Friday, August 19, 2011

The Calm Blue Sea, Dead Prez, Cousin Claudia

So, this weekend there are several cool events for you to check out of varying genres and locales. Last week, I told you about the free Theophilus London show at Lustre Pearl Saturday night. Then I featured the Classixx show, happening this evening at The Parish. Both of those events are for those of y'all who feel like doing some ass-shakin'. For those of you who would rather do some head-noddin', don't you worry your nod-able head. For you, I'm featuring a show with one of my favorite, local, instrumental bands, The Calm Blue Sea. Their debut, eponymous album is available now and I can assure you it is one of the best local albums of 2011. You can catch them tonight at Emo's for a mere $8 and once you're inside, you can get yourself a $2 beer. So, if you're on a budget, good ole' Emo's has your tattooed back.

The Calm Blue Sea - We Happy Few video via YouTube

If you're not down with gorgeous, sprawling, instrumental rock music at Emo's and you don't feel like getting down with the dance-sounds of Classixx at The Parish stay the fuck home for all I care! Just kidding, I still <3 you (like a friend) and as a friend I suggest you go to Red 7 to enjoy, legendary hip-hop act, Dead Prez. At the moment, tickets are still available but I would expect by the time the show starts it will be sold-out, in other words don't think you're going to be able to just pay at the door sucka!

Dead Prez - Hell Yeah video via YouTube

So, there you have it, several options to get your lazy, broke ass out the house. Oh, and even though I just featured this show, here's the ticket link for the Classixx show at the Parish JUST IN CASE.

Madonna - Luck Star Classixx remix video via YouTube

In none of this pleases you, you are one difficult person to please and that's cool, some people like a challenge (allegedly) but there is STILL another highly viable good-time to be had. The Glitoris' monthly visitor Cousin Claudia is at Elysium tonight. It will be the final Cousin Claudia event of the summer. *Sad Face* If you have not been to a Glitoris event yet, then you really need to get out more. Seriously, what's your deal?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Classixx Play the Parish

Bloggy-faithful, you know how much I love the Parish, so whenever there is a noteworthy show there I like to mark it with a digital highlighter. Consider this little post about the Classixx show to be your digital highlighter. The whole thing goes down Friday night and will be presented by those lovely folks over at Learning Secrets. If you've never been to a Learning Secrets party before then you really have no business using the word "party" also, we might have to break-up. You can get a preview of what you're in for by downloading Classixx's latest LP Into The Valley, which is available as a free download over at Green Label Sound. Chances are you've already heard one of Classixx, bad-ass remixes of songs you already love but then later realized you could love those songs more once you heard the remix. Did I mention that I can put one of the Bloggy-atti on the guestlist with +1 Friday night. Find out how below the break. For the rest of you, there are still tickets available but there aren't a whole lot left so you betta getcha some.

Classixx - Into the Valley (Julio Bashmore Remix) video via YouTube

So, you want to get on the guestlist to see Classixx at the Parish Friday night? It's pretty simple, all you have to do is post your favorite remix on the Bloggy F*c*book page. You can post a YouTube video to the wall or simply the name of the remix (include artist song and remixer). Keep in mind, it doesn't HAVE to be a Classixx remix. You have until 4pm Thursday to submit your favs a winner will be chosen at random and sent a message via F*c*book. Good luck!

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