Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Dodos at Antone's

Holy crap, why the eff isn't The Dodos' show at Antone's sold-out yet?!?! I hope you haven't slept on the latest LP, No Color from The Dodos, it's 40 minutes of pulse-quickening bliss. I've enjoyed everything they've released but this latest LP is just pure magic. They have taken the energy of their live sets and managed to commit to to "tape". The melodies are on-point as usual but it's the truly innovative interplay between the guitar and percussion that make it a marvel. In other words, Austin you better snatch up these Dodos tickets before they're gone, and if this show doesn't sell-out before the doors open tomorrow I'm going to be very disappointed in you! The tickets are only $13, which is a bargain if you ask me, and don't forget the sound at Antone's is great and their speaker stacks are suspended from the ceiling giving you better lines of site than you have at most venues.

The Dodos - Black Night video via YouTube

Starting things off tomorrow night at Antone's will be The Luyas. They have been touring with some great indie and indie-minded artists in the last year or so, including Blonde Redhead as well as, bloggy-favs, Ra Ra Riot. Make sure you arrive early enough to catch their support set because this blogger predicts it's only going to take one or two more promotional cycles before The Luyas are no longer the support act. Their album, Too Beautiful To Work has lots of gems and is, certainly, worth a listen or ten. Check out their, recent, Daytrotter session for a preview of their live set.

The Luyas - Too Beautiful To Work video via YouTube

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ACL Festival Preview: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

Maybe it's because ACL Festival is a month earlier this year than it was last year but I feel like it's really sneaking up on me. I have so many preview posts to write and only a couple of weeks to publish them. If you have been keeping up with this site then you already know I'm a fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr. Sure they have either the best or worst band name in indie-rock, depending on who you ask, but if you focus on the tunes themselves, there's nothing to complain about.

Their album is called In a Corporate World and it's out now on Warner Bros. records, making the title seem, somewhat, tongue-in-cheek. Trust me, after seeing their live-set on Emo's inside stage I can assure you these guys have their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks (so to speak). Their live performance is filled with gimmicks, which for Emo's inside seemed a bit excessive but for ACL Fest it should be perfect. They perform in NASCAR suits, they have a bubble machine, there are giant lit-up letters on the stage and then there are the great pop-tunes. If you're a fan of jangly rhythms, brain-tattooing melodies, simply harmonies and tight song structures then you should enjoy Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr - Nothing But Our Love video via YouTube

If you plan to attend ACL Fest make sure you arrive by 1pm Sunday because Dale Jr Jr is playing the Honda stage at 1:30pm. If you DON'T have tickets to the festival, you're in luck because there are STILL single-day passes available for Sunday. Sunday has a lot of great artists, including a festival-closing performance from, Album of Year winners, Arcade Fire. Maybe you've heard of them?

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr - Morning Thought video via YouTube

Also, I almost didn't mention this since it's sold-out but I didn't want you to think I didn't know that Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr are ALSO scheduled to play an official ACL aftershow at Lambert's. For those of you lucky enough to have purchased tickets, you're in for a great, intimate show in a fantastic, under-appreciated venue.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mister Heavenly Tonight

I hesitate to use the term, "supergroup" in reference to Mister Heavenly but it isn't entirely off-base. Sure, most people who are aware of mainstream, American culture have never heard of the bands, Man Man or Islands but those of us into culture in the margins have. Also, I feel like even mainstreamy people are, at least, somewhat aware of Modest Mouse and/or The Shins. Basically, what I'm getting at is, Mister Heavenly is a band, which features member of other, more famous/established bands. In their previous visits they have been joined on stage by Michael Cera on bass but I believe he has been replaced by a legit bassist. I'm not completely sure on the details in regards to the bassist but don't show up at Mohawk tonight, just because you think Michael Cera will be there, chances are he won't. You should show up for Mister Heavenly tonight though. Their debut LP, Out of Love is truly great and you can hear the whole thing for free via SubPop's YouTube channel. It reminds me of Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie with a bit more country shuffle, so maybe Hunky Dory-era Bowie as well. As of the writing of this post you can still grab tickets for tonight's show for $13 but you should know that their last Austin engagements sold-out and/or were packed to the gills.

Mister Heavenly - Bronx Sniper video via YouTube

Tonight's show at the 'Hawk takes place on the outside stage so arrive early, due to noise-ordinance issues Mister Heavenly's set will have to be done between 10:00p and 10:30p at the latest. Also, I don't want to harp on this but I was reading YouTube comments for the posted Mister Heavenly songs and there is a lot of chatter about Michael Cera. I just want to emphasize to YOU, the Bloggy-faithful, that Mr. Cera does NOT have a credit on the Mister Heavenly record, he is not an official member of the band. So, don't place your praise or blame on the band based on your feelings about/toward an actor, who really has little to nothing to do with the actual band. Try to focus on the fact that it's an indie-supergroup who made a great album and have great live chops.

Mister Heavenly - Mister Heavenly video via YouTube

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