Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Real Estate at the 'Hawk

I'm excited to hear this band, Real Estate on Friday night. I've heard a song of their's on satellite radio but I'd like to grab their LP when I see them. These dudes hail from Jersey and most of their fans are more famous than you or I, or even they, are. Their sound is gentle, reverb-soaked, indie-surf-pop. It's a little retro and pastoral but still sounds fresh and inviting just like most of the people you meet downtown. They'll be playing the Mohawk's inside stage after, the impeccable, J.Tillman performs at the outside stage. As of the writing of this post, tickets can still be consumed for, a mere, $10. Leave the left-overs at home kids, let's go downtown. Hooray!

Real Estate - Fake Blues video via YouTube

Free J. Tillman Mp3's courtesy of Yer Bird, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> J. Tillman - Evans and Falls

Free Mp3 ---> J. Tillman - Ribbons of Glass

Free Mp3 ---> J. Tillman - When I Light Your Darkened Door

The above Mp3's are, essentially, demos that were released on now-defunct 7" records but they have been gathered together and re-released. They're calling the collection Cancer and Dellirum. Tillman also has two LP's released in '09 on the Bella Union label and/or Austin-bad-asses Western Vinyl. That's all in addition to being a member of the Fleet Foxes so obviously he's got some deep pockets full of folk to unleash on the 'Hawk Friday night. There's also more free Mp3's if you click that Western Vinyl link.

J. Tillman - Firstborn video via YouTube

Opening up for J. Tillman on the outside stage will be, Pearly Gate Music, literally that's the name of the band. Like Tillman, Pearly Gate Music hail from Seattle. Unlike J. Tillman they were just signed to Barsuk Records so, chances are they'll be back through Austin again in the near future. Here's another interesting little tidbit about Pearly Gate Music, they have a member named Zack Tillman intriguing, yes? Actually I think Zack Tillman is "Pearly Gate Music". We'll find out Friday.

Pearly Gate Music - 2 Songs Performed Live video via YouTube

Don't forget though, you need to stick around AFTER the outside show, cause we need to check out Real Estate. Also, there's a band, which features members of Okkervil River, playing the inside stage too. They're called Brackett & Co. and I really don't know shh about them yet. By the looks of the Mohawk website, Brackett & Co will be playing the inside stage after Real Estate.

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