Friday, March 7, 2014

SXSW 2014 Film: She's Lost Control

This evening I did my first official thing of SXSW, which is to see the film She's Lost Control. This evening was the N. American premiere of the film, which made it's International debut at the Berlin Film Festival. The film's lead character is a sex surrogate. She works with a therapist that deals with men who have various issues with sexual intimacy. The majority of the film is focused on her interactions with one particular client but there is certainly more to the film than that one relationship.

Dealing with themes of control and intimacy we watch what a person will put themselves through under the guise of protecting themselves. She's Lost Control is definitely a festival film, which to me means it takes some time to draw the story out but I felt the performances and the subject matter were strong enough to balance out any issues I might have had with the film's pacing. Overall, I give this film a B+.

Tonight's screening was just the first of four for She's Lost Control and it wouldn't surprise me if this film took home some awards at the end of the festival. If you're in Austin from out of town you're best bet at catching this film is the Thursday, 4pm screening at the Alamo Ritz.