Friday, November 21, 2008

Delta Spirit's Ode to Sunshine

Delta Spirit's latest release, Ode to Sunshine is one of the most instantly like-able albums I've heard this year. It will most definitely be a late entry into my top albums of the year list. Call it America's answer to the Kaiser Chiefs these guys do straight ahead rock-radio ready, blues-based tunes.

I might lump them in with the folk-revivalist scene with Iron & Wine and Fleet Foxes but think less drowsy. Not all of the songs are, what I would call, sunny but they certainly aren't intricate folk songs either.

They are currently on tour with Nada Surf, which is a great pairing both bands do 3-4 minute rock songs with understandable lyrics. They'll be playing at Emo's outside stage for a mere $15.

I first heard this song on KGSR but didn't realize it was Delta Spirit until I had Ode to Sunshine. If this song isn't on your local, rock radio should be.

Delta Spirit - Trashcan

Video after the jump...

Delta Spirit - Trashcan (Live Acoustic Performance) video via YouTube

Delta Spirit - Motivation video via YouTube

Delta Spirit - Parade (live in Austin) video via YouTube

Oh yeah, and you can also find a Delta Spirit Daytrotter Session, which is streamable or downloadable.