Monday, March 3, 2014

SXSW 2014 Preview: Drowners

My process for SXSW is to create a long Spotify playlist, including every artist playing the festival whose music is on Spotify. While making that long list, I create a short list of songs that jumped out at me. After I listen to that short list long enough, I start to migrate my favorite songs to the best of list. From there I narrow down my absolute favorites, which I am highlighting individually here.

I'm making Drowners the first band I feature for several reasons. The first reason is I love their record. Sometimes, when making those playlists, it can be tough to find the perfect song from an artist to include. With Drowners' album, I could have included any track and it would have made an impact on someone who has never heard the band before.

Drowners - A Button On Your Blouse video via YouTube

Based in New York, Drowners' lead singer is Welch and the band's sound is post-punk. They don't shy away from catchy melodies and their songs manages to evoke Manchester and New York simultaneously. Think The Smiths meets The Strokes and you're getting very close.

I suspect I will be one of many folks to highlight Drowners this year and you can also expect to see them in Austin again after SXSW. Given that the band is managed by C3, we can assume that they'll be playing ACL Fest this year. For now, let's focus on when and where you can catch Drowners at SXSW.

The band's only official SXSW showcase is Wednesday evening at 11:59pm. They are playing the Frenchkiss & Grand Jury Showcase at Half Step on Rainey St. If you don't have SXSW credentials arrive at the venue by 7pm at the latest and expect to pay a $10-$15 cover.

If you're going the unofficial route, it looks like Drowners are playing four unofficial events. HOWEVER, I can't find any details on when or where they will be at the moment. All I know, is their Bandintown listings show five SXSW appearances and one of those is their official showcase.

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Photo by: Pete Voelker