copy played their encore but I again I had to work about 7 hours after I left the show. Oh, I forgot to mention the lights. Cut Copy and the Presets had some serious dance lighting with them. Including those funky ceiling lasers and panels of light bars behind them. It's something I've never seen in the bombed out warehouse that is Emo's outside stage.

All in all it was great to go to a show every night from Thursday through Monday but it really did wear me out. Especially considering I had to work in the morning Monday and Tuesday. I would give ACL a much lower rating than SXSW as far as the atmosphere in the city goes. ACL is much more for the casual music listener, who enjoys chatting/making out/taking pictures of themselves more than actually watching/listening to the band on stage. SXSW is where all of us serious music geeks, who like to study equipment and listen for flaws get together and geek out over who is more indie and who is a sell-out...there's also a lot more free shhhh.

In conclusion, La Zona Rosa was the best venue I went to and Jamie Lidell was my favorite show.

I was going to promote the Presets with a video but they are on an imprint of Universal Music Group, my favorite faceless corporation in music. So they won't ALLOW plebians like me to embed their SUPER valuable YouTube clips. Let them pay radio stations and pray that MTV starts showing videos again. I'll be busy promoting independant artists with an eye on the future of music, rather than a foot in its dinosaur past.

Here's a clip from Jenny Lewis at La Zona Rosa from the same point of view that I saw this:

Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue video via YouTube

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jose Gonzalez, Man Man and Okkervil River rock Emos

So today is the official final day of the Austin City Limits Fesitival. Don't forget if you're headed down to Zilker I've planned your day for you. But, let's focus on last night's shows.

My Jose Gonzalez ticket said the doors at Emo's Inside would open at 10p, so like any wise concert go--er I arrived around 11:00 or 11:15. Generally shows at Emo's last until 2am so if you want to catch the headliner you can show up around 12:15 or 12:30. But was this the case last night? Oh no, of course not. When I walked in Jose Gonzalez was already playing and had been playing for quite some time. The show was sold-out but the crowd wasn't very dense, so I suspect a lot of people made the same mistake I did. I only got to hear about half dozen songs before Gonzalez left the stage, but I got to hear enough to decide that Emo's was the wrong venue for this performer. Jose Gonzalez has such a quiet, intimate aesthetic that it was hard to pay attention with all the socializing, drunken hipsters talking over his guitar picking.

More review after the jump...

After Gonzalez left the stage I made my way out into the courtyard and towards Emo's Outside stage. I assumed that I wouldn't be able to get into the outdoor stage area since there was a seperate show, with a seperate ticket price. But I managed to work my way out there into to catch Man Man making their way on stage. I hadn't heard any music by Man Man but I had heard a lot of hype. The band certainly lived up to the hype. Dressed in all white, with very short shorts, lots of props and even some white war paint. This 6-piece sound like a hardcore band that traded their guitars for synthesizers. Their stage presence was intense, and the crowd was loving it, jumping and shouting along with the music. The worst part of the set was that it ended after only about 40 minutes but alas Man Man were not headlining.

No, the headlining slot at Emo's Outside went to local heroes Okkervil River who brought all the drama and bravado that one would expect from a homecoming show. The crowd for Okkervil was full of fans who knew every lyric to every song. With the songs from Black Sheep Boy recieving the biggest response. A personal highlight for me in the set was Okkervil's cover of the Beach Boys, Sloop John B.

In a note totally unrelated to music, there were a few Bill Murray sighting last night. He was actually spotted at Emo's, then later at the Parish. Band of Horse played a sold-out show at the Parish last night.

Check out the line-up for tonight's after parties:

The Black Keys w/ The Black Angels & Jessica Lea Mayfield at Stubb’s BBQ
Doors at 7 p.m., Show at 7:30 p.m.

Conor Oberst, Jenny Lewis and M. Ward at La Zona Rosa
Doors at 9 p.m., Show at 10 p.m.

Papalactic Aftablasta at the Parish
Featuring Galactic’s Stanton Moore and Rob Mecurio, Papa Mali, Ivan and Cyril Neville.

Man Man - Van Helsing Boombox video via YouTube

Man Man - Engrish Bwudd video via YouTube

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

CSS, Gnarls, Jamie Lidell All Bring It

So last night I had the chance to catch two ACL after parties. Well technically I could have gone to more than two but I'm only one man damn it! Anywho, so I started my night at Stubb's, CSS were up first. The 6-piece Brazilian group brought their high energy dance punk jams to life with one of the loudest sets I've ever witnessed. I must say that the crowd wasn't really feeling it though. I suspect that a lot of the Gnarls Barkley fans had no idea who CSS were and/or there were a lot of folks who were already worn out from watching so much live music during the day at Zilker.

In any case, by the time Gnarls Barkley came out the crowd had filled in and was very excited to hear the perfect pop sounds of Cee-Lo, Dangermouse and 5 of their snappiest dressed band mates. I thought it was interesting that before GB took stage the house music was all Gorillaz songs. But not just any Gorillaz songs, the ones that Dangermouse produced. Isn't that a bit narcissistic or at least odd? They didn't save Crazy for last, which means a lot of folks left before GB left the stage. Personally I feel like if you have a hit as big as Crazy was you better hold it for the encore if you want the crowd to stay. Also, I thought Cee-Lo's voice was like honey except during Crazy when he didn't really sing all of the lyrics clearly, he just sort of mumbled/missed the first verse.

More review and a preview of tonight's parties after the jump...

Gnarls Barkley's set ended a little before midnight, which gave me enough time to walk over to the Parish room to catch Jamie Lidell. When I walked in around 11:45 Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears were playing their last song. Jamie Lidell took stage an hour later.

I was predisposed to like Jamie Lidell since he put out one of my favorite records of the year, Jim. I was not disappointed in his set but I was a bit surprised. I knew that before his latest record Lidell was known more as an electronic artist than as a soul artist. So after the first 3 or 4 songs the band walked out into the crowd disappearing back stage for a full 15 minutes while Jamie Lidell used his machine trickery to compose electronic music by sampling and effecting his vocals. Also, there was an instrument used by one of Lidell's musicians that I had never seen. It looked like a clarinet with a mic top instead of a reed and it sounded like a talk box a la Peter Frampton.

The Parish crowd was very lively and you could tell that they were all big fans too, since most folks were singing along and clapping in time to the music without even being prompted. I will say that a lot of people did leave before Lidell left the stage but come on he didn't even take the stage till 12:45am, so his set wasn't over till 2am, which is pretty late if you hit Zilker park 12 hours earlier for ACL.

So wrapping up last night, I would rate Jamie Lidell's performance as my favorite followed by CSS and I would probably put Gnarls Barkley in last place. Not that they were bad but they just think they're a big deal and you can tell. Whereas Jamie Lidell and CSS are still fighting to be noticed.

Here's what you can expect tonight on the party scene:

Mike Farris gospel brunch at Stubb’s BBQ
Doors at 11 a.m., Brunch at 11:30 a.m.
Call 512-480-8341 to make reservations and purchase tickets.

Butthole Surfers w/ The Kills at Stubb’s BBQ (outdoors)
Doors 7 p.m., Show 8 p.m.

Mugison at Stubb’s BBQ (indoors)
Doors 11:30pm, show midnight

Band of Horses with James McMurtry at The Parish
Doors at 10:30 p.m.

The Swell Season w/ Bill Callahan at The Paramount Theatre (713 Congress Ave.)
Doors at 7:30 p.m., Show at 8:30 p.m.

Okkervil River w/ Man Man & Crooked Fingers at Emo’s (Outdoors, 603 Red River St.)
Doors at 10 p.m., show 10:30 p.m.

Jose Gonzalez w/ Neva Dinova & McCarthy Trenching at Emo’s (Indoors, 603 Red River St.)
Doors at 10 p.m., show 10:30 p.m.

Car Stereo Wars at Emo’s Lounge
Doors at 10 p.m., show 11 p.m.

Jakob Dylan and The Gold Mountain Rebels w/ Back Door Slam at Antone’s (213 West 5th St.)
Doors at 10 p.m., Show at 10:30 p.m.

Ocote Soul Sounds (featuring members of Grupo Fantasma and the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra), Buscando El Monte, DJ Chorizo Funk at The Compound (1300 E 4th St.)
Doors at 9 p.m., show at 10 p.m.

Austin Music + Entertainment unofficial ACL afterparty
Featuring Lemurs, Loxsly and Red Leaves Scoot Inn
Doors at 8 p.m.

ACL Afterhours at the Beauty Bar
Outside: Scorpion Child, Grand Ole Party, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (original lineup)
Inside: DJ Mel, Smalltown Pete
Doors at 9 p.m.

The only show I'm planning to see tonight is Jose Gonzalez at Emo's inside. I think he is one of the most under-rated/overlooked acts of this fest so I'm gonna show you some vid...

Jose Gonzalez - Teardrop video via YouTube

Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats video via YouTube

Jose Gonzales - Crosses video via YouTube

Here are two of those songs in different forms:
Heartbeats is originally done by The Knife (They are kick-ass)

The Knife - Heartbeats video via YouTube

The dudes from Zero 7 love Jose Gonzalez so much they remixed one of his songs and featured his vocals on a few of their songs.

Zero 7 - Crosses video via YouTube

And I wanted to include this next video because I just love the lyric "We didn't come into the world, to walk around, we came here, to take you out". I apoligize for the awful visuals just close your eyes and listen.

CSS - Jager Yoga video via YouTube

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