Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SXSW 2013 Preview: Diana

Imagine Sade's backing band at their funkiest. Now, instead of a voice like Sade's imagine a voice more like Pat Benatar's or Susanna Hoffs'. Ok, well that's sort of what Diana sounds like. Are you with me?

As of right now only a few songs from Diana have been released but you can hear those songs with lots of remixes of those songs over on the band's SoundCloud page. This means, if you see them at SXSW you'll probably be hearing a lot of their music for the first time. I, for one, am a big fan of this music experience. If you prefer a singalong music atmosphere, I'm sure there's some crusty, old music person trying to earn some alimony money somewhere close-by.

Diana - Born Again video via YouTube

Is it possible Diana is the only band to only play official SXSW showcases, while they're in Austin? Yes. Is it probable? Not really. However, I combed the usual places and there were no unofficial showcases revealed. On the bright-side, you could PROBABLY buy your way until either of the official showcases listed and you'd be getting your money's worth. Both line-ups are very solid and feature other bands I'm highlighting in this series.

  • Wednesday, March 13th - Empire Control Room - 11pm *OFFICIAL*
  • Thursday, March 14th - Red 7 - 10:40pm *OFFICIAL*

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