Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Be a Part of History

You could be a part of history Friday night at Emo's. All you have to do is attend the R. Steve Moore show. See, Moore is one of those underground legends who you may not have heard of but most of the artists you listen to have. He has released over 400 albums through his early cassette clubs and, more recent, CD-R clubs. He is known to be a pop-recluse so seeing him outside of Brooklyn, where he resided most of his life or Nashville, where he has lived more recently, is a rare treat. His latest album was created with the help of Kickstarter and his current tour is also a Kickstarter tour, in other words this guy is more DIY than DIY. You can be a part of history because the tour is being captured on video and will be a part of an upcoming documentary featuring Moore. Tickets for the show are still available and let's face it, there's really nothing better going on Friday night. Besides, as I mentioned above this show is, pretty much, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Fifty nine year old musicians known to be pop-genius-recluses don't exactly tour on the regular.

R. Steve Moore - I Like To Stay Home video via YouTube

You can catch Pong and Jad Fair in the opening time slots. Also, Brooklyn band Tropical Ooze will have their own set then later they will be R. Steve Moore's backing band. So, not only will you get to see a rare live performance from Moore but you will also see him with a full band, which is even more unusual.

Pong - Secret Meat video via YouTube

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