Friday, July 3, 2009

Explosions in the Sky @ Stubb's

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, which means Lee Greenwood is getting a lot of airplay this weekend. It also means that Austin heroes, Explosions in the Sky return home, to Stubb's tomorrow night. This show has been sold-out for quite some time, but I'm still going to try to weasel my way in via Twitter like I did for the Animal Collective show. I have saved a search for "Explosions in the Sky" on Tweetdeck and all the posts have been raving reviews from the shows Explosions have already played this week. There is liberal use of the word "epic" when referring to Explosions but I guess with the name Explosions in the Sky it better be epic damn it.

Explosions in the Sky - A Song For Our Fathers video via YouTube

Free Mp3's courtesty of Temporary Residence Limited, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Explosions in the Sky - Welcome, Ghosts

Free Mp3 ---> Explosions in the Sky - Look Into the Air

Free Mp3 ---> Explosions in the Sky - Memorial

Free Mp3 ---> Explosions in the Sky - A Poor Man's Memory

One of the reasons this Explosions show sold-out it because they effing kick ass in concert. The other reason is the Octopus Project are the opening act, how sick is that? It's like Austin's best wordless bands are playing together, hopefully while fireworks explode percussively over-head. That part, we'll just have to wait and see. The only down side I can see in all of this is that you will have to go downtown on a major holiday, which is NEVER a good idea IMHO. My advice if you CAN catch this show at Stubb's then you def should because the Octopus Project are about to go on tour and Explosions in the Sky are winding down their tour so you won't get a chance to catch these bands in Austin again anytime soon.

the Octopus Project - Wet Gold video via YouTube

Hang on, did I hear singing in that song?!?! I guess the Octopus Project are going to let us hear their beautiful voices on a new song or two. Now it's not a wordless concert anymore, but it's still damn near close.

Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine video via YouTube

I have been living with this Octopus Project song for so long that seeing the video makes me feel nostalgic. It's their "First Big Single" so if you're not familiar you should be.

the Octopus Project - Music is Happiness video via YouTube

Of course, I have to mention the Friday Night Lights connection for the one person reading this who doesn't already know. Explosions in the Sky do all of the music/score for Friday Night Lights the TV show and movie and book if you have an iPod.

Explosions in the Sky - Friday Night Lights Trailer video via YouTube

One last one I really like this song and the video was fairly clever/interesting.

Explosions in the Sky - Birth and Death of the Day video via YouTube

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Must <3 the Club Deville

Looks like Club Deville has a string of good, local acts playing tonight and tomorrow. Tonight I plan on heading downtown (*fingers crossed* for good parking) to catch Woven Bones with Harlem. I'm never sure about the door charge I wish they would post that somewhere but I would guestimate it to be a $5 cover. Although sometimes, I've noticed venues getting sneaky with the $6 cover so you end up with more ones presumably for tipping. *shrug*

Woven Bones - Live @ Emo's video via YouTube

Then tomorrow night, Club Deville is hosting CD release parties for two, count them, two bands at once!

'Til We're Blue or Destroy - Giving Up on the High Side video via YouTube

'Til We're Blue or Destroy is one of the bands with a new CD. Is it me or have they gotten a little weirder since 2007? But then again, haven't we all gotten a little weirder in the past two year? No? Fine then. But check out 'Til We're Blue or Destroy from way back in '07...seems like a distant memory.

'Til We're Blue or Destroy - Don't Ever Let the Bastard Win video via YouTube

New Roman Times is the other band sharing their CD release party tomorrow night. I hope there's cupcakes, it's not really a "party" without them, it's just another damn show.

New Roman Time - Reversion Therapy video via YouTube

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Patrick Wolf & Fever Ray/M83 tangent!

So, Patrick Wolf plays Antone's tomorrow night in support of his latest release the Bachelor. I have been a fan of Patrick Wolf for a while now but I didn't realize what he was doing with this new album. Apparently he was once signed to GiantFacelessMusicCorp. Record Label Machine and got dropped. So, to fund the Bachelor and its up-coming companion The Conqueror, Wolf took to a site I had never heard of called Band Stock where fans purchase shares in an artist and become investors in an album/tour/whatever. How crazy is that? I didn't really peruse the site too much yet, so, I'm not sure if there are any other "well-known" artists using this method but it seems to make sense to me. I'd invest in _________ or The _________s to hear their new material.

Just for the record, I'm really not sure how I feel about this video/how this video makes me feel:

Patrick Wolf - Vultures video via YouTube

At the time this post was written, you could still get tickets to see Patrick Wolf at Antone's for a mere $15. You also get to see Living Things and Plastiscines. Hell, if you get there early enough you can even see Jaguar Love! Not to be confused with Radar Love or JagJaguwar

Patrick Wolf - Hard Times video via YouTube

I feel like an American-born singer-songwriter could never get away with music like this. I don't know why that is but I believe it to be true. There are just certain sounds that are inherently European and P. Wolf def sounds Euro to me. That's not a bad thing, M83 sounds Euro and I love them THIIIIIIS much.

M83 - We Own the Sky video via YouTube

While, I'm on a tangent here, have y'all heard Fever Ray? I first heard this on Sirius XMU and thought damn, this sound like something new from the Knife! Turns out I was sort of right, Fever Ray is one half of the Knife.

Fever Ray - Triangle Walks video via YouTube

I know this is one of the songs that EVERYONE knows by the Knife but it's so effing cool! I'm posting it anyway damn it!

the Knife - Silent Shout video via YouTube

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