Thursday, November 20, 2008

Future Clouds & Radar New Album + Shows

One of the best things about living in Austin, is getting to hear bands develop their sound. Local act, Future Clouds & Radar have been playing around town for the last year or two and I feel like they are just starting to gain momentum. Their songs are simple pop arrangements with lots of heart and layers. Sort of like Austin's answer to Death Cab for Cutie crossed with some solo John Lennon.

In any case their newest album came out on Election Day, but you can still pick it up in a local retailer, online or on iTunes. It's called, Peoria and to be honest I don't know what it's relationship is to Illinois, but there must be a story in there somewhere. If you want to catch Future Clouds & Radar they are playing for free right now at Waterloo and then tonight at the Mohawk. You can find more dates on their MySpace.

On a side note may I add that it seems like a few Austin bands have been listening to Love's classic Forever Changes. You can definitely hear the influence on Peoria not to mention White Denim's latest release, which features a song called IEIEI, that sounds like it might be a lost Love song.

Video after the jump...

Future Clouds & Radar - Holy Janet Comes on Waves video via YouTube

Future Clouds & Radar - Dr. No video via YouTube

Future Clouds & Radar - Green Mountain Clover (Live) video via YouTube

The sound quality on this video sucks, but I love this song and they are performing at Shady Grove, which is a cool restaurant on Barton Springs Rd.

Future Clouds & Radar - Back Seat Silver Jet Sighter video via YouTube

Ok, so this is one of those fake videos but I want you to hear what Love sounded like so you have a frame of reference.

Love - Alone Again, Or video via YouTube

And here's the White Denim song I referenced, which also sounds like a song by Love:

White Denim - IEIEI video via YouTube