Friday, January 14, 2011

Royal Bangs, Big Freedia, Glit's Anniversary

As I mentioned Wednesday, I really want y'all to come out and celebrate the anniversary of the Glitoris BUT I would be remiss if I didn't mention a couple of other happening Saturday night. I know not all of you are into dance parties with wall-to-wall fun. In fact I bet some of you are hoping to catch some rock and/or roll on Saturday night. It is for those people that I mention one of my favorites from SXSW 2010 is coming back to the very venue where I saw them last March. That's right, the Royal Bangs have made the trip down from Tennessee to rock your faces off on Emo's inside stage Saturday night. There's a couple of opening acts but you're going to be getting happy hour drinks at Barbarella from 10pm-11pm so you're probably going to miss all that. If you do want to catch the Royal Bangs' set tickets will set you back about $8 and I don't have set times but I can bet they go on around 12:30am.

Royal Bangs - Live at Emo's video via YouTube

The other show I want to mention is, also, right down the street from Glitoris' 1-year anniversary bash at Barbarella. Of course, I'm referring to Big Freedia and Kool Keith at the Mohawk. If you didn't catch Big Freedia at Fun Fun Fun Fest this year then I suppose I would find it acceptable for you to sneak down the street to catch her ridiculously fun and borderline-pornographic set at the 'Hawk. In fact if you could kidnap her and her Shake Team and bring 'em on down to Barbarella when they're through with the hipsters I'd appreciate it. Oh, and while you're at the Mohawk for the love of God could you PLEASE shave some scraggly hipster beards? Thanks.

Big Freedia _ Get Back video via YouTube

If you don't know who Kool Keith is by now I really don't think anything I write hear could/would make a difference. He's an MF legend, he's an MF weirdo and he'll play Austin again in a few months, you can miss it. Also, I'm not sure if this is a pro or a con for attendance to the show but Kool Keith will be recording the performance, potentially for a future release.Tickets are still available for this show and will set you back $12. The performances are taking place on the outside stage so dress appropriately.

Kool Keith - Kool Keith presents Tashan Dorrsett (2009) - Documentary (Part 1) video via YouTube

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh No Oh My Album Release Show

Well kiddies, I'm VERY happy to report that one of my, absolute, favorite local-bands is having an album release party/show tomorrow night and YOU'RE invited! Don't you feel special? Oh No Oh My fill a void in my heart where indie-pop used to go. Remember back in the day before bands wanted to sound shitty and call themselves lo-fi? Yeah, me neither. In any case there are still indie-rock bands that write clever, melodious tunes that you carry in your head and your heart for days after hearing them, Oh No Oh My is one such band.

Oh No Oh My - Live at the Ghost Room video via YouTube

The show will take place at theMohawk on the inside stage, which is nice because I think this bout of chilly weather is supposed to continue. None of the info I have found on the show seems to list how much it will cost to get in but I can tell you that Shiner will be $3? I would guesstimate that the cover will be around $10 but you can't buy tickets in advance and the inside area is small so I'd arrive early. Also, bring enough money to pick up the new CD! After this Friday night show at the 'Hawk, Oh No Oh My head off to Europe for a three month tour so let's make this a home show to remember. (I wish I was heading to Europe for 3 months)

Oh No Oh My - Another Tune from the Ghost Room video via YouTube

The Ugly Beats will be taking the 11:00pm set, right before Oh No Oh My on Friday night with The Laughing starting things off at 10pm. You should catch these other two, great Austin bands as well but if, for some inexcusable reason, you miss them, no worries they're not running off to Europe...yet.

The Laughing - Runner video via YouTube

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Glitoris' Anniversary Party

There are always plenty of options for great shows, parties, events etc on any given weekend in Austin. This Saturday the 15th is no exception but if you're not at Barbarella for Glitoris' anniversary bash then you will most assuredly be missing out. It's hard to believe it's only been a year that Glitoris has been on the scene producing some of the most fun, wild and debaucherous parties in the city. Through a mix of social-media brilliance, and an ear to the pulsing ground of electronic music Glitoris turned Tuesday night into one of the best party nights in Austin. Their Tuezgayz event turned Barbarella into a downtown destination. Don't believe me? Just ask Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansson where they party on a Tuesday in Austin.

The whole thing will kick off at 10pm this Saturday the 15th. Arriving before 12:30am gets you admission with no cover, after that it's $3. If you get there before 11pm then you can get all the well liquor that's legal to sell you at $2 a drink. There will be a specialty drink in honor of the Glitoris made with Grapfruit Izzie, just ask for "the Glit". For those of you who wanna roll with me and the rest of the VIP's you can enter for a chance to win a wristband, which will gain you access to Barbarella's 2nd floor. Just head over to RSVP It and enter the code: 6969 (of course). Winners will be notified on the day of the party regarding their VIP status. Don't worry, there's no dancefloor in the loft area so we can still get down on the dancefloor with or without a wristband and/or shirt.

Just for the record, as of the writing of this post 252 people RSVP'd on the Facebook event page indicating that this party is going to be wall to wall people dancing, sweating and generally spilling their drinks. I, for one, can not wait! This Tuezgayz promo video should give you a little taste of the kind of music/atmosphere you can expect from a Glitoris event.

The Glass - Is It Me? video via YouTube

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention it's best to assume you're going to have beautiful photos taken so I'd dress accordingly. I happen to know that Austin's best party photographer, ULoveI will be attendance, camera in hand. For me that means I'll probably have to buy a new shirt since I think he's photographed me in all of my best one's already. What? I'm self-conscious about stuff like that!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

No Age Return to Austin

L.A. "punks", No Age will be returning to Austin in support of their latest, Sub Pop release, Everything in Between. The latest LP, as well as the previous record, Nouns is why I put punk in quotes back there. Sure, these guys are, typically, associated with L.A. punk and that aesthetic is definitely there both sonically and in spirit. However, the last two LPs have veered into indie-rock territory with the band experimenting in sonic textures and bouts of jangliness. Don't worry though, they will still bang out some seriously fast, noise-rock at the Mohawk Tuesday night and if you want to be there to watch the whole thing go down I'd grab some $10 tickets and arrive early enough to post-up in a good spot because this show is gonna melt your face off.

No Age - Glitter video via YouTube

A few interesting little tidbits about tomorrow night's show. In case you didn't notice the date tomorrow is 1/11/11 so there's that. Also, it should be noted that the guys played on a little show called Late Night with David Letterman and in case you missed it, you can watch that performance courtesy of I'd watch it quickly though, chances are CBS will flag that shhh as soon as they notice.

No Age - Fever Dreaming video via YouTube

Opening for No Age tomorrow night will be Rene Hell, which is the latest project from Jeff Witscher. The album is called, Porcelain Opera and could be described as sonic experimentation but you can call it whatever you want as long as you purchase it. You can also listen to it for free by clicking the link at the start of this paragraph or you can listen for $10 at the show tomorrow.

Just a little side-note about the below video, I do not endorse the website it advertises, I just couldn't find any official videos it is simply intended for you to sample Rene Hell's music.

Rene Hell - Iv video via YouTube

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