Saturday, May 15, 2010

Green Steam Circus Tonight

Remember that venue The Backyard and how they built a strip mall around it and they ended up getting squeezed out even though they were there first? Well guess what? There's a NEW The Backyard and according to their website it's only 3 songs from downtown Austin. Unfortunately due to road congestion it may take you a couple of albums to get home. Believe me the trip out to Bee Cave is worth it. Or is it Bee Caves? I can never get it correct.

If you feel like checking out that new venue, tonight is be the night to go. The Green Steam Circus is rolling through town tonight! Check out the full spectrum of what this party is all about with this handy-dandy widget.

The free sampler, which the widget refers to features an album's worth of free music from the artists who will be showcasing at the Circus tonight including: a Bassbin Twins' mix set and a never-released remix by Klever as well as favorites by White Ghost Shivers, Lions, Abney Park, and Los Banditos.

White Ghost Shivers - Mama Said video via YouTube

The idea of being able to park at the Backyard is so exciting the fact that there is a cool event as well is just a bonus. The last time I went there was in 2007 and my car got effed up and then I almost fell on the journey back to my car but that's probably 'cause I was drunk. Of course I was the passenger, Bloggy does not promote, condone, or accept drinking and driving. Also, bring some MF earplugs y'all chances are they have a new soundsystem they'll want to show-off. I know I would.

Also, how cool is it that these party runs the spectrum from White Ghost Shivers to the Bassbin Twins?

Bassbin Twins - Woppa video via YouTube

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth: LP + Tour

My favorite local, doom-rock outfit, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth has a new album coming out in June. Lucky for us, we can buy Peaced about a month earlier than our European counterparts for we live in Austin, or at least I do, I don't really know where you're sitting. Anyway, here in Austin, at Beerland, tomorrow night the Lil Dinos will be kicking off their tour. In celebration we'll get some beer (when in Beerland, do as the Beerlandites) and we'll pick up their newest album so we can rub it in people's faces. Oh how we will laugh and gloat.

By the way, if tomorrow night is your first time seeing When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth BRING EARPLUGS!!! Seriously, you are not too cool to hear things in the future and trust me, in the grand tradition of Spinal Tap their gear will ALL be on 11. Also, without earplugs the sound will wash out, which is sort of part of the effect but it's nice to hear notes. Here's a VERY dark video I shot of the Lil Dinos at Red 7 during Free Week. Incidentally, this song is on the new album.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - Selected for Jerry Duty video via YouTube

I also wanted to mention that those of you who are already familiar with When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth may not have realized that they are no longer the huge sprawling collective they once were. They have focused their sound and their roster. This updated press photo should give you all of the relevant info.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sleigh Bells Is Upon Us

Well kiddos, you can't paw through the booklet or smell the vinyl sleeve YET but you can officially own your own digital copy of Sleigh Bells LP, Treats. They were one of my bands to watch during the SXSW 2010 preview and watch them I did. Even with only a 3 (possibly 4) song set Sleigh Bells brought the house down at the I Am Sound Records party. I shot the first two songs they played with the BloggyCam from on stage, if you look closely at the beginning of the video for Treats you can see that Alexis is about a foot away from me. That was also the show where I met the Peen Scene *le sigh* I love them.

Sleigh Bells - Treats video via YouTube

The blessing and the curse of shooting bands at SXSW is they are usually showcasing new material so you have to wait for the full album. Turns out the songs I shot are the opening and closing tracks of the LP. The self-titled track above the break is the album's closer and this next one is what opens the album. Kind of worked out perfectly, didn't it? Judging by the view count someone somewhere has found this video and they're sharing it.

Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em video via YouTube

What do you think? Are all of us indie-snob, blog-nerds crazy for liking this? Or are you down with the visceral, futuristic sounds of Sleigh Bells?

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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Album Leaf AND Sea Wolf?!

The Parish is the perfect venue to hear the Album Leaf perform in Austin; I'm glad that booking happened. End of post.

Just kidding...obviously. My favorite way to discover a band is to hear them live and then find out who that was later. Way back in the historic early aughts, many, many blog years ago, there was a band from Iceland called Sigur Ros. These Icelandic lads made their way across the great Atlantic Ocean bringing chilly songs that make Bloggy cry (in a good way). Well, guess who their opening act was on their first East Coast tour? That's right it was the Album Leaf. When their set started, the entire venue went completely silently for almost 40 minutes before exploding into applause. Many fans were won that night. Will you be the next?

Tomorrow night at the Parish let's get a beer and maybe cry a little (hopefully in a good way), maybe dance a little (in an awkward way) but let's try to STFU while the band is on ok? Tickets are still obtainable, don't abstain from purchasing them.

the Album Leaf - Always For You video via YouTube

In a way, tomorrow night's bill at the Parish is a split-headliners bill. Sea Wolf aren't an opening band, their an experience you shouldn't miss. At the core of their sound you'll find quality songwriting, built around that, could be any number of sounds, textures, musicians, or space. You can always expect some beautiful, well-crafted tunes and memorable melodies, you'll be humming on the way home when Sea Wolf plays your town.

Sea Wolf - Wicked Blood video via YouTube

By the way, since I mentioned Sigur Ros above the break I should mention that it would have been nice to see Jónsi while he was in the U.S. He played Terminal 5, in New York, on Friday and reading people's tweets was giving me withdrawals. Is Texas too hot for Jónsi?

Jónsi - Grow Till Tall video via YouTube

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