Saturday, March 5, 2011

SXSW 2011 Preview: Jamie XX

Well y'all, this post is the first of my SXSW 2011 preview posts, in which, the artist isn't playing many times throughout the fest. However, as I've mentioned before that could all change in the blink of an eye. I'm not really sure what Jamie XX's real name is all I know is that he is one third of the uber-buzz band The XX. They released one of the most talked-about and gushed-over albums of 2009 and I, for one, am a HUGE fan of that LP. It's minimal, disaffected gorgeousness. As a solo artist, Jamie XX is mostly a DJ, in a live setting I would expect that rather than simply playing records he actually uses live-production elements to create on-the-fly remixes. At this point there isn't much material available to hear from Jamie solo, which is one of the reasons I am highlighting his SXSW appearance. There is a lot of buzz about a solo song he performed on a BBC Radio session, the song is called Far Nearer and has not been officially released as of yet. One of his latest, officially-released, releases is a remix of Adele's latest single and I can't stop listening to it.

Adele - Rolling In the Deep (Jamie XX Remix) video via YouTube

The ONLY show that I have found so far for Jamie XX takes place on 6th street at Barcelona. Anyone who has been there in the past can attest to how tight the space in this popular dance club is, so if you expect to see this official showcase I'd get in line early and expect to stay into the wee-hours of the morning. On that note, whoever books Jamie for an after-party will be staging quite the SXSW coupe and I expect there are already several bids in place for such an event to occur.

Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX - NY is Killing Me video via YouTube

I suggest you keep an eye on Show List Austin and Do 512 if you are hoping to catch Jamie XX in an unofficial capacity at the fest. As usual, I can not and WILL not be held responsible for mis-information relating to shows at or surrounding SXSW, so there!

Jamie XX - Far Nearer video via YouTube

Sorry about the shit sound-quality of the above video but as of this moment all that is around are radio rips. If you search YouTube for Jamie XX you can find all kinds of remixes both official and unofficial of various songs and artists you may or may not know. This next one has gotten some buzzed because Thom Yorke has mentioned that he is a fan.

Nosaj Thing - Fog (Jamie xx Remix) video via YouTube

To me, the above track doesn't SOUND like it is in anyway related to the Radiohead song Fog but who knows?

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Friday, March 4, 2011

So Much Friday Goodness!

As if we don't have enough to worry about with SXSW right around the corner I almost forgot it's a typical Friday night in Austin packed with good shows to go see. I mentioned yesterday that my favorite, local, post-punkers, Markov are playing a free show at Red 7 with Zlam Dunk. However, for those of you not down with guitar music you also have some pretty bad-ass options to choose from. For instance, the LEGENDARY Digable Planets be to rap what key is to lock and they are performing at Venue 222 right in the heart of 6th street madness. You can still get $15 tickets to that show or if you're feeling like a baller they have VIP tickets for $50. Doors for the Digable Planets show open at 8p and the first, of four, acts goes on at 9p.

Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat) video via YouTube

Speaking of bad-ass/legendary hip-hop... happening right next door to Red 7 at Beauty Bar, Stones Throw Records' own Peanut Butter Wolf will be spinning for FREE. This event is listed as "video/DJ" so I expect there will be some technological wizardry allowing images to go with the music, I know it's like the 21st century or some shit. However, since this event is both free and hipster-approved I would get there early if you expect to get in. If you love standing in lines looking good then just show-up, ya know, like, whenever.

Peanut Butter Wolf - Time-Lapse of PB Djing w/DVD's video via YouTube

Meanwhile a few blocks away back in guitar-music land blog-stars The Walkmen will be playing a headlining set to a bunch of people who would rather chat with each other than listen at Stubb's Waller Creek Amphitheater. The Walkmen's most recent LP, Lisbon didn't make my best albums of 2010 list but it came damned near close and I enjoy their music so much that I once went to a Cake concert because The Walkmen were the opening act. That's devotion right there people.

The Walkmen - Angela Surf City video via YouTube

Tickets for the Stubb's show are still available and will set you back $18. Local bad-asses, TV Torso will play the first slot with The Head and The Heart as the meat of your rock 'n roll sandwich.

The Head and the Heart - Down in the Valley video via YouTube

Holy ish! Didn't that The Head and the Heart song remind you of Ryan Adams at least for a minute?!?! I HIGHLY approve!

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SXSW 2011 Preview: Toro Y Moi

So, Toro y Moi certainly isn't a band that no one has ever heard of playing SXSW to get bloggers like me to pay attention. Toro's first album garnered "the band" plenty of buzz and had his playing the festival circuit for the last couple of years in support of it. It was all of this touring that influenced the latest Toro y Moi LP. While the band was known for its warbling, woozy vintage synthesizers on their first LP the new LP is all live instrumentation accentuated with the sounds of more traditional instruments. The result is something that sometimes sounds like a new Stereolab LP and sometimes sounds like 70's funk all in all I'm a big fan and I can't wait to hear these new songs performed live.

Toro y Moi - Still Sound video via YouTube

Like all of the artists I've featured so far, you will have many chances to catch Toro y Moi at SXSW both at official and unofficial events.

Wednesday March 16th Toro play Red 7 for the Forcefield Pr and Terrorbird Media party, which is free and unoffical.

On Thursday March 17th you can catch 'em at Waterloo Records for a free, in-store set. Followed by an official SXSW showcase later in the night at the 512 Rooftop.

On Friday, March 18th you'll have more chances official and unofficial to catch Toro. Firstly, they'll be playing the, always excellent, Windish Agency party at Emo's. Followed by, the also free, Pitchfork presents #Offline party at East Side Drive-In. Later on Friday night, it's another official SXSW showcase, this time at Klub Krucial at 10:30pm.

Saturday, March 19th, Toro y Moi's first show is an official SXSW day-show at the Austin Convention Center. As of this moment, that is all Toro has goin' on Saturday, which is nice considering they play THREE sets on Friday. However, I doubt that Saturday at 1:30p will be the last set they play at SXSW 2011. Only time will tell.

Toro y Moi - Low Shoulder video via YouTube

AustinBloggyLimits is not responsible for mis-information regarding show times, listings, missing events etc. I'm just trying to tell you WHO not WHEN or WHERE. Follow me on Twitter to keep track of me during the fest.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Markov/Zlam Dunk at Red 7 Fo Free!

Now y'all know that I love free stuff and you know I love Markov, well tomorrow night those two loves combine! That's right you can catch local, post-rock outfit Markov at Red 7 and all it will cost you is your physical presence! Not only that, but in addition to Markov, you can also catch a set from another local, Bloggy-fav, in the form of Zlam Dunk. I'd like to take credit for this unholy alliance of bad-assedness as I introduced a member of Markov to a member of Zlam Dunk, although in reality they already had a show booked together at that point, but for creating-my-own-reality reasons I'm still going to take credit.

Red 7's doors will open at 9:00p Friday night for this event and as you can see on that handy/cool-looking poster you can expect to see FIVE bands performing, so I'd expect the music to begin by 9:30 at the latest. I'm not, precisely, sure about who is playing when but I'd expect my homeboys from Markov to start slaying shortly before midnight with Zlam Dunk taking the headlining slot around 1am.

Markov - Rain Inside video courtesy of 'Nites Blog via YouTube

As I mentioned above the break, in addition to getting Zlam Dunk and Markov at Red 7 tomorrow night you will get THREE additional bands (still for free). As I mentioned I'm not sure of who is playing when, but here are the other bands on the bill:

Artificial Heart,
Skyscratchers, and

I haven't seen these other bands perform before but the links I posted above are to Bandcamp and MySpace pages, so you can hear and/or download music from them there. Here's an older video of Zlam Dunk to tide you over until tomorrow night.

Zlam Dunk - Vice video via YouTube

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SXSW 2011 Preview: Yuck

See y'all, my strategy for these preview posts is to get all of the popular/obvious choices out of the way at the beginning of the month in the hopes that I'll get the jump on one or two media outlets who will, inevitably be telling you the same stuff. Back in the early part of the year when Yuck played Emo's, opening for Smith Westerns I was hesitant to express my like for them. First of all, I hate their name, which is a silly reason to not listen to a band but that's my first impression. It sounds like they couldn't come up with a proper name so they just called themselves Yuck. Then, there's all this press, in which, they say how they are influenced by bands from the 90's and as I approach 30 years of age hearing a band say that makes me feel old. Well, a week or two ago I actually sat down and listened to Yuck's LP and I instantly enjoyed it. I can immediately hear the influence of COOL college-rock from the 90's, which isn't where my brain was at all. I didn't actually see their set at Emo's in early February but the word on the street was pretty mixed. Some people said they loved it, others said the band needs to rehearse more. I'm guessing they'll get lots of experience playing to hostile/indifferent crowds at SXSW 2011.

Yuck - Rubber video via YouTube

As of the writing of this post, you have several chances both official and unofficial to catch Yuck at SXSW 2011. It looks like your first chance will be an official showcase headlining slot at Club De Ville on Wednesday March 16th.

On Thursday March 17th, Yuck take to Flamingo Cantina's stage at 1:35p for the Under the Radar magazine party. This party is a free unofficial event and features lots of other great bands in an intimate space. You may remember I mentioned it yesterday, as Menomena will also be performing there.

Then on Friday March 18th, you'll have TWO chances to see Yuck, one official and one unofficial. Firstly, at 3:30p you can catch the band at the Eastside Drive-In for Pitchfork's #Offline Festival party.

Later on Friday evening, the band plays an official SXSW showcase at Kiss & Fly.

As of right now, the band has nothing scheduled for Saturday but you can, pretty much, guarantee that they will be playing SOMEWHERE on Saturday the 19th.

Yuck - Georgia video via YouTube

As usual, this site should not and CAN NOT be your ONLY source for SXSW information. These posts are meant to highlight artists, not all of the shows have been announced as of the writing of this and bands are known to add-shows on even during the festival itself. Don't blame me y'all!!!

Yuck - The Base of a Dream is Empty video via YouTube

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bloggy at the Movies: Take Me Home Tonight

Just got home from a sneak-preview of Take Me Home Tonight at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. The film is set in the late 80's and stars Topher Grace, Anna Faris and Dan Fogler. I went in to the film expecting it to be absolutely wretched and was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't. In the grand tradition of films like, Can't Hardly Wait we follow the shy Grace as he pines for his High School crush years after high school. He has graduated from MIT but works at a Suncoast video in the mall because he doesn't want to fall in the career trap. His crush has graduated from Duke and landed a job at a successful financial firm. I don't want to give away the whole plot but I will tell you they meet up at a party where there are a bunch of their former High School classmates and romantic-comedy ensues.

Take Me Home Tonight - Official Trailer video via YouTube

Apparently Take Me Home Tonight was shot in 2007 but won't officially hit theaters until this coming weekend. The casual use of cocaine has been blamed for this hold-back, which seems both silly and logical to me. I feel like the cocaine sub-plot might be the only reason why the film was set in the 80's to begin with. I felt like the character-motives and plot devices had absolutely nothing to do with the 80's and that element should have been either more over-the-top or eliminated altogether. I was expecting an 80's characature along the lines of The Wedding Singer or Hot Tub Time Machine but the setting ended up being merely incidental.

All in all I would give the film a C+/B- rating. Anna Faris was grotesquely under-used and the 80's setting seemed like a gimick to sell soundtracks. Topher Grace is charming and like-able as always and I enjoyed Dan Fogler as his friend whose life is going to shit. I wouldn't recommend seeing Take Me Home Tonight theatrically but it's certainly worth a trip to the Redbox and methinks you'll be able to make that trip by May. By the way, seeing Chris Pratt, of Parks & Recreation fame, ugly cry MIGHT have been the highlight of the movie for me.

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SXSW 2011 Preview: Menomena

Just like yesterday, when I featured James Blake, today, I am featuring an artist whom you probably know already, Menomena. This Portland, Oregon band has been huge in the blogosphere for a million blog-years but their latest LP, Mines proves why you should care about them. Their music is interesting, intense, intriguing and other adjectives that start with i...inviting? These guys are no strangers to Austin, or SXSW for that matter, and I expect that you'll have many chances to catch their live-show both at official and unofficial events around the city. I'm most-excited to catch their set at the Central Presbyterian Church, whose acoustics should make for an amazingly memorable show. The band has inferred to me via Twitter that they will have a video from Mines in the near future but for now, I'll settle for what, to me, is already a classic tune.

Menomena - Wet and Rusting video via YouTube

I e-mailed Barsuk for a list of all of the shows that Menomena have scheduled during SXSW and they returned my message with a listing of 2 shows...I don't believe them BUT this is what they told me:

03/17/11 Barsuk Showcase at Red Eyed Fly
03/18/11 Under The Radar at Flamingo Cantina

There is also the listing I mentioned above the break at Central Presbyterian Church happening on Friday evening March 18th, which is listed on the official SXSW website.

Menomena is also listed on Show List Austin at a free day-party happening Saturday March 19th, called South By San Jose, which takes place at Jo's Coffee on South Congress. They are alleged to be performing at 4p, sandwiched between White Denim and Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears

I expect the band will be playing some, other, high-profile day-party-type events yet to be announced. In the meantime, you should definitely check out that Under the Radar party though. There are some GREAT bands playing that event and Flamingo Cantina is a fantastic, intimate venue. That place is emeffin tiny y'all!

Here's a faux-video of a song from their latest LP, Mines, while we anxiously wait for a new promotional clip from the band. Once, again I urge you to not rely, solely, on this site for your SXSW show information. All shows are subject to change and many pop-up closer to the event. This is merely intended as a highlighter.

Menomena - Dirty Cartoons video via YouTube

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SXSW 2011 Preview: James Blake

Well y'all, today is officially March, which means I OFFICIALLY begin the Bloggy SXSW preview posts. Now, for those of you who have never been to SXSW before I can tell you that this site will not give you all of the information you need. Even for a veteran like myself South By can be quite overwhelming and you couldn't possibly see every showcase, artist, film, event that you would like to see so just throw that idea out the window right now. My goal, is simply to highlight an artist a post, each day of March leading up to the beginning of SXSW Music. That isn't to say that I will, necessarily achieve this goal but that is my intent. I'm starting things out with, what I would consider, an obvious and popular choice for an artist to highlight, James Blake.

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream video via YouTube

Going into SXSW 2011 I can already tell you that James Blake will be one of the most talked about and divisive artists of the festival. This U.K. dance producer/D.J. has been building buzz for months now. He released a series of EP's, high-profile remixes and now a full-length LP and with each release the buzz has grown louder. He has already been tapped by the taste-makers over at Pitchfork as an artist on the rise, which means he'll be playing some of the most popular showcases and day parties of the festival.

According to his Myspace page James Blake is only playing three events at SXSW thus far but I have a really hard time believing that to be true. In fact, I know that a week or two ago he was listed as a performer at the, always popular, Fader Fort on the Saturday of SXSW. I'm assuming the folks over at Fader requested he remove that listing as it sort of spoils the surprise. I, also, wouldn't be surprised to see him listed as a performer at one of the other most popular free events like One Night in Austin with Perez Hilton or possibly the party sponsored by Red Bull. I haven't heard if C3 and Playboy will be teaming up as they have in year's past but that party would be an excellent fit for him if it occurs.

James Blake - Limit to Your Love (Feist cover) video via YouTube

As of March 1st, 2011 these are the dates/places that you can catch James Blake at SXSW, at least according to his MySpace page and the official SXSW website:

Wednesday March 16th, 9:30pm at Stubb's you can catch James at the Time Out North America showcase, which will be headlined by Duran Duran

Thursday March 17th (technically Friday the 18th), at 1:00am you can catch him at the Central Presbyterian Church where he is headlining the Pitchfork showcase. I expect this will be the hardest set to get into, so if you want to be there arrive early!

Friday March 18th, James Blake performs at 5:30pm at the French Legation Museum. It's not listed on MySpace but this is traditionally the site of a free day party, so for you unofficial festival goers this will, likely, be your first shot to catch JB gratis. If you click the above link for the museum you will see that this is, indeed, a free party and the full-lineup is listed as well.

Saturday March 19th, at 7:30pm is when it WAS listed that Blake was performing at the Fader Fort. As of this moment, that information is merely speculative but I have a strong inclination that it is correct.

James Blake - A Case of You (Live) (Joni Mitchell cover) video via YouTube

As I mentioned at the start of this post, don't rely on me for all of your SXSW information. Think of me more like a highlighter. Follow me on Twitter to stay more a tune to what I'm up to and feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Show List Austin and Do512 are GREAT resources for unofficial stuff though.

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