Thursday, October 31, 2013

Planning Ahead: November

Alright, this post isn't going to include FunFunFun Fest other than to say, that is ALSO coming up and should be your primary focus. I'll have several posts coming up to help you plan for Fun Fest. With that being said, there are several really great shows coming up that need your immediate attention.
I'm giving you very short notice on some of these events and I am going to try to give more comprehensive coverage to a lot of these events in an individual way in the future. However, for the sake of planning I'm going to just get straight to business. There are several cool Halloween shows tonight but for my money it's Crocodiles at Empire or Neon Indian DJ Set at the Belmont. You can do whatever you want but those are my choices.

Neon Indian - Mind Drips video via YouTube

The format of this post is pretty simple. Click the name of the artist to connect with them on Facebook, click the name of the venue to buy tickets to the show.

Saturday, Nov. 2nd

Monday, Nov. 4th

Tuesday, Nov. 5th

Wednesday, Nov. 6th

Thursday, Nov. 7th

Thursday, Nov. 7th - Sunday Nov. 10th

Saturday, Nov. 9th

Sunday, Nov. 10th

Tuesday, Nov. 12th

Friday, Nov. 15th

Saturday, Nov. 16th

Sunday Nov. 17th

Tuesday, Nov. 19th

Wednesday, Nov. 20th

Thursday, Nov. 21st

Friday, Nov. 22nd

Saturday, Nov. 23rd

Sunday, Nov. 24th

Friday, Nov.29th

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

FunFunFunFest 2013: Are You Ready?

You guys, there are so many great events going on within the next couple of weeks and I'm starting to freak out a little bit. FunFunFun Fest is the big gorilla just around the corner but there are so many events leading up to and surrounding it that preparations are in order. If you haven't bought tickets to Fun Fest yet, I implore you to do so. I know it might seem like a lot of cash up front but the value you get is well worth the cost. No one is telling me to tell you that. It's the truth.

I understand that there are many of you reading this who honestly don't have the time and money to spend on a 3-Day pass and I can understand that. There are still options for you. If you're not on the mailing list for Belmont, you probably should be because you would have a discount code that gives you 20% off tickets. There are also some ticket giveaways floating around here and there. Including one that involves Nordstrom at the Barton Creek Mall. You can find full details on this digital flyer but here's the gist: Small Black is doing a free in-store at Nordstrom on Wednesday, November 6th 4pm. That's one week from today and two days before the official start of Fun Fest. You can enter to win the Fun Fest equivalent of VIP passes and all you have to do is fill out an entry form between now and next Wednesday.

Small Black - Breathless video via YouTube

The thing to keep in mind with Fun Fest is that you're not only getting the festival itself, you're getting the Nites and the The Nites are Free. With most music festivals this means you get to see one of the bands from the festival performing downtown, with Fun Fest you get to see bands that aren't even playing the festival at clubs downtown free with your festival wristband. For the first year ever, this includes some of the heavy-hitters from the comedy stage like Sarah Silverman at the State Theater and Jenny Slate at the Mohawk. Honestly, I feel like the Nites events alone are worth the festival price this year. I mean, Chelsea Light Moving is playing Red 7's inside stage with Merchandise as a support act. That shit is FREE. Bob Mould is DJing the Belmont that same night. What?!? Friday night of the fest all they're telling us is there is a "Special Guest" playing the Mohawk's inside stage at some point after midnight. Whatever your wildest guesses are, might be true.

I'll be helping you to plan out your days and your Nites starting next week but before we get this shit poppin, you have to get your ticket situation handled. You don't want to miss the fest and I don't want you to miss the fest. Let's do this!

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