Thursday, July 26, 2012

Glass Candy at the Mohawk

Tomorrow night dancing, sweaty people of Austin will converge on the Mohawk for what promises to be one of the biggest parties of the summer and if you don't get your tickets now, you're going to miss it. Portland, Oregon's Glass Candy are headlining and they will set the asses-a-shakin'. Tomorrow night's show will mark Johnny Jewel's return to his hometown, which means they'll be playing extra awesomely (obviously.) Expect to hear lots of jams from Glass Candy's upcoming LP, Body Work, the band's third studio full-length.

Glass Candy - Warm in the Winter video via YouTube

Don't just show up for Glass Candy though because they are only one part of tomorrow night's festivities. Chromatics are touring with Glass Candy and will precede them on the outside stage. Their latest LP is Kill For Love, which was released in March. It is their fourth studio LP and clocks-in at over an hour of synth-pop splendor. In May they released a drumless version of the record on their website for remixing. They only have about an hour to play tomorrow night but I'd expect some extended free-from dance-rock mayhem in that hour.

Chromatics - Kill for Love video via YouTube

Wait, that's not all! The Mohawk isn't just going to allow some Portland bands to swoop in and have all of the fun. You'll also see Parisian band, Flying Turns if you arrive early enough. As well as local band Orthy. That may seem familiar to those of you down with Austin's dance/party scene. Ian Orth is a founding member of Learning Secrets and Orthy is his "celestial-pop" band.

My advice, buy your tickets now, take the bus, get drunk, get crunk and dance away the worries of the week.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Mynabirds at the Mohawk

I know that this show isn't until Saturday but I just realized that Mynabirds' show at the Mohawk is an inside show so, I want to make sure you have a chance to get tickets before they're gone! How's that for a run-on sentence to open a post?

Mynabirds is singer-songwriter Laura Berhenn's post-Georgie James project. It features a rotating cast of amazing musicians, most of whom are based in Omaha. Laura and many members of her touring band, have been a part of the latest incarnation of Bright Eyes on Conor Oberst's most recent tour. These are seasoned pros with chops to spare. Mynabirds' latest record Generals is filled with beautifully written songs, wonderful textures and gorgeous, haunting vocals. If you're a fan of St. Vincent, Neko Case or Eleanor Friedberger then you should be at the Mohawk Saturday night.

The Mynabirds - Disarm video via YouTube

Taking the stage right before The Mynabirds Saturday night is Austin 2-piece Deep Time. You may remember them as Yellow Fever or maybe you've never heard of them at all. I just discovered Deep Time about a month ago when I received a press release mentioning that they were on Hardly Art Records. I listened to the Soundcloud link based purely on the fact that they were on Hardly Art and within 30 seconds of listening to clouds i was completely sold. It's jangly, disaffected, indie-pop with Stereolab-esque vocals. What more could a person ask for these days?

Deep Time - Clouds video via YouTube

Arrive early if you want to catch Deep Time and arrive even earlier if you want to catch My Jerusalem. They go on first Saturday night on the Mohawk's inside stage. I'd expect them to start around 10pm. If you haven't seen this local band yet, you should at least give them a listen over at Bandcamp and if you like it, get to the 'Hawk early enough to catch them.

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