Thursday, March 7, 2013

SXSW 2013 Preview: Beach Day

Beach Day is pretty much the perfect name for the Florida band to whom it refers. Just like their name evokes, they play sunny, stoned, surf-pop. Think Best Coast meets Real Estate with a dash of Cults and you're in the right ballpark. This band was forged upon a foundation of fun but that doesn't mean their songs are throw aways. Pull back the curtains a bit and you see there is some darkness behind those bright eyes.

Beach Day - Beach Day video via YouTube

Beach Day are playing a few times during the festival but something tells me, those of us living in Austin will have a few more chances to see this trio perform later in the year.

  • Thursday, March 14th - Cheers Rooftop
  • Friday, March 15th - Valhalla - 10pm
  • Saturday, March 16th - Opal Divine's

***Previously Featured Artist: Mary Epworth***

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