Friday, April 13, 2012

School of Seven Bells at the Mohawk

Real Estate and Keep Shelly in Athens with Jonquil on Wednesday, Terry Malts last night and School of Seven Bells tonight. The folks over at the Mohawk are on a roll and I haven't even mentioned tomorrow night's Cursive/Cymbals Eat Guitars show yet!

Let's focus on tonight though, School of Seven Bells are bringing their 80's power pop assault to the Mohawk's outside stage. Their latest release is called, Ghostory and it picks up right where the band left off with . Blending keyboards, guitar noise and other-worldly female vocals all pushed by a driving rhythm section. If you didn't have plans tonight, then consider them made. Grab a ticket park north of the Mohawk on Red River and make a night of it. By the way, tickets are only $12 so, if you're interested in this show I'd buy them now. At that price I expect the show to be sold-out by the time the doors open this evening.

School of Seven Bells - Lafaye video via YouTube

Playing the support slot for tonight's School of Seven Bells show will be Exitmusic. Expect them to start around 9p and School of Seven Bells to go on around 10p or 10:15p.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: Real Estate

I'm not exactly sure when it happened. For all I know, it's always been true but New Jersey's own, Real Estate have become one of the best live bands in indie-rock today. I knew their latest LP, Days was really great but to hear the band perform live was one of the most impressive sets I've seen in a long time. Last night at the Mohawk, Real Estate proved that they have serious musical-chops. Their sound may be chill but it takes some serious precision. They way the guitar lines inter-weave and the rhythm is always so perfectly in the pocket takes skill. If some shitty garage band tried to cover a song like, Easy it could turn into a complete mess in a hurry. This was not the case last night. Whoever was running the soundboard deserves a rock 'n roll Emmy because the mix was superb. The vocals were audible without being too far up front. The bass was present without being overwhelming and the crack of the snare drum was pure perfection.

Real Estate - Out of Tune video via YouTube

Real Estate played a blend of older songs with most of the new album as well. They sounded well-rehearsed and you could hear that they have been on the road with these songs steadily for several months. The crowd was attentive, even the people talking through the set were MOSTLY talking about the show itself, which is a sign of a good performance. The band did comment on the crowd's lack of movement. I'm not sure if they are used to people doing the pony or what but I, for one, was completely rapt and simply paying attention. One of my favorite moments of the show was the breakdown for their song, Out of Tune which continues to get slower. I noticed that when they play at about one quarter the speed that they usually play, Real Estate starts to sound like Pink Floyd.

Real Estate are still on tour so, if you're reading this from somewhere other than Austin be sure to click that tour link and see them in your nearest metro-region.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Terry Malts at the Mohawk

In spite of what their latest album title might lead you to believe, Terry Malts is not simply killing time. The band has described their sound as "Chainsaw Pop" and I can't say that I disagree. These are songs that never reach the 3 minute mark, short bursts of intense energy with three chords and loads of heart. Killing Time is about love, neuroses and fun. Tomorrow night's show from Terry Malts at the Mohawk promises to be loud, fast and fun. tickets for tomorrow night's show are only $8 and Terry Malts will be playing the inside stage.

Terry Malts - I Do video via YouTube

Austin's own, One Hundred Flowers and Rayon Beach will be playing before Terry Malts tomorrow night starting at 10pm. I don't know the set times for sure but you can probably expect Terry Malts to go on around midnight. Like I said though, none of their songs even reach the 3 minute mark on record so I'd expect their headlining set to only last about a half hour. See you there!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Real Estate at the Mohawk

This morning I told you about the return of Keep Shelly in Athens well now I want you to focus on the Mohawk's outside stage. Before Keep Shelly take to the inside stage you can see Real Estate under the stars at the Mohawk. For those of you who have to work early on Thursday, this is the show for you. Since it's on the outside stage you should be comfortably in bed around 11pm, which is more than enough time to sleep off all of that Whiskey and Lone Star you drank...or will drink...I've lost track of my tenses in this hypothetical. Regardless, it hasn't been all that long since Real Estate last passed through Austin. That show sold-out, as of this moment you can still buy tickets to THIS Real Estate show.

Real Estate - Easy video via YouTube

If you haven't listened to Real Estate's 2011 release Days then you are missing out on loads of sunny, feel-good vibes. It's the kind of music that makes you want to quit your job, break your lease and drive across the country with your windows down. The band hails from New Jersey, which might explain the escapist vibe I get from the record or maybe it reminds me of road-trips of my youth. You might appreciate the reverb-soaked vocals, the guitar interplay and the in-the-pocket rhythm section. If not, hey it's cool, we don't have to be friends anymore. The tickets for tomorrow night's show are only $13 and I'd expect the band will have vinyl at the merch booth so plan accordingly. Also, don't think you can make a last minute decision and just pay the cover at the door, the show will be sold-out by then homeslice.

Real Estate - It's Real video via YouTube

Both Real Estate and Keep Shelly in Athens are on their way to Coachella, I hope they become friends at the Mohawk.

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Keep Shelly in Athens at the Mohawk

As I mentioned last week, there are enough good shows happening Wednesday night to satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes. My goal is to highlight some of the best ones right here on this very blog. For this post, I want you to pay close attention to what's going to happen on the Mohawk's INSIDE stage Wednesday night. Pay no attention to the outside stage during THIS post. Basque in the glory that is the return of Greek indie-electronic act, Keep Shelly in Athens. Last November, those of us at Fun Fun Fun Fest had the pleasure of seeing the band's first U.S. performance and they are back tomorrow night. Keep Shelly in Athens are on their way to Coachella and they'll be bringing their brand of laid-back electronic textures with heart-melting vocals to the cramped quarters of the Mohawk. I feel like if you don't attend the show Greece's economy could collapse, sending the Euro into free-fall, driving up the interest rates on your credit cards and student loans. Don't be selfish! Buy a ticket!

Keep Shelly in Athens - Our Own Dream video via YouTube

Jonquil are sharing the bill with Keep Shelly in Athens. Their latest album is called, Point of Go and it is truly excellent. Don't believe me? Well fuck you! No, but seriously feel free to form your own opinion by listening to it in full on Spotify. It's their first release that was recorded in a proper studio! It's filled with electro-pop wonderment and catchy melodies.

Jonquil - It's My Part video via YouTube

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Monday, April 9, 2012

At the Drive-In at Red 7

Part of me didn't even want to post about this At the Drive-In show happening at Red 7 tonight since most of you won't be able to attend. However, I didn't want to seem like I didn't know or care about it, so here you go. Much-beloved Texas band, At the Drive-In are playing a handful of reunion shows. On Friday the wizards over at Transmission revealed that ATDI would be playing a show in Marfa and tickets sold-out within minutes of the announcement. On Saturday, it was revealed that before this Thursday's Marfa show, the band would be playing at the newly re-modeled Red 7. This time tickets sold-out within 11 minutes of the announcement. Needless to say, people are very excited to have another chance to see a live performance from At the Drive-In. As you may already know, the band retired in 2001 splitting into (at least) two other fantastic bands. These Texas reunion shows may be the beginning of a larger-scale reunion but they may just be one-off experiences, only time will tell. I know that folks here in Austin are really hoping that these shows are an indication that ATDI will headline Fun Fun Fun Fest but it's too soon to say that for now.

At the Drive-In - One Armed Scissor video via YouTube

By the way, don't judge me for posting One Armed Scissor, I know it's their biggest hit which means lots of you aren't allowed to like it anymore. However, it's still a great fucking song and it's one of their only official music videos. For those of you who were lucky enough to score tickets to tonight's show at Red 7 arrive early, be patient with the door people and your fellow fans in line. For those of you who missed out on your chance to get tickets, promise you won't riot in the alley way. PROMISE!

At the Drive-In - Operations Manual video via YouTube

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