Friday, November 16, 2012

F1 and F-all

Alright, so you pretty much couldn't pay me to go downtown this weekend, which is unfortunate because there are several bands performing whom I would like to see. I'm writing this for those of you, who are braver than I and are willing to battle thousands of middle-aged Europeans set lose in our city for the greater good of rock 'n roll. Let's start with this evening shall we?

Tonight my top recommendation is Bad Veins at Stubb's. You should know that I'm a big fan/supporter of Bad Veins and their melodic indie-power-pop sounds. Tickets are only $12 or you can just pay your money at the door. The gentlemen of Bad Veins did a live session at our very own KUT, which you can listen to here.

Bad Veins - Dancing on TV video via YouTube

My number two recommendation for this evening is the psychedelic show over at Holy Mountain. If you're a fan of Psych Fest then you're going to be a fan of tonight's Young Prisms/Holy Wave show. Tickets for this show are only $8 and I'd expect you could just show up and pay this cover at the door as well.

There's also some Formula 1-related shows but fuck that shit, let's pretend it's not happening. Speaking of Formula-1 shit, if you want to avoid downtown altogether there are a couple of big-name shows happening over on East Riverside. Not only is Paul Oakenfold still touring, he's playing Emo's tonight. If you're looking to avoid Europeans, this probably isn't your best bet but if you're looking to score some fake-Molly HOLLA! It's going to cost you $30 to get into Emo's tonight but in all seriousness Paul Oakenfold is a world-class DJ so, it's going to be bangin'.

Right next to the Paul Oakenfold show Naughty By Nature better be playing a greatest hits set at Beauty Ballroom. So, put your hands in the air and get down with O.P.P. and all of that away from the madness of downtown and with far fewer Europeans. There are different ticketing packages available for this show so you might want to check that out depending on how hard you ball.

Tomorrow night there are plenty of good shows happening but I only want to talk about the Tamaryn show at Red 7. If you go downtown and you attend any other show tomorrow night then we aren't friends anymore and I'm returning your X-Mas (get the Christ out of Christmas) presents! Tamaryn's latest record Tender New Signs is out now on Mexican Summer and it's female-lead-psychedelic-shoegaze perfection. Dan, from End of an Ear, and I were talking and we agreed that anything that sounds even vaguely like Mazzy Star automatically wins our hearts. Saturday night's Tamaryn show will be on Red 7's inside stage and it could be your last chance to see them in such an intimate space so get your tickets now!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Contest: Jens Lekman

That adorable Swede, Jens Lekman will be back in Austin tomorrow night. He'll be performing on the Mohawk's outside stage in support of his latest record, I Know What Love Isn't. Jens is an International indie-pop troubadour and his songs are sure to delight although if you listen very closely you might also get a bit melancholy. In other words, he is the perfect songwriter. I have the opportunity to get one of you on the guest list with a +1 for tomorrow night's show but the rest of you can still buy tickets. All you have to do to win is email contest[at]austinbloggylimits[dot]com with "Jens" in the subject and your name in the body. I'll pick one name tomorrow afternoon. This is an early show so plan accordingly.

Jens Lekman - I Know What Love Isn't video via YouTube

Taken By Trees play the support slot tomorrow night so arrive early. Bring yourself, and a scarf because Jens & Co. have brought a little taste of Sweden with this recent cold-snap.

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