Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scarface and Wu-Tang This Weekend

Are you a hip-hop fan? Maybe you're a suburban white kid trying to earn some street cred? Perhaps your're a hipster who doesn't like anything because it's too commercial. Wait, don't tell me, you've been a huge hip-hop fan your whole life and kids used to make fun of you for it but now it's cool. You were into Scarface while everyone else was gettin' jiggy with it? Well, regardless of your sorted past this weekend has two incredibly solid hip-hop shows and you could be in attendance if you get on board the ticket train. Friday night, you'll find Houston hip-hop legend Scarface at the Mohawk. Lots of emcees claim to be legendary but most of them are just boasting, that can not be said of Scarface. As a member of the Geto Boys, Scarface helped to put Houston hip-hop in the national spotlight with underground classics as well as urban radio jams like, Mind Playing Tricks on Me. I'm not going to go through his whole resume´ you should just trust me and get yourself some tickets before they're gone.

Scarface - On My Block video via YouTube

Then, on Saturday night over at Emo's luscious, new E. Riverside location you will find New York legends, Wu-Tang Clan. Just like Friday night's Scarface show, I'd expect this show to sell-out before doors open so be sure to grab some tickets now! If you feel like you can't afford tickets to see Wu-Tang you can try your luck at this contest, that's your call. If I even need to explain to you who Wu-Tang Clan is, or why you should care about this show then you need to turn your computer off, go to the nearest record shop and buy yourself a copy of Enter the Wu-Tang Clan - 36 Chambers RIGHT NOW!

Wu-Tang Clang - Careful video via YouTube

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cass McCombs at Stubb's

By now, you've all had a chance to peruse my ticket round-up post so this show is not news to you. However, I wanted to focus your attention on the Cass McCombs show taking place on Stubb's inside stage Saturday night. Cass has been a blog favorite for years and he's also been championed by fellow musicians for his beautiful song-craft and his deeply honest, moving live performances. I expect this show to sell-out within the next day or two so if you want to be a part of this intimate experience you should grab some tickets while they're still available.

Cass McCombs - The Same Thing video via YouTube

The above song comes from Cass McCombs' second album of 2011, Humor Risk. That's right, the second album of 2011! Did I mention that Cass is an extremely proficient songwriter? His first LP of 2011 is called, Wit's End and like Humor Risk is has some of the best songwriting in recent years. The thing that is most interesting to me about the two albums is how they are so different from one another. Wit's End has a more intimate feel, with a more classic singer-songwriter sound, while Humor Risk delves deeper into a true rock sound. They both sound like they are from the same artist but they just explore different sides of Cass' sound. With 6 LPs to cull tracks from, Saturday's live set at Stubb's could last two hours and be sourced from almost a decades worth of material.

Cass McCombs - County Line video via YouTube

Did I mention you should probably get some tickets quickly? The inside room at Stubb's doesn't fit very many people.

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