Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Peen Is The Scene

Dearly beloved, we will gather at Barbarella tomorrow to join many men and many women in sweaty, dance-floor shakin ', bliss. That's right it's a Sunday night dance party in honor of the one, the only, Jenn Peen of the Peen Scene a lady never reveals her age but let's just say it's a milestone and all of Austin's bloggeratti will be in attendance. Lucky for you, you're people who know people so you're invited to get down with some loud-ass music, low-priced drinks and it will be your time to rub elbows with all of us cool bloggy, scenester-types. Make sure you bring your dancin' shoes 'cause Jenn likes to get down on that dance-floor and no one likes a wallflower. Things kick off at 10pm at Barbarella tomorrow night. If you would like to RSVP, which I recommend, you may do so at the Facebook event page and/or you can check out the listing on Do512. Here's a little taste of what you may or may not hear at Barbarella tomorrow night.

Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill video via YouTube

If you've ever rolled with the Peen Scene before then you already know there's also going to be a sanctioned after-party for the post 2am crowd, 'cause that's just how we get down in the Austin blogosphere. Bloggy has to work at 5:30am Monday so I may wake up early for work and hit the after-party before I go in. We'll see how that plan comes into fruition. I may be that drunk dude at work on Memorial day...or at least one of those drunk dudes at work. Info for the after-party happs can be found on both Facebook and Do512 but chances are when you're all sweaty and drunk at Barbarella around 2am you'll notice a mass exodus heading Southeast to the former Music Gym.

I neglected to mention that these are hip-hop themed parties so you actually may not hear Sleigh Bells you're more likely to hear some raunchy, dirty-south hip-hop jamz. Get trill y'all!

Clipse featuring Pharrell - Mr. Me Too video via YouTube

Alright maybe that Clipse track wasn't the perfect example of a sweaty, hip-hop banger but you get the idea.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ACL Aftershow Conjecture

Let me preface this with some disclaimers, I do not know any of the 3 Charlies who make up C3 Presents. I have no affiliation with Austin City Limits Fest or it's subsidiaries. I'm just a dude who waits tables and writes this little website.

So, with all of that said, let's start guessing about the ACL aftershows shall we? If you have been a fan of this site from the beginning, and I know you have, then you might remember that Bloggy is anti-festival. I don't mind if they occur and I'm cool with YOU going but the idea of standing in a field with 10's of thousands of people to watch M.I.A. on a giant screen is not my idea of a good time. For me, it's all about the aftershow. Wouldn't you rather see Manu Chao at Stubb's, as opposed to Zilker?

Here we go, Bloggydamus' first and most definitive pick for an ACL Aftershow is one part wish, one part rainbow and one part logic. That's right, it's a three-prong approach. I'm calling the National at Stubb's the night before they play the fest. I would prefer they play the Parish but I'm not going to get picky. I just need to hear High Violet and cry into my Lone Star.

This is the part where I had planned to embed a new song but apparently The National are part of the Sony "family" of artists who would rather you buy the video instead of hearing the song on my site. SOOOOOOO, here's one of my favorite older tracks, and actually the first song that turned me onto the National in the first place.

the National - Fake Empire video via YouTube

Hate you VEVO!

Find more Bloggydamus picks after les break.

A big part of my logic in choosing who will/won't be playing aftershows is based on who has or hasn't recently gigged in Austin (not counting SXSW). So, by that logic the following artists WON'T be having aftershows:

LCD Soundsystem
(S)Norah Jones
Beach House
Local Natives

Local Natives - World News video via YouTube

Also, I don't think the top 2 (or 3) tiers of artists will be playing aftershows although I would LOVE to see M.I.A., The Strokes and Muse play clubs in town. M.I.A. at Barbarella? Yes, please.

My next bet for who WILL be playing an aftershow is: Broken Bells. Sure they played SXSW this year but I still have a feeling that we will be seeing them in aftershow status. Also, a Matt and Kim aftershow is HIGHLY likely as they are so well-received here in Austin.

Matt and Kim - Silver Tiles video via YouTube

It's hard to see the above video but I was there that night and watching this always gives me the chills.

Back to predictions:

From here there are lots of possibilities so I am just going to straight-up list the artists who, I think, WILL be playing the aftershow circuit:

The XX
Portugal. The Man
The Mountain Goats
The Morning Benders
The Very Best
The Soft Pack

The Morning Benders - Excuses video via YouTube

Lastly but not leastly bands that I wish would play aftershows but almost definitely WON'T:

Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth - Sacred Trickster video via YouTube

I would put money on members of the Eagles playing secret gigs at places like Momo's or some other dad-bar but you'll have to be there already to get in...assuming you'd want to get in to hear Don Henley play a solo, acoustic set.

Don Henley - All She Wants To Do Is Dance video via YouTube

Let me know what you think in the comments but if you are just commenting to correct spelling/grammar errors I will use your IP address to come to where you are and cut you.

<3 Bloggy

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