Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BLK JKS, Robots, Throw Me the Statue and Secrets

Damn y'all BLK JKS album is finally out! I saw this, South African, band at SXSW 2 years ago. I had never even heard of them at that point and they made me pay attention. That's saying alot considering there's free booze and a hundred million bands trying to get your attention for a week or two. Their new album is called After Robots and is here in the states via Secretly Canadian. BLK JKS sound is Mbaquanga-influence classic-rock. That's so obvious right? Think Deep Purple X Dirty Projectors ÷ Vampire WeekendBLK JKS. I like indie-rock math, which is strange because I hate actual math or at least the doing there of, if ya know what I mean. But I digress.

Free Mp3 courtesy of Secretly Canadian

Free Mp3---> BLK JKS - Molalatiladi

BLK JKS - Summertime video via YouTube

I have a further point,
below the break,
regarding an upcoming rock show,
which is not BLK JKS
however it is

This post was supposed to be about Throw Me the Statue coming to town but when I got to the Secretly Canadian page I just swept up in BLK JKS fever for a moment. Back to the matter at hand. Throw Me the Statue is a different brand of indie but it's still a brand, which interests me. They'll be rocking the Mohawk Friday late night, inside. That's a small space y'all so if you want to get in on this action you better squat your spot early, or at least be satisfied with listening from inside the same room. That can be good too, that way you can watch the crowd and spot d-bags while having a drink, sweating it out and listening to some pleasantly jangly rock tunes.

Free Mp3's from Throw Me the Statues' latest LP Creaturesque courtesy of Secretly Jag, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Throw Me the Statue - Ancestors

Free Mp3 ---> Throw Me the Statue - Hi-Fi Goon

Throw Me the Statue - Lolita video via YouTube

Oh, and tickets will set you back $8, which includes the Brunettes and Nurses plus d-bag spotting for no extra charge! I'll take show line-ups that could form complete sentences for $500 Alex.

Throw Me the Statue @ the 'Hawk

Throw Me the Statue - Yucatan Gold video via YouTube

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