Friday, November 2, 2012

FunFunFun Fest Preview: Nites

One of the (many) great things about FunFunFun Fest is the Nites shows. Lots of festivals do after-shows but generally the admission is a separate ticket and has nothing to do with the main festival other than the bands performing. Well, the folks behind Fx3 are horses of a different color. Not only are the Nites shows free with a Fun Fest wristband, some of the shows aren't just re-hashings of the festival line-up. That's right, there are bands playing the Nites shows who aren't even playing the festival but still fit in perfectly. The Nites festivities officially began last night but I'm going to pick things up from this evening. Below the break you'll find a list of my highlights for the Nites line-up. The festival itself begins in just a few hours, I hope to see you there!

King Tuff - Bad Thing video via YouTube


Yukon Blonde - Stairway video via YouTube


Ramona Falls - Fingerhold video via YouTube


Class Actress - Bienvenue video via YouTube

Also, the official company line is that the only way to get in to these Nites shows is with a FunFunFun Fest wristband. If you only have a day pass, you can only get into the Nites events for that day. HOWEVER, word on the street last night was people without wristbands were able to pay a cover to get into the Thursday evening Nites shows based on capacity. So, your best bet is to buy a Fun Fest pass but if you want to roll the dice on an individual event that's your call.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

FunFunFun Fest Preview: My Schedule

So, I had to do some amazing switching of shifts and harassing of co-workers to get my shift covered today (shout-out to LC sorry for blowing up your phone and Facebook) but I managed to do it, which means I'll be spending all day at Auditorium Shores for FunFunFun Fest. I've already had some posts with specific artist highlights, one of which ended up canceling :-( and I showed you some of the key Conflicts so here's my actual plan of attack. My first focus is to hang out with the dude from the movie Drive, Magneto and Black Swan in hopes that I can get a cameo in Tree of Life 2: When Dinosaurs Attack. Outside of that, I'm hoping to see some musicians banging on their instruments. You'll find my full plan of attack below the break. Keeping in mind that if you're trying to stalk me, I'm flattered but my plans may change. Also, I may catch partial sets from multiple bands but I'm not listing that, it's too hard. Also, also I may just chill in the media area comparing schlongs with Magneto (Spoiler alert: His is bigger.) Also, also, also, I'm not really into angry/aggressive music so you won't see many of the Black Stage bands in this post. I recognize that many of those bands are talented and I should have an open mind and blah, blah, blah. So, find out where you can find me below this video.

Santigold - The Keepers video via YouTube


Nick Waterhouse - Some Place video via YouTube


Diamond Rugs - Blue Mountain video via YouTube


Araabmuzik - MVP of the MPC video via YouTube

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Photos: Divine Fits and Cold Cave

I am so lucky that one of Austin's best show photographers, Pooneh Ghana agreed to cover last night's Dracula-themed Halloween show with Divine Fits and Cold Cave at Stubb's. She takes some of the most beautiful concert photos ever, which you will see below and she actually has an exhibit of her work along with a couple of other great local photographers at Red 7 on November 9th. If you like these photos, you should be there. For now gaze upon the glory of musicians captured on film. Click any photo to view in a larger gallery format.

Cold Cave:

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FunFunFun Fest Preview: Conflicts

One of my favorite posts to write whenever there are impending festivals is the "Conflicts" posts. This is where I pour over the schedule and identify the spots in which you're going to have to do some Rosemary's baby kinda shit to decide which artist you want to catch. Now FunFunFun Fest makes things a bit easier on you because it's RELATIVELY easy to move between stages AND they have the free Nites shows to supplement your viewing pleasures. Below the break you'll find my personal conflicts in the line-up. I generally don't drift to the Black stage very often but for those of you who do there are even more conflicts to deal with. For the bands playing a Nites event you'll find a + after their name.

Run DMC - King of Rock video via YouTube




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FunFunFun Fest Preview: Surfer Blood

It was the fall of 2009 when Surfer Blood first made waves at CMJ Fest (you see what I did there?) I had the opportunity to see them at Beerland, which is where I met Mr. S. They were a band with a lot of buzz on their way to the west coast to capitalize on their CMJ victories. It was the first show I was every guest listed for and it was the beginning of something new for all of us. Since then Surfer Blood were signed to Warner Brothers Records, Mr. S. and I started dating seriously, I have been guest listed for many more things and line-up changes have been a plentiful for Surfer Blood. One of their members has been arrested in Florida (America's trashiest state and the band's home) and they have yet to release a follow-up LP to their early 2010 album Astro Coast. In some ways FunFunFun Fest is an unlikely booking but in other ways it is a perfect fit.

Their follow-up LP is due to be released by WB in the spring and chances are the lads will be back in Austin for SXSW 2013. You'll find Surfer Blood on the Orange stage at 4:25p, Saturday of FunFunFun Fest.

Surfer Blood - Floating Vibes video via YouTube

Surfer Blood's set on Saturday is up against some other great acts at Fun Fest. I recommend you head to the Mohawk on Friday night to see them play the outside stage at 11pm. All you need to get in is your festival wristband.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FunFunFun Fest Preview: Icona Pop

I can't believe FunFunFun Fest starts in 2 days! I feel like there is so much to prepare for and so little time left to do so. I wanted to highlight Swedish-Pop duo Icona Pop for your listening pleasure. Their appearances in Austin will probably be your last chance to see them in a smaller setting. You may not know their name but you've certainly heard their single I Love It. It's the song that plays through the trailer for Fun Size and the song also features one of my other Fun Fest highlight artists, Charli XCX (*update* It appears as though Charli XCX has mysteriously disappeared from the festival line-up *update*). So far the duo has only released a couple of EPs but at this point the release of their full-length LP is hotly anticipated. You can find Icona Pop on the Blue stage Friday afternoon at 1:50pm.

Icona Pop - I Love It featuring Charli XCX

With the early set time on Friday, I'm sure there are many of you who won't be able to get to Auditorium Shores in time to see Icona Pop, well don't fret because the Nites are free. Those of you with FunFunFun Fest wristbands will have the chance to see Icona Pop after midnight Friday night/Saturday morning at Red 7 where they'll be playing a Fun Fest Nites show.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

FunFunFun Fest Preview: Daughn Gibson

Daughn Gibson is a crooner for the 21st Century. His deep sexy voice rides minimalist electronic waves of sonic texture. He doesn't write sing-a-long choruses or club bangers, he's making headphone music that is part Purity Ring, part Nicolas Jaar and part Johnny Cash/Jarvis Cocker. Intrigued? You should be. His recent signing with Sub Pop Records is as much a testament to the label's adventurous spirit as it is a recognition of the artistic merits of Gibson's music. You may not love All Hell on the first listen but this is an album that grows with you. The more you listen, the more you appreciate it. You can find Daughn on the Blue stage Saturday of FunFunFun Fest. He'll take to the stage at 1:45pm.

Daughn Gibson - Tiffany Lou video via YouTube

As you probably know by now, your FunFunFun Fest wristband will get you into the Nites shows for free. You can see Daughn Gibson at the Mohawk Saturday night around 11:30pm on the inside stage. It's going to be crazy in there so be prepared to wait for the bartender's attention and if you like having lots of personal space you should probably get over that pretty quickly. It will be quite easy to hop on the northbound Number 10 bus from the festival to within a block of the Mohawk, which I highly suggest. I feel like CapMetro has lots of flaws but I suggest you get familiar and utilize the busses as much as possible this weekend as parking will be a dirty, dirty whore.

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