Friday, September 10, 2010

Sleep Good's Skyclimber

As someone who (occasionally) blogs, I get a lot of e-mail. Lots of press releases from various individuals, promotional companies, small record labels and the like. I pour over these press-releases with great attention to detail and an open-mind, then I ride my unicorn to the money fields where I harvest my days pay. Seriously though, it's very helpful and appreciated to receive these e-mails but it's also very matchy-matchy, samey-samey, monotonous sometimes. There are promotional entities, who will jazz up their emails with different sized and colored fonts making things easier to comb-through, while others send you James Michener novellas minus the grammar, punctuation and capitalization. The long and short of this diatribe I've begun is it's tough to stand out. Kind of goes without saying doesn't it? Well, last week I received a press-release that stood out. Have you heard of a local band called, Sleep Good?

Sleep Good - Shoney's video via YouTube

Sleep Good's newest release Skyclimber is on the Autobus record label (Sunset, Brazos, the Weird Weeds etc). This label always has creative ways of releasing its material. You may recall some, difficult to find, cassette tapes that Sunset released a few years ago? Well let me show you the item, from the e-mail, that drew my attention enough to write this post:

We will be releasing the album in RPG video game format as well as VHS.

Yes, you read that correctly and I look forward to my review copies of both of these formats, please and thank you. :-)

I showed a co-worker the press-release, when I received the e-mail, and her response was, "I have a VCR!!!"

I'm sad to say that I don't have a VCR, but the topic has come up so much lately that I'm hitting the thrift stores.

Do you have a VCR?

Should more artists release their music via RPG video games?

Perhaps a L.A.R.P concert?

Don't forget, the album is also available in more conventional ways. I'm sure they brought some LPs over to End of an Ear, as well, if you'd like to support a local band AND a local record merchant simultaneously.

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