Thursday, December 2, 2010

Big Boi at the Eastside Drive-In

I feel like a lot of people have been sleepin' on Big Boi's album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty that came out in July. In this humble blogger's opinion it's one of the most fun LP's to come out in 2010. It's with that in mind that I, kindly, remind you that Mr. Big Boi himself will be gracing the stage at the Eastside Drive-In on Saturday. Tickets are still available as of the writing of this post but I don't expect there will be any available at the door so if you're thinking you MIGHT want to go, just buy a dang ticket already. I expect he'll be performing a lot of stuff from his latest album but I'm sure you'll hear some tunes from Speakerboxxx as well. So, even if you aren't super-familiar with the new tunes you should still check out the show. Also, make sure you check out my friends over at Knuckle Rumbler because they have a lot of stuff going on around this show in ADDITION to presenting the show itself. I'm talking after-parties, special guests and ALL kinds of other good stuff.

Big Boi - Shine Blockas ft. Gucci Mane video via YouTube

Don't be a hipster and show-up RIGHT before Big Boi goes on 'cause you'll miss Vonnegutt. I had the chance to catch these guys at ACL Fest a month or two ago and I was psyched to see that they are touring with Big Boi. Vonnegutt is signed to Outkast's Purple Ribbon Records and they were featured on, Follow Us the second single from Big Boi's latest LP.

Big Boi featuring Vonnegutt - Follow Us video via YouTube

Vonnegutt's own EP The Appetizer brings the energy and the fun and I expect it to lead to big things in 2011. If you missed their performance at ACL Fest make sure you tear yourself away from Shangi-La at least an hour before Big Boi hits the stage Saturday or you'll be missing out.

Vonnegutt - Perform at Austin City Limits Fest video via YouTube

In other Vonnegutt news, I was so focused on the Big Boi show I completely forgot to mention that they are ALSO playing Austin Friday night with Chiddy Bang. Tickets for that show at Republic Live don't appear to be officially available but if you really want to check out that show I'm sure you could find a way to get in...possibly. You never know they may release extra tickets the day of the show and/or have some reserved to sell at the door.

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Blonde Redhead in Review (in words only)

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Blonde Redhead and Ólöf Arnalds at La Zona Rosa. It was Ólöf Arnalds' final night on the tour and she was in good spirits cracking jokes with the crowd in a thick Icelandic accent. She performed solo with acoustic instruments making it difficult to hear her over the din of people chatting and arriving to the show. Those of us who were paying attention were entertained by her delicate, beautiful folk songs interspersed with quips and brief stories. My favorite story was about how she and her friends call finger-picking "omelettes" and they like to have "omelette competitions". She had such a good omelette going that she maintained it through three songs, whose run ended in a Bruce Springsteen cover.

After Ólöf Arnalds, Blonde Redhead took to the stage. There were four members dressed in head-to-toe white with Kazu Makino wearing a helmet/mask that looked like a white porcelain horse head with blonde pigtails coming out of the nose. The lighting was definitely the fifth member of the band. During their entrance and most of the first song the band was lit by a dozen bare light bulbs whose tungsten flickered like 12 little flames scattered across the stage. At the back of the stage were 9 photographer's umbrellas, the silver facing the audience, which worked to light the band at some points while silhouetting them at other points. All in all the lighting served to add another layer of atmosphere to a sound that was already loaded with sonic textures.

The set was peppered with songs from all periods but mostly focused on the latest album, Penny Sparkle as well as lots of tunes from 23. The entire set had a great flow, which culminated with an intense version of the song 23. to close things out. The audience walked out like they had just seen Schindler's List, with looks of deepest awe upon their faces. In short, if you haven't seen Blonde Redhead and they're coming to your town, you should probably get yourself a ticket. Or, if you missed them last night you might want to start beating yourself up now. Sorry.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Zlam Dunk CD Release Party Friday

If you have yet to see Zlam Dunk perform live, then this Friday night you best be clearing your calendar to check out their CD release party at Emo's. I saw this, super-energetic, local band open up for Fang Island earlier in the year and I can assure you they are worth checking out. I also have it on good authority that the majority of the band will be finishing up at Texas State as soon as finals are done this semester, which means they'll most likely be hitting the road in support of their new LP. In otherwords, if you don't see them this Friday you may not have another chance for quite awhile.

Zlam Dunk - Ghost Woman video via YouTube

As if, Zlam Dunk weren't enough reason for you to hit Emo's Friday night, Bloggy-favs Markov will also be performing. They're album, This Quiet, has been making critical waves locally since its spring release and they stole the show at the Friday night FunFunFun Fest kick-off party at the Mohawk. They bring the melodies with a tight, technical skill-set cranking out post-rock perfection in three-minute bursts.

Markov - This Quiet video via YouTube

Sandwiched between these two outstanding, local band is Freshmillions whom I have yet to see but have heard great things about already. Tickets for Friday night's show are still available and will only set you back $6, purchased in advance OR $8 at the door. If you're under 21 you can still get in to see these great, local acts but you'll have to pay $10. Sorry kids.

Freshmillions - Hot New Jam from '73 video via YouTube

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Don't Miss Blonde Redhead at LZR

Dang, y'all I'm bummed that I'm probably going to have to miss Blonde Redhead at La Zona Rosa Wednesday night. Officially the group is a trio, still based out of New York City but chances are there will be four people doing some indie-rock shredding on stage Wednesday night. If you've never heard them before they are one part shoe-gaze, one part prog and one part indie. They have the technical skills of a prog band but there is still the cool, disaffected vibe of a new-wave band in some of the tunes. Their 2007 release, 23 saw the group moving toward a more accessible sound getting them lots of licensing deals and recognition. Their newest album came out last month and it's called Penny Sparkle. As of the writing of this post, tickets are still available and will set you back $22 if purchased in advance of the show. Typically shows at La Zona Rosa are done by midnight so plan accordingly.

Blonde Redhead - Here Sometimes (4AD Session) video via YouTube

Blonde Redhead - Not Getting There video via YouTube

As of this moment there is no local opener for Wednesday night's show but that doesn't mean one won't be added between now and then. For now, there is only one artist performing before Blonde Redhead and that is Icelandic singer/songwriter Ólöf Arnalds. Arnalds has been a touring member of the band Múm but is here in the states in support of her latest release Innundir skinni. The following song features another artist from Iceland you might be familiar with. Have you ever heard of Björk?

Ólöf Arnalds - Surrender video via YouTube

The show isn't until Wednesday, and as I said, I probably won't be able to make it but I can already tell that if I were to go I would be irritated with people talking through Ólöf Arnalds' set. So, please, please if YOU attend the show just be quiet while she is performing. Her music is, obviously, delicate and requires a respectful audience but this IS Austin and we all know that people just go to shows to chat with their friends...loudly. Oh, Austin!

Ólöf Arnalds - Innundir skinni video via YouTube

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