Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bands That Require Blogging

I feel like it might be almost passé to continue telling people about shows involving Harlem and White Denim. However, they are playing together tomorrow night at Antone's, it's a $15 ticket, just sayin'. I also wanted to mention, firstly, I've only been to Antone's once. I had a great experience, I saw Hot Chip, I liked the venue etc. but I did not notice an "upstairs" when I was there before. Apparently, there is an upstairs, and it's "VIP". But, the only thing you need to make you "important" is $50 because they sell tickets for up there at a separate price tier. I'm not judging, I'm simply intrigued and pointing out facts. If that area has it's own bar and bathroom then it might be worth it, or you know, if you want to achieve "baller-status" in the eyes of some _____ you wanna _______ and forget about.

White Denim - I Start to Run video via YouTube

I heard from one of the dudes at End of an Ear that one of the dudes from White Denim wasn't very happy with the mixing of their latest realease on FullTime Hobby Records, Fits. I'm not happy that I still can't buy Fits at End of an Ear. However, I must admit the sound on that YouTube video was outrageously flat/vacuous. That could be YouTube's fault too, or mine? Maybe my ears hear flat/vacuous? In any case, White Denim is all about leaving it all on stage and just being ridiculously tight and energetic. I like how they've gone from garage-punk/surf/pop into a more Captain Beefheart/Love/Psychedelic-Prog-70's thing. Oh, and for the record, the official U.S. release date for Fits is now October 20th. So, that's when I expect to find it at EofanE.

White Denim - Fits Album Teaser video via YouTube

You may also have noticed that White Denim is playing Antones and the Parish these days as opposed to the Mohawk. Probably has something to do with their former deal with Transmission Entertainment. Like, the fact that the deal is former. They are also, somewhat conspicuously, absent from the FunFunFun Fest line-up. Has Austin turned on White Denim? Bum bum bum... Oh snap! They're playing the Mohawk on Oct. 24th. Maybe there is not bad blood. But maybe there is! Bum bum bum...

The last time I saw Harlem was actually on the cover of Busted in Austin magazine at my local convenience store. Well, it wasn't the whole band, just 33.33% of it. It was for a drunk and disorderly, which if you've ever seen the band perform live, should come as no surprise. I always wondered if their drunk thing was a schtick or legitimate now I'm convinced it's performance art. Obviously.

Harlem - Someday Soon video via YouTube

You know who won't be, somewhat conspicuously, absent from FFFFest? Vega. You know who likes Vega? Bloggy.

Vega - Kyoto Gardens video via YouTube

You be may thinking, "Hey, that Vega song has similarities to a song I have heard by an artist by the name of Neon Indian". How very astute of you, dear reader, both names refer to projects by, Texas native, Alan Palomo. Wouldn't you know it, BOTH acts with be playing FFF. But will Mr. Palomo be getting two rider contracts? Maybe Transmission doesn't know it's the same guy? Don't worry A. Palomo if they ask I'll just point out all of the other factual inaccuracies in my blogging and say I was lying. Shhhhh.

Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer video via YouTube

Now, if you're thinking, "Vega and Neon Indian share sonic qualities with songs I've heard from Ghost Hustler." Well, then you're probably just being a smarmy know-it-all and no one's interested. We're all full up here. Thanks.

Ghosthustler - Parking Lot Nights video via YouTube

Not to be confused with Ghostland Observatory.

Ghostland Observatory - Silver City video via YouTube

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