Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ume Comes Home to The Mohawk

Austin power-trio Ume are back! They've been signed to, local label, Modern Outsider and they have a new album coming out (on translucent, pink vinyl) on Aug. 30th called Phantoms. I have not heard the new album yet but I have it on good authority that the mastering is complete and the album completely shreds. You can hear lots of new songs from Ume Friday night at the Mohawk where they'll be supporting a little band called, Mission of Burma. In the meantime, feel free to head on over to the Modern Outsider Soundcloud page to hear Ume's latest single, Captive. At the moment tickets for Friday night's show are still available but that won't last very long so you better grab one if you want to be there.

Ume - Octopus Hands video via YouTube

What do I really need to say about legendary, Boston post-punk band Mission of Burma? I feel like all you really need to know was in the last sentence. At this point they have influenced an entire generation of bands and they helped to make Matador Records a label that people care about. The band did release an album in 2009 but I would consider their stop at the Mohawk to be more of a reunion-type gig. I'm sure they'll play some of their new stuff but I'd expect it to be more of a "greatest hits" setlist. Of course, this is all just conjecture at this point, only time will tell what they really play.

Mission of Burma - 1,2,3, Partyy video via YouTube

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eels Play Stubb's Tonight

Wow, I almost completely forgot that eels are playing Stubb's tonight. Lucky for all of us tickets are still available. I love eels but I haven't spent much time with the TWO albums that, E released last year. In fact I didn't even really realize there were TWO until just this moment. I remember End Times coming out early in the year but I didn't realize that another album came out in the fall, called Tomorrow Morning. Add those to the 2009 album, Hombre Lobo and you've got some pretty prolific writing as of late. I haven't even mentioned the Trilogy EP, which you can download for free, in exchange for your email address:

I have never seen eels perform live so I wouldn't really know what to expect. Will Novacaine For the Soul be the encore song? Or is that pretty much a different band at this point? I know I was a different person when that song was a hit, how about you?

eels - Baby Loves Me video via YouTube

Los Angeles indie-popsters, The Submarines will be playing the support slot for eels tonight. Their latest LP, Love Notes/Letter Bombs came out this spring and is the third full-length from the band. It might be the most immediately accessible release to date. They're not re-inventing the wheel here people, they are just writing some catchy, sugary-sweet indie-pop gems. I fear their music might be a sharp contrast to the often darker themes of eels but perhaps that is the intent?

The Submarines - Fire video via YouTube

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Wooden Birds play The Mohawk

Well folks, The Wooden Birds are winding down their tour but they're making a stop at, the much-lauded, Mohawk before things are over. You can still get yourself some tickets for the quality price of $10-$12. The latest album from The Wooden Birds is out now on Barsuk Records, it's called Two Matchsticks and features members of Broken Social Scene, as well as Matt Pond PA. Did you know the band's frontman, Andrew Kenny, actually has a residence here in Austin? I'm not sure if he truly lives here all the time but it kind of makes sense why the tour would wind-down in your hometown right?

The Wooden Birds - Two Matchsticks video via YouTube

Local band, ((sounder)) will be opening for The Wooden Birds tomorrow night. For those of you who don't know, {{sounder}} is the music project of visual artist, video director and musician Mike Aho. Aho has done videos for Bonnie Prince Billy and is also known for a project he calls The Internet Shack for Thrasher Magazine. Yes, I learned all of this from the {{sounder}} MySpace page, which crashed my computer. A note to bands, please use a combination of Bandcamp and Wikipedia, thank you.

{{sounder]] - A War On The Coffee Table video via YouTube

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