Friday, September 7, 2012

What Are YOU Doing Tonight?

It's Friday, which means it's time to shake the work-week off with some really loud live music and some really cheap beer. Per usual there are a lot of options for you to consider. My number one recommendation for this evening is Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti at the Mohawk. It will be the perfect opportunity for you to play hipster-bingo (jorts are the free space.) Also, Ariel Pink's latest record Mature Themes is pretty damn good and for the cost of an $18 ticket they put on a great show.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitt - Only in My Dreams video via YouTube

A bit later and a bit closer to dirty 6th, you can find Tennessee noise-troubadour Pujol at Stubb's inside stage. He's promoting his latest LP, United States of Being, which carries the torch for Nashville's lo-fi, garage-rock revival scene. Tickets for Pujol are only $8 and this is the perfect opportunity for those of you who are inspired to pull their fingernails out with pliers when you hear Ariel Pink. Pujol is ACTUAL ROCK MUSIC and he/they will inspire you to start your own band and drop out of school. Sorry Mom!

Still haven't found your musical niche? Don't fret Johnny, Red 7 is hosting Iceberg-rockers The Album Leaf. The first time I saw The Album Leaf they were supporting Sigur Rós at one of their first U.S. shows. It was the perfect pairing. Tonight The Album Leaf are supporting Tycho, whose latest release Dive has been receiving lots of critical praise. Tycho tours with a fully-immersive visual set-up too so if you're looking to get psychedelic Red 7 is the place for you. Also, they have Strongbow ON DRAFT! Tickets for Tycho with The Album Leaf are a mere $12, so more expensive than Pujol but cheaper than Ariel Pink.

You could also go full-on psychedelic starting in the late afternoon just north of UT. 29th St. Ballroom is hosting the Psychedelic Light and Sound Festival and you're all invited! There are a bunch of bands on a bunch of stages so, I'm just going to be lazy and link to it rather than listing them all here.

Perhaps you'd rather hang out with a more "grown-up" crowd and avoid the whole Red River/6th Street scene altogether. You're in the mood for an $8 Bud Light? Perhaps, you'd like to pre-game at a Wine Bar that sells gourmet pizza and has valet parking. Don't front, I got you on that too. Dead Can Dance are playing ACL Live tonight and you can still snag yourself a $40-$120 ticket.

Locavores, I haven't forgotten you either. I know that as an Austin music blogger I'm not supposed to blog about Austin musicians, which is why I'll mention The Black and White Years show at the Parish (they're actually from Dallas.) They'll be sharing the bill with Waldo & the Naturals as well as The Baker Family, Shakey Graves and The Dalles. Tickets are only $7 and proceeds will benefit your local music scene. The downside is you'll have to battle dirty 6th on a Friday night.

So, there you are several acceptable things to do with your time and money on this fine Friday evening. Stay safe out there kids!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thursday Night Happenings

There is a lot going on in Austin tomorrow night and I expected a lot of those events to be sold-out by now. You're in luck though, because they're not! Now, you just have to decide what you do and don't want to see. Price point could be an issue here as the events available vary greatly in their cost.

I fully expected tonight's Yeasayer show at Stubb's to be sold-out but alas there are still some tickets available. This show will set you back $25 but you also get to see Daedalus as well as an after-show inside featuring The Sour Notes.

Yeasayer - Longevity video via YouTube

Maybe you think Yeasayer is over, or you don't love paying $8 for domestic lite beers while sorority girls take pictures of themselves and talk loudly through a set. Well, don't worry there are more events for you to enjoy! Akron/Family return to Austin to play Red 7 with Smoke and Feathers. This show promises to have cheaper drinks fewer sorority girls but probably equal parts talking. Also, if you're a hipster-hater then this isn't the show for you. Oh, if you're a hipster-hater you should probably just move and/or shut up and get over yourself. Tickets for the Akron/Family show will only set you back $12.

Perhaps psychedelic noise isn't your thing, AND you think Yeasayer is sooo 2010 well, first of all you're a dick, secondly there is still an acceptable option for you! Those, I don't get it, internet-"sensations" Turquoise Jeep play the Mohawk with Neiliyo. Tickets for Turquoise Jeep are also $12 and people love them so, it wouldn't surprise me if this show sold-out.

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