Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SXSW 2014 Preview: Wet

SXSW showcasing artist, Wet makes pop music but it's not the music for the party and unless you live in England, you probably won't hear it on the radio. This is music for the after-party. It's pop but it's minimal, dreary pop. Pop music for a rainy day, or a wet day if you will. I would say those of you who enjoy London Grammar or Chvrches will probably want to check out Wet. So far, all they have out is a self-titled EP but I have a feeling there is a major label deal on the horizon. This isn't the next Lady Gaga or anything but England and AAA radio are going to go bonkers for this band. Also, their EP is out on Neon Gold Records, which has a pretty good reputation for making baby pop-bands into big pop-bands.

I have not seen Wet perform so, I'll be interested to see if they have any stage presence. Their official showcase takes place at Empire Auto on Saturday, March 15th. Their set will be in between a set from Tove Lo and a set from Haerts. If you like any one of these artists and you don't have official SXSW credentials, I recommend you get in the cash line outside Empire Auto early because your odds of getting in for around $10-$15 are pretty good if you get there around 7:00ish. If you have official credentials, check out the line-up for both the Neon Gold Showcase and the IHEARTCOMIX showcase, the venues are attached.

You don't have to wait for the last night of SXSW to see a set from Wet. They play Day 2 of the Spotify House on Tuesday the 11th. You can also find them on the Mohawk's inside stage on Friday the 14th for The Windish Agency and House of Vans Annual Day Party at 3:30p. Both of these parties are free with RSVP but they are also on the this official music party list so, if you have SXSW credentials you don't need to RSVP.

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photo credit: Wyn Herrick