Thursday, May 15, 2008


DeVotchKa was one of the bands I heard about during SXSW this year. At the time I was so overwhelmed trying to catch all the bands I knew about that I didn't actually hear the new DeVotchKa record until a few weeks ago. But let me tell you it does not disappoint.

A Mad & Faithful Telling sounds majestic and sincere at the same time. DeVotchKa offers the drama of Arcade Fire with a Balkan/Gypsy twist. Their music was featured in Little Miss Sunshine, so they've been kicking around making records for a few years. But I feel like '08 may be their year to step it up a notch in the fame market.

Listen for this song in upcoming movies(?), TV shows(?), commercials(?):

DeVotchKa - Transliterator

RIYL:Arcade Fire, The National, Gogol Bordello, The Boss(?)
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Monday, May 12, 2008

UK Soul

What with Amy Winehouse, Duffy, and now Jamie Lidell you'd think that Motown records JUST hit the UK. But in fact they are all part of new pool of artists making classic-sounding Motown/Stax for a new generation.

Jamie Lidell's Jim was just recently released in the U.S. but it has already been featured on the hit ABC drama Grey's Anatomy. It has also been rocking my iPod for a while now. I bought my mom a copy of Jim for Mother's Day and she already loves it.

I think you're gonna like it too. Whoever you are this music is undeniable. So hit your local record shop and ask for Jim :-)

Check out Another Day, the first song from Jim and if you don't feel like singing along then check your pulse.
Jamie Lidell - Another Day

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