Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cardinals Tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder that Ryan Adams and the Cardinals are at the Paramount Theater here in Austin, TX tomorrow night. If you don't have your tickets, then you're probably not getting in. Sorry but that's just the way it is. Of course you can always try selling your soul in exchange for a scalped one from craigslist. Or, you can try my favorite trick, which is to just show up and get a ticket on the street. In case you didn't know, those people with signs saying they are looking for tickets...they have tickets but you're going to pay extra. Unless, of course, you wait for the band to take stage at which point those scalped tickets get a lot cheaper.

I have heard mixed reviews from my New England friends, that Ryan Adams has been hitting the bottle, playing short sets and generally being a dick on stage. But as you should know by now when he's on, he's ON! For me, I just can't make it tomorrow night but lucky for us almost all of his shows appear online at the archive.

Find some media after the jump...

I'm not going to go crazy with media because I've posted a lot of media to promote this show already. But how can you not love this song? I'll tell you how, you're a soulless bastard! Grow a heart.

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Come Pick Me Up video via YouTube

In perusing Ryan Adams blog it looks like Adams & Co. are already in our fair city. What are you doing eating at Waffle House when we have so many awesome local eateries. Come on Ry Ry head to Kerbey Lane already. And dude you can't find ANYTHING vegetarian in Austin!?!?! Are you effing kidding me?