Friday, January 31, 2014

Let's Go to Everything!

Alright y'all, there are a bevy of excellent shows to see this evening. I'm going to highlight four of them here. My top highlight for this evening is the Disclosure show at Stubb's. However, I will add that that particular show is mostly sold-out. I say mostly because the only tickets available are VIP tickets, which will set you back over $140 a piece. I know that some of us ball that hard but most of us don't, which is fine because there are still three more kick-ass shows going on tonight.

For those of you unfamiliar with Disclosure they are a pair of brothers from the U.K. who, un-ironically, produce 90's house-music for a new generation. Their record, Settle was one of my favorite releases of 2013. I have yet to see them live and I will conceit that it won't be the same without all of the guest vocalists who appear on the record. However, I anticipate the stage setup will be pretty elaborate and I know that the brothers Disclosure have a very engaging way of creating their songs live, mixing live instrumentation with on-the-fly sampling and loops. In other words, it won't just look like dudes nodding at their laptops.

Disclosure ft. Mary J. Blige - F For You video via YouTube

Speaking of my favorite albums of 2013, Darkside is also performing this evening. That means the creators of two of my favorite electronic records of 2013 are both in town together. You can find Darkside at Emo's tonight, which means you could conceivably see both Disclosure and Darkside. It would be quite a Yin and Yang experience to catch their sets back-to-back. Disclosure is very light, easily palatable electronic music. Darkside is just as their name implies, dark. This is not electronic music for ravers, this is electronic music for reading a book. In other words, Darkside is some pretty serious shit.

I might also suggest that, following the Disclosure show you head over to Red 7 for Learning Secrets' 10th Anniversary party. Delorean is headlining and I honestly can't believe this show isn't sold-out yet. Those dudes came all the way here from Spain and Learning Secrets only turns 10 once so if you don't go to this show, you'll have to wait like 15 more years for the next important birthday. Can you wait 15 years?

Doors| 9pm
Learning Secrets DJs| 9pm - 11pm
Until The Ribbon Breaks| 11pm - 11:45pm
Learning Secrets DJs| 11:45pm - 12:45am
Delorean| 12:45am - 1:45am

Hell, with those set times you could POSSIBLY catch Disclosure, Darkside and Delorean. That would be a pain in the ass and pretty expensive but it's possible?

Hey rock kids, I haven't forgotten you. My top non-electronic/dance pick for this evening is the Holy Wave show at Hotel Vegas. There aren't advance tickets for this event and the event listing doesn't really have a cover price plainly evident BUT I would guess that it's going to be somewhere in the $10 range. In case this is your first time seeing the name Holy Wave they play woozy, Nuggets-era psychedelic music that is best experienced live. If you're a fan of Austin Psych Fest then you should definitely be at Hotel Vegas tonight to celebrate the release of Holy Wave's new LP, Relax.

Holy Wave - Wet and Wild video via YouTube

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