Friday, April 9, 2010

Austin is King of Saturday Night

You know why I moved to Austin? Well, that's a complicated answer but this Saturday night is a great example of what you're missing if you don't live here. Tomorrow night we have: Girl Talk, L.A.X., Yeasayer, Vampire Weekend, and Elton John all performing at different venues around the city. How do you like that for a spectrum of respectable artists throughout various genres? Eh? Eh? The down-side to this is, which show do you choose?

Well there are many factors here, do you have a butt-load of cash? No? Well, then Elton John is out. Are you over 21 years of age or older? No? Well, you're probably not reading my site but if you are, then head to UT youngin' that's where Girl Talk is playing (for free). Are you making a last minute decision to go out? Yes? Well, then, Vampire Weekend is out unless you want to buy scalped tickets on the street. Looks like Yeasayer it is, lucky for you that was my number one pick and tickets are available now that the show has been moved from the Parish to La Zona Rosa

Yeasayer - O.N.E. video via YouTube

Sorry for the lame, fake video. There is an OFFICIAL video, which is weird and beautiful and viewable here but alas I can not embed it. *le sigh*

Do you like how I threw L.A.X. in there with all of those brand-name bands above the break? Well, in case you're not in on the joke L.A.X. is a little Austin band that are just making ripples in the scene so far but I really enjoy them. I saw them perform at the Blue Stage during FunFunFun Fest this year and they put on a great show. They also expanded both in their sound and their numbers within the last few years and they seem to be picking up steam. I see the possibility for big things in their future if they meet the right people and/or hit the right eyes and ears. Let them hit your eyes and ears, at the LXM Pro party with Bright Light Social Hour. Enter the code "ATXBLOG" to get your ticket for almost half price.

L.A.X. - Dire Fire video via YouTube

I feel like Elton John doesn't really need any attention from me or my readers, I recognize that he is an icon and we're moving on. What is there to say about Girl Talk that hasn't been said before? I'll just sum up the Girl Talk experience in three simple words: sweaty, laptop, party.

Girl Talk - Bounce That video via YouTube

Might I add that Vampire Weekend and Elton John are the two artists in this post who are NOT FunFunFun Fest alumna. I don't know who deserves the praise in this scenario but I feel like hands should be shakin' upon this realization.

Vampire Weekend - Giving Up the Gun video via YouTube

If you're hearing the above VW song for the first time thinking WTF happened to their sound?!?! I should clue you into what its members were doing between albums in their off-time.

Discovery - Osaka Loop Line video via YouTube

Exhibit B:

the Very Best - Warm Heart of Africa video via YouTube

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Stubb's Shows to Plan For

Well, dear reader, it's too late to get tickets to see Phoenix or Vampire Weekend at Stubb's this month but I thought I'd give you the heads up on some other shows that will, likely, sell out. The first one I want to mention isn't until May 29th and it's at Stubb's, as well, but you should just get tickets to see Bassnectar now. Last time he was in town he sold out La Zona Rosa during ACL weekend. A bass-rattling, good time was had by all, but most importantly had by me. I first saw Bassnectar at the Playboy party at SXSW 09 and it totally blew me away. Can you say intense?

Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy (Mega Bass Remix) video via YouTube

While we're on the subject of Stubb's it's also too late to get Dead Weather tickets :-(. But you can still see the Godfather of indie-piano-pop, Mr. Ben Folds himself. That show is listed as Ben Folds w/a Piano, which would lead me to believe he won't have a backing band. However, I find that hard to believe considering he's playing Stubb's outside. I suppose only time will tell. Tickets for Ben Folds should set you back roughly $30.

Ben Folds - Such Great Heights video via YouTube

I knew Passion Pit was going to be back in Austin this June but I didn't realize they have added a second date. So, if you missed your chance to get tickets for the first night, you might want to try the 2nd night. They'll be performing with the Tokyo Police Club, which is a pretty sweet line-up if you ask me.

Passion Pit - Seaweed Song (Solo Version) video via YouTube

I don't know about you, but I LOVE me some New Pornographers, so you can bet your ass I'm getting tickets to see them at Stubb's on July 23rd. the Dodos are playing the opening slot so I expect this show will sell-out at probably in late May or early June. If you've never seen the New Pornographers perform, don't miss out again. I've had the pleasure of seeing them three times, once without Neko Case or Dan Behar and they were still completely stellar.

the New Pornographers - Myriad Harbour video via YouTube

The last Stubb's show I'm giving you the heads-up about will most definitely sell-out, like any minute now, so if you want to see Robert Plant, yes that Robert Plant then you best be clicking this ticket link. That show isn't until late July so I don't want to hear it 3 months from now if you didn't get your ticket. I should warn you though, ONE ticket to see Robert Plant is $50 before fees/taxes/etc. So, you COULD just buy a Led Zeppelin box set if you prefer.

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Gone, Gone, Gone video via YouTube

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