Friday, March 27, 2009

Hey, Fiona. Whatcha doin'? Miss ya. <3 ABL

Hey Fiona Apple,

Haven't heard from you in awhile, just wondering what yer up to? Are you still talking to Sony? Did you hear about what Radiohead did? Or Nine Inch Nails? Maybe you could by-pass the whole industry and just send us something your workin' on? Remember when you first came out and it was like you and Pearl Jam were the only ones with integrity? I just re-bought Ten as like a totally awesome video game. Then a threw up a little in my mouth a home
drawing pictures...
of mountain tooops
with ME on top,
lemon yellow sun.

Seriously though Fiona, I want you back in my life. You need to like get a Twitter or something. I worry 'bout you. I hope you're eating right!

birkley3030 (AustinBloggyLimits)

Video after the jump y'all...

Fiona Apple - Fast As You Can video via YouTube

Fiona Apple - Shadowboxer video via YouTube

Fiona Apple - Not About Love video via YouTube

Matt Lauererer Cameo...this is from like 4-5 years ago now!

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine video via YouTube

Are y'all feelin' this yet? Or do you need another classic?

MIT Resonance - Sleep to Dream video via YouTube

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The Dead Weather

That latest issue of Rolling Stone has info about Jack White's latest band, The Dead Weather. This is all I could really find for music from the new "supergroup".

the Dead Weather - Hang You From the Heavens video via YouTube
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

White Denim, Harlem, Built By Snow. Antones.

So, you had a bit of a music overload during SXSW this year, but that doesn't mean Austin's gonna stop y'all. There's a GREAT, cheap show over at, the legendary, Antone's tomorrow night. It's going to be a who's who of Austin pop and garage-rock.

Local heroes, White Denim will be sharing a bill with up-and-comers, Built By Snow and recent-transplants, Harlem. Tickets are only $8 in advance, $10 at the door or they cost only $5 if you head on over to Do512 and RSVP today.

Built By Snow - Underneath video via YouTube

More Video After the Jump...

Is it me or are these guys video game/sci-fi geeks?

Built By Snow - Drag Away video via YouTube

By the way, I don't care what you say, Built By Snow is not even aware of what a Weezer is or how it might be used. Nor have they heard any music by a band that may or may not have the name Weezer

So, during SXSW I had some friends from Boston visiting/partying with me and I really wanted them to catch Harlem. I am a big fan of Harlem's jangly, surf-garage thing, surf is the new thing have you noticed that? Anyway, at the end of the weekend we were chatting about who was going to break out and my friend specifically noted that Harlem will NOT break out. I repeat, NOT...break-out. I countered that I bet they'll be HUGE in the U.K./Japan. Austin is very big in the U.K./Japan regions of the world. Here's one of those fake videos for the "single" from Harlem's, Free Drugs;-):

Harlem - South of France video via YouTube

Here's a legit vid, "'cause I'm into shhhh that you don't even knooooooow":

Harlem - Witch Greens video via YouTube

Word on the street is, White Denim have scrapped their previous deal with Transmission Entertainment(<-----Unconfirmed rumor) and they're playing sets of completely new material. But for now here's some videos for songs you should have heard by now, COME ON!

White Denim - Shake, Shake, Shake video via YouTube

White Denim - All You Really Have To Do video via YouTube

The Genie Car Wash in this video is on S. Lamar but if you live here, you know that and if you don't, you don't care right?

White Denim - Let's Talk About It video via YouTube

Devo? What's a Devo? I wouldn't even know what to do with a Devo.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Dirty Projectors Music

Yesterday, I told you all about how seeing Dirty Projectors in concert was one of my favorite moments at SXSW '09. Today I'm going to give you all kinds of FREE Dirty Projectors music.

Firstly I want to point you to the NPR page, where you can hear the same setlist I heard from the Dirty Projectors. It's all songs from their upcoming Domino Records release, Bitte Orca.

Before Domino Records, you could get your DP fix from Western Vinyl, which is where I got these Mp3's. Thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Dirty Projectors - No More
Free Mp3 ---> Dirty Projectors - Naked We Made It
Free Mp3 ---> Dirty Projectors - Throw On the Hazard Lights
Free Mp3 ---> Dirty Projectors - Jolly, Jolly, Jolly Ego
Free Mp3 ---> Dirty Projectors - Hyperballad

Dirty Projectors - The Getty Address (Trailer) video via YouTube

Back in '05 Dirty Projectors released this "concept album" about Don Henley and ancient Mexico? Or Something? It's called, The Getty Address and you can read all about it on its Wikipedia entry, but it has all of these trippy videos that go with it:

Dirty Projectors - I Sit On the Ridge At Dusk video via YouTube

Dirty Projectors - I Will Truck video via YouTube

Dirty Projectors - D. Henley's Dream video via YouTube

Dirty Projectors - Gift Gold Scabs video via YouTube

Dirty Projectors - Ponds & Puddles video via YouTube

Dirty Projectors - Time Birthed Spilled Blood video via YouTube

Here's something a bit more contemporary. Dirty Projectors collaborated with David Byrne on the Red Hot Compilation Dark was the Night.

Dirty Projectors - Knotty Pine video via YouTube

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SXSW '09 Redux

Well dear reader, I'm sure you were expecting more posts regarding SXSW as it was happening. But seriously there is like NO time for all that during the festival. I don't know how the heck Perez Hilton can be bicycling around Austin and still keeping up with Celebublogging. I needed a day or two to decompress after the festival. But here is my highlights/awards post, yeah!!

First let me give out some marketing awards. SXSW is all about marketing your product to the hipster masses. I think Astralwerks records wins most clever marketing with their MicroSD card sampler. I like the idea of a sampler I could swallow if I had to. Most unexpected marketing is a tie between Pop Tarts and Cup O'Noodle soups, both of which were available at the Mohawk. Who's eating Cup O'Noodle at a SXSW day party?

More awards and video after the jump...

The award for my favorite performance by a band or artist I had previous knowledge of goes to, the Dirty Projectors. Their performance at the Pitchfork party at Emo's was totally entrancing. I absolutely loved everything about it, the only problem was the set was SO short I think they only played 4 or 5 songs.

Dirty Projectors - A Take-Away Show video via YouTube

The award for favorite performance by a band I had never heard of goes to Francis & the Lights. They were so fun, I felt like I was at an 80's prom. Honorable mention goes to a completely different sort of musical performance by, the Wheel. They were so honest and raw, intimate and such it was like the complete opposite performance style but was equally entertaining.

Francis & the Lights - The Top video via YouTube

The Wheel - Hanging Surrender video via YouTube

The award for worst kept secret performance is a three-way tie this year! Jane's Addiction, Kanye West, and Metallica all showed up to do some not-so-secret performances. I will give Kanye a special nod for keeping Common's appearance a secret though.

Jane's Addiction - Rock the Rabbit '09 video via YouTube

Kanye, Common, Badu - The Light video via YouTube

The award for artists I'm kind of pissed that I missed goes to: Passion Pit, Beach House, White Lies and Grizzly Bear. The award for band I'm pissed that I DID see because they were such arrogant assholes goes to...Glasvegas.

Beach House - Gila video via YouTube

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead video via YouTube

Glasvegas literally said, "We don't care about the people, we have enough fans." That was about the point I left. They suck, don't buy the record, steal it from BitTorrent and burn copies for everyone you know. After all they have enough fans.

Glasvegas - It's My Own Cheating Heart video via YouTube

The award for most talked about party...hmmm, this one is tough to call. I'd say the Fader Fort, Rock the Rabbit, One Night with Perez, and the Red Bull moon towers were all equally hyped. Personally I only attended the Rock the Rabbit and Fader parties and I liked the Fader one more...sorry Playboy. Rock the Rabbit was just too effing loud, you try networking when Calvin Harris is spinning some HEAVY Drum 'n Bass with the amps on 11. I'm talking ears bleeding loud. Fer realz.

Well I think I've given out all the awards I had intended to, so here's a list of the artists I had the opportunity to see for free at SXSW '09...not necessarily in order but pretty much chronologically:

Little Boots,
New Villager,
the Wheel,
the Donkeys,
School of 7 Bells,
Francis & The Lights,
Late of the Pier,
Max Tundra,
the Pains of Being Pure at Heart,
the Dirty Projectors,
King Khan & the Shrines,
Department of Eagles,
Jason Lytle,
Vivian Girls,
the Grates,
Bun B,
Kanye West,
Farnsworth Bentley,
Kid Cudi,
Erykah Badu,
Mr. Hudson,
Tony Williams,
Big Shine (sp?),
Jane's Addiction,
Calvin Harris,

I really feel like I might be missing a name or two but I tried to keep a running list throughout the week and that was it.

If you would like a more play by play approach to my SXSW '09 experience. I suggest you peep my Twitter 'cause I was all over the Tweets last week.

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