Friday, August 5, 2011

Avi Buffalo at Stubb's

As a loyal reader of this website, I'm sure you already know my love for, Los Angeles band, Avi Buffalo they have been a band to look out for at SXSW (possibly more than once) and I try to give you the heads-up every time they come through Austin. Well guess what? Avi Buffalo will be in town tomorrow. They're playing Stubb's inside stage tomorrow night and you can still get tickets. Their latest release How Come? picks up right where their eponymous debut left off and is intended to tide us all over until the next full-length album is released. If you haven't heard Avi Buffalo's self-titled debut yet, then you're really missing out and you clearly haven't been taking my suggestions in the past. I feel like I've posted the official video for What's In It For a hundred billion times already. It's with that thought in mind that I reluctantly post this unofficial video featuring How Come?.

Avi Buffalo - How Come? video via YouTube

Fellow Los Angeles-based artists, Nik Freitas will be playing the support slot for Avi Buffalo. It should be a really good match both musically and geographically. Nik is touring behind his new LP, Saturday Night Underwater, check out the album's single below.

Nik Freitas - Center of the World video via YouTube

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Woods play the Mohawk

So, tomorrow is Friday night, which means you have to find something socially-approveable to do with your time. I know, it's a lot of pressure, we live in a very judge-y society and that's wrong but it's a fact that we have to live with. Chances are, if you're reading this, you live in Austin so you're gonna wax your handlebar mustache, throw on some jorts and a Goodwill T-shirt hop on your fixie and pedal on down to the Mohawk. You're going to do all of this because psychedelic, lo-fi, Brooklyn band, Woods is headlining the outside stage. Being from Brooklyn, they WILL out hipster you, so don't challenge them to a hipster off. They like bands who only perform in people's living rooms and they drink the fairest of trade, organically-roasted coffees. They prefer Pabst to Lone Star and they have been cultivating their handlebar mustaches WAY longer. Also, anything you like, they liked first and now they hate it and you're lame.

Grab your tickets for tomorrow night's show at the 'Hawk here. Also,feel free to check out Woods latest LP, out now on Woodsist.

Woods - Pushing Onlys video via YouTube

In addition to being the oldest East Los Angeles gang, White Fence is the name of a band who you will see performing before Woods takes the stage tomorrow night. The band features Tim Presley of The Strange Boys fame and their latest LP Is Growing Faith is also out now on Woodsist. Expect some woozy, late-60's-style garage-psychedelia. Were there enough hyphens in that description?

White Fence - Get That Heart video via YouTube

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Planning Ahead: Get Your Tickets NOW!

I've been getting a lot of positive feedback from real life, face-to-face humans about my posts in which I put loads of ticket links to shows in the near and distant future. So, I'm going to try to do it every month or so. I'm not going back to the posts I did previously, so there may be repetition but I figure that's an advantage. Also, I'm not giving loads of details just who and where, the when you can figure out when you click the link. Most of these will be below the break but the format is pretty simple, click the who to go to the ticket link for that show. The where will send you to the venue's website. My resources for this list are the following websites: Transmission Entertainment, Emo's ticketing, C3 Presents ticketing, Ticketfly and POSSIBLY Frank Erwin Center. There are also shows at the Cedar Park Events Center but Ticketmaster can lick my balls I will NOT promote their shows.

So, let's start with FunFunFun Fest, the line-up was revealed this week and tickets will sell-out fast! Speaking of sold-out festivals, you can still get 1-day passes for the Sunday of ACL Festival too!

M83 - Teen Angst video via YouTube

It should be noted that all links open in a new window (or tab) so, you can feel free to click at will at not lose this page. Find mad linkage after the break...

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Arctic Monkeys w/Young Buffalo

Well folks, I warned you that tonight's Arctic Monkeys show with Young Buffalo at Stubb's would sell-out and alas it did. Since you can no longer purchase tickets, I'll keep this post brief. I just want to remind you to get there early enough to catch, support act, Young Buffalo. Their, recently released EP, Young Von Prettylips is dynamic, interesting and at less than 20 minutes easy to digest. You can buy the EP here or just look for it at the show tonight if you have tickets to get in.

Young Buffalo - Catapilah video via YouTube

Like I said above, I'm keeping this brief, since I already wrote about this show and these bands. Good luck finding good parking tonight and don't forget drinks at Stubb's are hella-expensive so hit Side Bar before you arrive. Also, DON'T SUPPORT THE SCALPER ECONOMY! If you MUST buy a scalped ticket, wait for the show to start and pay less than face-value. It's really the only way to go.

Arctic Monkeys - Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair video via YouTube

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Monday, August 1, 2011

FunFunFun Fest 2011 Full Line-Up Revealed

I'm sure by the time this posts you have all been made fully-aware of the full line-up for FunFunFun Fest 2011. However, perhaps those other blogs and twitter-feeds didn't have videos from the artists included? First off, let's review who we already know is playing, then I'll have all the rest below the break.

  • M83

  • Brian Posehn

  • Odd Future

  • Okkervil River

  • X

  • Murder City Devils

  • Tune-Yards

  • Ra Ra Riot

  • Flying Lotus

  • Reggie Watts

  • Kid Dynamite

tUnE-yArDs - Bizness video via YouTube

Ok, and here is the rest of the line-up as revealed in a room:

There you have it kiddos, the line-up for the first EVER FunFunFun Fest at Auditorium Shores. Are you as excited as I am?

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