Sunday, October 26, 2008

the Decemberists in Georgetown, TX?

I was surprised to hear that the Decemberists will be nearby soon. It's not so surprising that they will be in town, it's that they are going to be in Georgetown. For those of you outside of Austin, Georgetown is an upscale little town Northeast of Austin but 20--30 minutes. The Decemberists are actually playing at Southwestern University, which is located in Georgetown. Tickets have been on sale to the public since October 7th but the actual show is happening this Thursday, the 30th.

I heard the newest single from the Decemberists on the radio tonight, it's called Valerie Plame and it will appear on their upcoming album called Always the Bridesmaid Vol:1. All I can really tell you about the new song is it is pretty somber and you can check it out on the band's MySpace.

If you're, somehow, unfamiliar with the Decemberists I've collected a sort of greatest hits video collection after the jump.

These aren't necessarily in any sort of order but this first video is a 10-minute mini-movie. Check it out:

the Decemberists - O Valencia! video via YouTube

the Decemberists - 16 Military Wives video via YouTube

This is one of my favorite songs by the Decemberists and it was hard to find a video that captures it well. I consider this music for a winter day:

the Decemberists - Engine Driver video via YouTube

Can I just say there are a LOT of crappy homemade Decemberists videos on YouTube including like a thousand crappy cover versions with people on acoustic guitars. I thought this crappy homemade video, at least, fit the Decemberists general visual aesthetics:

the Decemberists - the Sporting Life video via YouTube